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   Chapter 171 Mark Was Kidnapped By Sasha

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"Purple dress?" Amelia thought for a moment, and then replied, "Yes."

"Do you know her?" Lily asked tentatively.

Not knowing why Lily suddenly asked about Sasha, Amelia answered, "Not really, I've met her a couple of times."

"Mrs. Amelia, you must be careful of that woman. She is an ambitious woman!" At the mention of Sasha, Lily became very indignant.

Amelia smiled at her disapprovingly. Probably she had guessed what Sasha had said to Lily.

"Don't worry. The one you can take away is not your true love." She believed that Lucian wouldn't leave her just because of other's sweet words.

"That woman is not easy to deal with!" Lily sniffed at what Sasha had said.

"Lily, help me take care of Mark. I need to go to the bathroom." Amelia looked around and said to Lily when she found a restroom.

"Okay, Mrs. Amelia. I'll take care of Mr. Mark." When she held Mark out of the stroller, she felt him much safer in her arms.

No sooner had Amelia entered the washroom than two tall men appeared behind Lily. They looked down at her because of the advantage of height. There was a strong desire in their cold and sharp eyes, as if they had captured the prey and were about to open their mouths to eat up Lily and Mark.

Facing two strange men who suddenly appeared, Lily was frightened with a pale face. She subconsciously protected Mark in her arms. She was so nervous that her lips trembled. She asked, "What are you doing?"

A burly man sneered and said, "What are we doing? I want the baby in your arms of course! "

After his companion finished talking, another burly man took out his dagger. The sharp light on the back of the dagger flashed in front of Lily, which scared her to death.

"Please don't hurt young master... No matter how much money you want...... " There was no one around at the park now, so it was hard for Lily to shout for help. If she cried out because of fear, she would probably irritate the two strong men. Under her nervousness, she had to deal with them. She hoped that when she spoke, Amelia would find that she and Mark were trapped.

"Take the kid away!" One of the burly men ordered coldly.

When Lily heard that the strapping man's goal was Mark, her heart was fluttering. She would do everything she could to prevent them from hurting Mark.

"Fuck off!" Lily would not let Mark get hurt. Even if there was no way back, if she moved one more step, she would probably fall into the stream behind her.

"Take the child here. Don't talk to her!" The man didn't seem to be able to wait any longer, because they had just found the right time. If they delayed for another time, Amelia would soon come out of the bathroom.

Lily was in a dilemma. She stepped back but just into the stream. It didn't matter if she fell. But Mark was just two months old and she couldn't take the risk. However, the target of the two men

he luxury car, it was difficult to control the steering wheel because of the bumps. What's more, Amelia's driving skill was pretty bad.

She had to go even the precipice ahead for the sake of Mark.

In front of an abandoned building stood a familiar luxury car, which belonged to Lucian.

Amelia got off the car nervously. She walked to Lucian's car but didn't find anyone. There was a dead silence.

Amelia walked quietly to the ruin of the building, trying to see what was going on inside.

The house was empty, and the sound of people echoed in the valley.

"Lucian, to be honest, I don't want to, but you're too selfish." A woman's voice passed through the abandoned house and reached Amelia's ear.

It's Sasha! It never occurred to her that Sasha would be the one who kidnapped Mark!

"Sasha, please don't disappoint me." Lucian gave her a cold and terrible answer.

"Disappointed?" Sasha sneered, "I've already let you down. I won't be afraid of this."

Sasha sat on the leather sofa and coldly looked at Lucian, who was burning with rage but still acted as if he were cold. She snorted in her heart. If you had a little more concession and put in a good word for me, I wouldn't have been so cruel to hold the hostage...

After the wedding ceremony, Sasha took the opportunity of Lucian to drive her home. But when she got out of the car, she didn't want to get off. She took the initiative to put her arms around Lucian's neck, and said admiringly, "Lucian, I don't need any legal status. Please let me be your woman, okay?"

She feel lowliness about her love, but Lucian didn't care. He told her in disgust, "There is no one but Amelia in my heart. No one can replace her."

Like a basin of ice water pouring all over her body, Lucian's words made her sit on the passenger seat motionless.

She always had strong self-esteem. And that's why she sent people to follow and monitor Amelia.

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