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   Chapter 169 Let's Wait And See

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Sasha had always been arrogant, but she didn't expect that a servant would dare to swagger in front of her, which made her so angry. She strode forward, grabbed the ponytail that was tied by Lily, and said angrily, "Do you think that the position of Mrs. Amelia will last long?"

Enduring a pang of pain, Lily turned her head to look at Sasha. Sasha's eyes were filled with fury.

At the end of the ceremony, most of the guests had left and no one noticed that Sasha had gone too far. And even the waiter had noticed it, he had deliberately ignored it.

"What are you doing?" Lily stared at Sasha angrily. She felt unbelievable that Sasha was so beautiful and enchanting but she had a fierce look on her face.

With a sudden laugh, Sasha said coldly, "Weren't you warning me just now? Let me warn you this; don't think that you can use your loyalty to raise your status as a servant, because one day you are very likely to protect someone else! "

In the heart of Sasha, she would always be the wife of the CEO of the Zhan Group. Even though Amelia was now the one who took the position, it didn't mean that she would be able to stay long.

Sasha's words amused Lily. She snorted, "Mr. Lucian and Mrs. Amelia are so clingy. I'm afraid you won't be able to separate them. you just has a good tongue."

Any sensible person could tell that Sasha admired Lucian. It never occurred to Lily that she would say such provocative words as she knew that Lucian had married. She knew that Amelia was a mild person and she wouldn't get angry with her, which was why Sasha was more arrogant.

Sasha didn't deny it. She just wanted to tell herself that she would definitely beat Amelia and get back together with Lucian, even if he had never fallen in love with her.

Because she wanted to be the wife of Lucian, who is the CEO of the Zhan Group, which would make her the happiest woman in the world, instead of admiring her beloved man and other women.

Suddenly, Sasha loosened her grip on Lily's arm. She smiled like a blooming poppy flower, looking gorgeous, but in fact, she was covered by a layer of poison. Lily quickly took a few steps back, fearing that she would be caught by Sasha again.

"I won't do anything to you right now. We will fight face to face when I become the wife of the CEO of the Zhan Group." When she married Lucian, she would take advantage of her identity as the CEO's wife to vent her anger on Lily.

Not afraid of intimidating, Lily replied with confidence, "It depends on how capable you are. After all, Mrs. Amelia is the only one in Mr. Lucian's heart."

Sasha's face darkened. It seemed like it had hit the nail on the head. She forced a smile and said, "Well, we'll see!"

In the evening, the guests dispersed, but the taste of happiness was still vivid.

The warm and romantic scene in the lawn of Lin's apartment was being set up in the night.

"Lucian, Amelia. Your being the bridesmaid and best man at my wedding is a godsend to us.

for many years and he had never seen Lucian celebrate a birthday with his mother. It was not because he was not filial to his mother, but because he chose to live alone in the SJ Garden in order to avoid Fannie's pressure to ask him to get marry soon.

"So, this is the first time for Lucian to celebrate his mother's birthday?" No wonder she just called him and mentioned this matter. Lucian remained silent for a long time before answering her.

Darren nodded, then he sighed, "Mrs. Fannie looks domineering, but actually she is very soft hearted."

Amelia admitted it in her heart. Then she sent a text message to Luciana. She intended to buy her a birthday present at the mall where she had bought her last time, and then buy a birthday cake in the shop.

Lucian was in the mood of celebrating Fannie's birthday, so he came to meet with Amelia as soon as he got her call.

The present was carefully chosen by Amelia. She had learned how to make cakes, so she didn't want to buy clothes for Fannie this time. She wanted to make a birthday cake for her in person.

Lucian thought it was a good idea. After picking a piece of expensive jewelry, he drove her to the large bakery in A city to make cakes.

Amelia had made the shape of carnations on the cake. There was a heart shape made of fruits, with layers of flowers decorated on the edge. The color was mainly pink and light purple, which looked very warm.

It was already ten o'clock sharp when they arrived at the Zhan mansion. Seeing that Amelia was holding a baby in her arms, Fannie first saw Mark in her arms, and then she noticed the cake in Lucian's hand. She looked at him in shock and asked, "Lucian, it's...?"

"Happy birthday, mother." Lucian smiled gently, looking elegant.

"Happy birthday, mom." Amelia followed.

It seemed that all this was beyond her expectation. Standing in the living room in a daze for quite a long while, she came to herself and then returned, "Thank you, Lucian and Amelia."

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