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   Chapter 172 The Truth Was Always So Terrifying

Addicted Love By Xing Jiayi Characters: 9318

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Sasha believed that if it weren't for Amelia, Lucian wouldn't have been so merciless to her. She would avenged Amelia at any cost.

"For the sake of Amelia, don't you care about your son?" She wanted to see what Lucian would do to make a choice between his beloved son and his beloved woman.

Lucian's eyes narrowed suddenly, and anger filled his deep eyes. His low voice sounded as cold as ice under the abyss, and he said, "I hate threats the most in my life."

Of course, Sasha knew that. She had tried her best to learn about the young man's daily life, hobbies and temper... As soon as he said that, she got restless and her heart was trembling.

But she knew that she had only one chance. If she compromised, Lucian wouldn't dislike her less and he wouldn't trust her any more. So she'd better not give in.

She didn't expect that Amelia was so important to Lucian. No matter how hard she tried to get close to him, he just didn't change his mind.

That made her, who had always been arrogant, feel deeply frustrated. After that, evil thoughts came to her mind.

"Lucian, I don't think I'm worse than Amelia. What do you like about her?" Sasha asked, confused.

She was tall, with delicate facial features, highly educated and highly efficient, but she couldn't think of a better way to get close to Lucian. Why did he choose the stupid Amelia.

With a calm look on his face, Lucian answered in a calm voice, "She's kind-hearted. No matter how others hurt her, she always gives you tolerance without hurting others."

The more Sasha asked, the more upset she became, especially when she heard the answer from Lucian.

She laughed coldly with a sense of pain, like the flowers growing on the cliff. She knew clearly that she couldn't bear the wind and rain, but she still bloomed bravely in the wind.

"Just like the little angel in your letter? You didn't change your taste over these years." Sasha had always known that the girl in Lucian's heart had always been there.

Lucian frowned slightly. The memory that had been hidden in his heart was quickly spreading. In order not to continue this subject that would bother him, he asked angrily, "Where did you hide my son?"

"What? Are you feeling guilty?" Noticing the guilty look on Lucians face, Sasha smiled smugly. "Amelia trusted you. If she knew that you lied to her, would she still trust you?"

Standing outside the room, Amelia knew that she shouldn't be affected by these words, but she just couldn't control herself. She put her hand on her heart, trying to ease her heavy heart. She opened her mouth and gasped, constantly praying for Mark's safety.

"Sasha, you've consumed all my guilt for you. The rest is only disgusting." Lucian said with disappointment.

Sasha looked at the harsh light

but this had nothing to do with the identity of the CEO of the Zhan Group. She didn't want to lose Lucian again. She wouldn't put up with being threatened by Sasha, but it didn't mean that she didn't care about the safety of Mark.

"Lucian, I..." Before Amelia could explain, she met with Lucian's cold eyes, which made her strained. Did he get angry?

"Don't be a fool!" Lucian said to her in a bit of anger.

Looking at the angry look on Lucian's face, Amelia asked sadly, "Did Sasha tell the truth? You've loved someone else, and I'm not that important to you, am I not?"

Driven by anxiety and sadness, she had lost her ability to distinguish. Amelia only felt that the face in front of her was suddenly strange because of anger, which made her feel insecure.

A smug smile crept up to Sasha's face. She looked at Amelia with painful eyes. That was exactly what she wanted.

Hearing the inquiry tone of Amelia, Lucian felt as if a knife were piercing his heart, but he could only keep silent.

"Sasha, I've promised you this. Please bring him out." He couldn't hide his anxiety in his eyes.

Amelia felt terrible, especially when she heard Lucian's answer. Her heart had sunk into an abyss and lost balance. But for Mark, she had to stand straight.

"Lucian, don't ever try to fool me. If you and Amelia don't get divorced yet, you are still legally permitted couple. So, I can't let Mark leave." Sasha wouldn't easily believe in Lucian's words. With the presence of Mark, she would be closer to her goal, so she wouldn't let go of Mark easily. She then threatened, "Before I did that, I was determined to perish together with you. So, Lucian, don't try to change my mind, because as long as I don't tell you where Mark is, no matter how hard you try, you still can't find him. Even if you find him, the situation won't be optimistic... "

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