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   Chapter 173 So I Am Not The Woman You Love Most

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"Shame on you!" Amelia glared at Sasha. He didn't expect that a glamorous woman would say such vicious words.

Raising her eyebrows, Sasha smiled disapprovingly. "So what? To get the man I love, I don't care to be shameless."

Amelia bit her lower lip and tried to control her anger. She said coldly, "All you want is to get a man who doesn't love you at all. Don't you think you are pathetic?"

Sasha didn't expect that she would ridicule her. The words of Amelia slapped her in the face, and she felt a pain.

"Amelia, do you think you are the woman Lucian loves most? You're such a poor girl. You don't know anything about Lucian's past, do you? In his heart... "

"Enough!" Lucian scolded, interrupting Sasha's remarks. He cast a cold glance at her, and then turned to Amelia. He said in a cold voice, "I hope you'll behave yourself, and not get carried away every time you're in trouble."

Although her expression was as cold as ice, her tone was as soft as cotton.

Amelia was stunned. She looked at the man in front of her with a look of indifference. He hurt her so much as if she was in a dream.

"I know it was all my fault, but I never thought about screw it up..." She looked flustered and explained to Lucian.

He took a deep breath. A sad look flashed across his black eyes. But soon his face became cold. "If you don't want to mess it up, go home now."

She didn't know that in his heart, her safety was more important than his own.

How could he break his promise to protect her for a lifetime? Even though he was extremely rude to her now, he had to pretend it to her till the end.

"Will I receive your divorce agreement when we get home?" Amelia's eyes turned red, and sadness overwhelmed her. Her voice was too feeble to tell.

She couldn't help wondering, 'Is this my retribution?' Last time, Lucian suffered a lot, but this time, it was her.

Looking at the innocent look in her eyes, Lucian's heart trembled. He wanted to shake his head and say no, but Sasha was standing next to him. He pursed his lips and didn't answer.

Silence for more than five minutes meant tacit approval.

Amelia gave a sad smile and said, "Okay, let me have a look at Mark. I need to feed him once every two hours. I can't let him starve."

Turning to look at Sasha, she said those words to her.

Sasha was surprised. It seemed that she hadn't thought of it before, because it was planned to seize Amelia in the beginning.

Amelia's words reminded Lucian. He said, "Sasha, bring the baby to me. I would keep my word."

"Lucian, are you serious?" Looking at Lucian, Sasha asked with doubt.

"We have been in a stalemate for more than three hours. Our child will certainly cry because of hunger. If anything happens to the child, I will fight with you desperately!" Amelia lost her patience and burst into tears.

Sasha grew

breathed a sigh of relief.

Then she would have to find an opportunity to escape, but she had to bring Mark with her.

It was freezing cold outside in the freezing winter. Amelia said nothing but held Mark in her arms tighter, kissing him on the forehead, heart broken.

As a mother, she felt really guilty.

Before being born, Mark was in danger for twice, which almost made him unable to survive. However, he was still in danger after birth...

"It took you two or three hours to breastfeed him. Give me the babies!" Standing outside the car, Sasha shouted angrily.

Amelia looked around and found there was an apartment about a hundred meters away from where few people were. She wanted to run away, but she held Mark in her arms. She worried that if she irritated her, the cruel and merciless Sasha would hurt Mark.

"Mark is about to fall asleep. Don't wake him up." She believed that Lucian would find a way to save her and Mark.

Sasha couldn't wait any longer. She urged again, "Give the baby to me. If he wants to sleep, I can have my men coax him to sleep."

Sasha felt that as long as Mark was not in hunger, there would be no other problem. She was afraid that if Lucian came back soon, all she had done would be wasted.

Amelia was worried that Sasha would take away Mark. She got so nervous that she looked around. When she raised her head, he found Lucian in front of the car.

"Lucian! How could you?" At first, Sasha was shocked. She didn't expect that Lucian would find them.

With a straight face, Lucian ignored Sasha. He looked at Amelia and asked worriedly, "Are you and your baby all right?"

Seeing Lucian, Amelia let out a sigh of relief. She wasn't so nervous and shook her head immediately. "Nothing has happened to Mark and me."

Then, four or five men in black brought by Eric quickly got off the car and captured the two burly men on the other car.

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