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   Chapter 177 A Letter From A Strange Woman

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"Of course No! " Seeing the stressful look on Lucian's face, Amelia couldn't help laughing and joked, "maybe these letters will become an antique of our family in the future. When Mark has a girl she likes after she grows up, these letters are good for pursuing girls!"

Amelia was amused by her words. Lucian couldn't help but roll his eyes at her. Then, he snapped, "It's not what you think. It's not a love letter."

Although it was not a love letter, it was more touching than it.

After all, those words had brought with him all the unhappiness in his heart since he was a teenager.

"Not love letter?" Amelia felt confused that what Lucian had collected were not love letters.

"It's a story about the redemption between a girl and a boy." Lucian answered Amelia simply and comprehensively.

"Redemption?" Murmured Amelia in a daze. When she saw the smile on the corner of Lucian's mouth, she felt sad and dejected, her eyes turning dark. "Then why don't you marry her?" she asked.

It was not difficult to find out the jealousy in Amelia's tone. Lucian couldn't help laughing, "haven't we agreed not to be angry about this?"

Lucian didn't want any loopholes in Amelia's words, so he didn't dare to say one more word, in case of arousing any misunderstandings.

Amelia suddenly said seriously, "I'm not angry?"

Lucian came closer to Amelia and asked in a strange tone, "but why do I feel a lump in my throat?"

Amelia blushed and said jokingly, "I'm not jealous. I just think you two know each other. Why can't you be together?"

Was it because of Fannie's obstruction? After all, it was the love between students. Once their parents intervened, the rate of success would be very low.

"In fact, we appreciate each other most, which has nothing to do with love." On the other side, Lucian looked away as if he was thinking about the past.

After hearing Lucian's words, the past that Jonny and she knew came to Amelia's mind.

She was more likely to sympathize with Jonny.

At that time, Jackson was depressed and it seemed that he had been hit a lot. Back then, Amelia had suffered the pain of losing her mother. She had been comforting by Jonny with few words of consolation.

In addition, at the time when Jonny was about to go abroad, he was always busy with his e-mail at the beginning. But later, he did not contact her anymore. If she did not meet him again at Shelly's birthday party, Amelia would feel like that memory had happened in her last life.

She was grateful for Jonny's comforting words and words, so that she could get rid of the pain of losing her mother as soon as possible. But at the same time, she felt sorry for Jonny, because he left without even saying goodbye to her.

The sense of warmth was like a ray of sunshine that could not be resisted someday. It took a long time for you to adapt to the sudden cold.

"I'm sorry, Lucian. Let's shake hands

absence of mind." Nicholas said with a smile, looking at her.

Amelia was too slow to react. When she came to her sense, she answered quickly, "Dad, I'm so stupid..."

Obviously, she didn't answer his question. With a tolerant smile, Nicholas said, "It's not easy to take care of Mark. You have dark circles under your eyes. I can see that you haven't slept well."

Amelia lowered her head apologetically and said with a smile, "Mark is very well taken care of these days."

As for the dark circles around her eyes, she had been in a cold war with Lucian for two days. Although her rest was normal, they were still invisible. In addition, she didn't wear any makeup, so even without make-up, her skin was exposed at first sight.

"Did Lucian piss you off?" Nicholas looked at Amelia with concern, trying to find something from the expression on her face.

Amelia shook her head and denied, "Dad, I get along well with Lucian."

"That's good." Then Nicholas added, "you two should be happy and it's easier for Lucian to work."

Amelia nodded without saying anything.

After lunch, Fannie came back. She smiled when she saw Amelia and asked, "when did you come, Amelia?"

It was difficult for Amelia to get used to the new environment without the previous enthusiasm, but she soon recovered as usual. She replied, "Before the lunch, have you had lunch, mom?"

Nicholas told her that Fannie went out to play mahjong and that she would come back after dinner, so he didn't wait for her for lunch.

Fannie nodded her head and glanced at Mark in the arms of Nicholas. She smiled and walked to her grandson. "Come here. Let me hug you."

"Take off your necklace and ring first. Don't hurt my grandson." Nicholas said in disgust as he glanced at the sparkling Fannie in front of him.

With an awkward look on Fannie's face, she grumbled, "Isn't Mark wearing clothes? I'm not the bad mammy Rong. I won't hurt him by accident."

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