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   Chapter 176 You Are Everything To Me

Addicted Love By Xing Jiayi Characters: 9305

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"So you are doubting Lucian's true feelings for you?"

Courtney asked Courtney. Amelia wanted to deny it, but she did have such a feeling in her heart.

"Amelia, Lucian is so nice to you. It's obvious to all. I believe you know better than others." Courtney couldn't assert that Lucian only loved Amelia, but Amelia had a very important place in Lucian's heart.

"In fact, I don't really want to occupy his whole mind at all. I just feel that I don't know Lucian at all..." For example, she didn't know much about his past. After hearing what Sasha had said, she felt insecure.

"It's good to be a couple sometimes." Courtney knew that Amelia didn't care about Lucian's past, so she proposed, "you and Lucian are in charge of the marriage. No one can explain it to you clearly, so Amelia, you should give Lucian a chance."

Amelia moved her lips and stopped talking as if what Courtney said made sense.

Staying at Courtney's home to the afternoon, and before dinner, Lucian came to pick up Amelia at Courtney's. Amelia was wondering how Lucian knew about Courtney's new house when she saw him, Courtney said with a cunning smile, "Lucian, why don't you just express your feelings directly when you're so nervous? You have to let me be a third party. Aren't you afraid that your Amelia cannot leave me?"

Amelia looked around with a confused look on her face. She found that Lucian's lips curved up with a gentle smile, and his eyes were particularly doted on the face of Amelia.

"Courtney, how dare you. It turns out that you colluded with someone else." She pretended to blame him, but her heart was sweet.

"If I don't collude with Lucian, I'm afraid someone will be humiliated." Courtney laughed out loud. Then she turned to look at Lucian and said, "Since you love each other, don't torture each other and misunderstand each other. Just sit down and make it clear. Otherwise, someone will take things too hard."

Lucian rested his eyes on Amelia's face as if he had a lot to say.

Amelia's face was burning when she felt that strong light.

Both of them didn't say a word on the way from Courtney's house to SJ Garden. Amelia focused on Mark but on the contrary, Amelia was thinking about Lucian.

Although the person she missed was right next to her, she missed him very much.

"Lily, you take care of young master first. I have something to talk with Mrs. Amelia." Lucian walked to the center of the living room and shouted to the Lily who was standing at the door of the kitchen before Amelia went upstairs.

Lily immediately ran over to them and said respectfully, "Rest assured, Mr. Lucian and Mrs. Amelia. I will take good care of Mark."

"Follow me." Lucian held the hand of Amelia and looked at her gently. However, her words gave her an irresist

me think you're the smartest girl in the world."

"It doesn't seem like you are praising me at all." Amelia rolled her eyes and mumbled.

Lucian kissed her forehead and said soulfully, "you don't have to be too smart to be my woman. Because I'm smart enough, honey."

"Someone looked like an iceberg when he was silent, and when he spoke he was full of sweet words." Amelia scolded Lucian shyly. She didn't understand why he couldn't defend his beloved girl. He was so eloquent.

Amelia said with a smile and was not angry at all.

"Mrs. Amelia, you're prying into my privacy," Lucian answered, pretending to be cool.

"If you don't want to talk about it, I won't force you." Amelia said to him coldly.

Lucian smiled without saying anything. He held her waist and pulled her into his arms. He said in a strong tone, "Mrs. Amelia, how much I love you is not just verbally, but through action."

'Is this kabe don?' Amelia found herself leaning against the wall, with one of his hands on the wall. Lucian gazed at Amelia, eyes full of deep love.

Amelia was so nervous that her heart was beating fast. She could feel the sincerity in his words, and the radiance in her heart suddenly softened. She said gently, "I won't do that again..."

"Honey, it's not your fault. It's all my fault. I didn't give you a sense of security." Lucian stretched his hand to touch the head of Amelia, and his voice was full of tenderness.

"Keep these letters. They are precious memories." Amelia was telling the truth. In today's era of electronic products, letters were rare.

Lucian glanced at the letters on the coffee table and asked vaguely, "Is Mrs. Amelia testing me?" He had never thought about throwing away these letters. After all, he had been feeling guilty during that period of memory. Throwing away these letters might not be too cruel.

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