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   Chapter 170 Everything Has Been Planned For A Long Time

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"Come on, let me hug my grandson!" Nicholas moved the wheelchair to the living room. When he saw the baby in Fannie's arms, he stretched out his hands excitedly.

She immediately passed Mark in her arms to Nicholas with a smile and said, "Lucian, Nicholas was so excited when he heard about your coming that he wouldn't even go to the center of morning exercise."

Although Nicholas was not mobile, he still insisted on going to the morning exercise center, which was a habit for many years.

"Of course, my grandson, my dearest child!" Nicholas held Mark even tighter as if he was the most precious thing in the world.

With a slight smile, Lucian put his arm around Amelia's shoulder, smiled proudly and said, "Thanks to Amelia for this!"

"You're right. Thank you for everything." Nicholas nodded in agreement, his face beaming with joy.

Amelia was embarrassed by the compliment and said quickly, "For me, it's a very happy thing that Mark can bring mom and dad happiness."

The harmonious family delighted her. She had been longing for the warmth of family bond. The death of Iris left a great trauma in her heart, especially when she learned that she was not Iris' biological daughter. She felt her heart was very cold. In order to repair the blood bond in the past years, she had forgotten what Vernon had done to Iris. In this way, at least, she could regain Vernon's kindness as a father, but in the end, she was used by Vernon.

The whole day, Mark was in the arms of Fannie and Nicholas, so at dinner, Amelia went to the kitchen to cook.

She had meals with Fannie and Nicholas for few times. Since she knew what kind of food they liked, she tried her best to cook for them.

After dinner, Lucian took the cake made by Amelia to the big round table in the center of the living room and said with a smile, "Mom, this is the cake made by Amelia herself."

Still holding a baby in her arms, Fannie looked at the exquisitely packaged cake box in wonder. "So Amelia know how to make cakes?" she asked.

Amelia nodded with a smile. She took over the boy and said, "I hope you like this, mom."

Fannie was in a good mood today, and she liked the jewelry Lucian chose for her. When she saw the cake personally made by Amelia, she was stunned. After a long time, she said unbelievably, "I can't believe that you are so dedicated to my birthday!"

From the very beginning, Nicholas had always hoped that there was a breakthrough between Lucian and Fannie, so he was relieved to see that they could communicate calmly with each other.

"Mom, make your wishes!" After singing the birthday song, Amelia clapped happily.

Her heart was full of gratitude, but Fannie was very clear why she had done all this, just because of the words of Amelia that she seized her opportunity to ask for a favor.

After she made a wish, she looked at Lucian embarrassedly and said, "Lucian, just now Amelia said that I could make three wishes. I have a request and I hope you can make it."


will be harmful to you and the Zhan Group." This was the most worrying thing for Lucian, because his mother, Fannie, had always been good friends with Edmund. Now, Edmund hated both the Zhan Group and Jonny a lot, so he always maintained a posture of sneak attack.

"Don't worry. I will take care of myself." After several things, Amelia became alert.

Hugging her in his arms, Lucian didn't tell her that 10% of the shares were given to her.

"Honey, have you ever thought about seeking a sense of security for yourself and Mark?"

"Yes?" It took a while for Amelia to understand what he meant. She smiled at him disapprovingly, "You are the sense of security for me and Mark."

In her heart, Lucian was just her wall, solid, and able to protect her from all harm.

With a smile on his lips, Lucian held Amelia in his arms, silent for a long time.

Most of the time, Amelia stayed at the SJ Garden to take care of Mark.

After getting ten percent of the shares of the Zhan Group, Fannie never called Amelia again. Amelia always remembered Lucian's words that he reminded her to inform him if Fannie called her to go back to the Zhan mansion.

The trust she had built up for Fannie was destroyed in an instant. And the filial feeling for Fannie disappeared in a flash. It hurt to think about it.

Taking advantage of the good weather, Lily proposed to take Mark to a nearby park for a walk. And Amelia was glad to accept her suggestion.

At the same time, the car Lucian had given to Amelia was driven out of the garage and heading to the park.

"Mrs. Amelia, how time flies! Mark even smiled at you." Lily squatted in front of Amelia and caressed Mark's cheek.

"Yes. When he was just born, I was wondering how long it would take for my child to grow up." Her eyes was filled with happiness.

"Mrs. Amelia, do you know the lady in a purple dress at Miss Lin's wedding ceremony?" Lily had been trying to remind Amelia to be cautious of Sasha, but she didn't know how to start.

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