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   Chapter 175 The Couple Slept In Separate Rooms

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"Young master woke up when Mr. Lucian went to work." Lily did not know Lucian and Amelia slept in different rooms so she totally did not understand why Amelia was so nervous just now.

She had learnt her lesson. Amelia didn't want the same thing to happen. Therefore, when she woke up and found that Mark was out of sight, her heart was thumping very fast as if she was going to die in the next second.

"Mark, come here. Let me hug you." After calming down, Amelia took over Mark and nursed him on the sofa in the living room.

Lily followed her. She looked at Mark as she asked Amelia, "Mrs. Amelia, did Mark have trouble again last night?"

"Mark was very good last night. He didn't cry at all." Amelia smiled with satisfaction.

"But why do you and Mr. Lucian have dark circles under your eyes? Mr. Lucian didn't have breakfast before he went to the company." Lily mumbled.

Amelia's heart twitched, and then she asked, "what else did Lucian say?"

Lily answered with her lips pouted, "Mr. Lucian asked me to take good care of young master and invite Mrs. Amelia to eat."

Amelia was sad for no reason, but she tried her best to keep calm.

"Mrs. Amelia, have you watched the news?" At the thought of the news Lily had read this morning, she got excited and said, "yesterday, that bad woman made an apology to Mr. Lucian, Mrs. Amelia and even little Mark in front of the media!"

"You mean Sasha?" Amelia was not used to watching the news. She was still confused when Lily told her the news.

Lily showed the phone to Amelia and said cheerfully, "she was so humiliated this time. I bet she dares not to hurt you and the young master."

Looking at the guilty look on Sasha's face in the video, Amelia didn't feel happy. Instead, she felt sorry for her.

The reason why she did all of this was that she loved Lucian, although Amelia hated what she had done.

After the incident of Amelia, Lucian arranged two men in black to guard at the gate of the SJ Garden. No matter how cold the weather was, they were both standing straight at the gate.

At night, when Lucian came back home, Amelia told him in a low voice, "I will be careful when I go out. You don't have to be so cautious."

Her expression was not as gentle as before, and her tone was also cold and indifferent.

Lucian held Mark in his arms and stopped smiling. He looked at the cool face of Amelia and said, "I don't want this to happen again."

Hearing that, Amelia didn't say a word. Instead, she took over Mark from Lucian and said, "Mark, it's time to go to bed." Then she went upstairs.

"Amelia, you are obviously avoiding me." Lucian said in a sad tone, standing at the top of the stairs.

Amelia stopped and tightened her grip on Mark, who was in her arms. She turned her head slightly and answered, "Children in this month need at least more than ten hours' sleep every day. Mark seemed to be frightened so that he didn't want to take a nap. Now he finally fell asleep, so I have to sleep with him."

Amelia didn't know why she wanted to talk nicely, but her words were full of anger as soon as she spoke.

Lucian didn't say anything more, but qu

ight have discovered something, so he decided to tell her the truth. "In fact, Kent and I intended to play a few more days. But we flew back the moment we saw the video about Sasha's apology!"

"You must think that my life is dangerous for a woman." Amelia said in self-mockery.

"What the fuck!" Courtney understood her meaning, and she said to her with a serious look, "In the eyes of others, Mrs. Amelia is a push over. As a result, those women who covet your husband all try to stir up trouble."

All of a sudden, Amelia didn't know what to say to reply Courtney. She just sighed deeply, "Lucian and I have given each other the cold shoulder for two days."

"Tell me, why?" Courtney gently stroked Mark's tender and smooth face and said lovingly, "My godson's skin is so white and looks very good. I'm sure he'll be more popular than his father when he grows up!"

"I am not bad either, okay?" Murmured Amelia.

"Excellent! He inherited the excellent gene of you and Lucian!" Courtney echoed, "Let's get to the point. Spit out the bitter water in your stomach. I'm afraid it's hard for you to hold it back."

Courtney didn't tell Amelia. In fact, it was Lucian who called her, so she and Kent hurried back.

When she read the news, she was indeed worried about Amelia. But after she knew that Mark and she were safe, her worries were gone and she planned to stay in the hotel for a few more days. As soon as she received Lucian's call, she came back.

Even Lucian was at a loss what to do. That must be something serious. Therefore, Courtney took the boundless duty and decided to resolve the conflict between Amelia and Lucian.

"In fact, I believe in Lucian's love for me. But I still have some misunderstandings about him..." She wanted to forget it, but she always thought of it when she faced with Lucian.

"Is it because of his ex?" Courtney asked tentatively.

Amelia shook her head. She had no idea of what was going on. "Sasha said those words deliberately to alienate Lucian and me. But I remember something she said. I did see Lucian go through some of his letters."

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