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   Chapter 168 Don't Overthink About It

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As the winter wind blew on her face, it felt like a sharp knife, and she shrank back into Lucian's arms instinctively.

"It's cold outside. Let's go inside." He leaned over and whispered in her ear.

"Mark is getting better." After returning to the bedroom, Amelia stood beside the crib and said happily.

Lucian stood by, looking at Mark who was sleeping soundly and the joy on Amelia's face. He couldn't help smiling, feeling that his present life was as beautiful as a painting or a poem.

"I used to hear people say I was a life winner, and I would laugh it off. But now with you and Mark, I have a feeling that I am the winner in my life," Putting his arms around her from behind and his head against her neck, he felt a sense of delight.

Amelia smiled too. She looked at Mark and said contentedly, "My life will be complete with you and Mark."

Too many sad stories had happened to Amelia. But now she was safe and sound, and the bitter in her heart was fading little by little.

Amelia was in her confinement of childbirth and she couldn't wash her hair. Before she gave birth to Mark, Courtney told her that. Amelia said that if she couldn't wash her hair, she would cry in front of Lucian....

Like a bird in a cage, she said to Courtney happily, "Lucian and his mother were with me when I was in confinement. I don't think it's a long time. Besides, I don't have to do anything except eat."

"Well, well. You're having a good time now. My bad days are just beginning." The moment Courtney saw Amelia, she heard her share the joy of confinement with her in a triumphant tone.

"Hard time? What do you mean? Are you also pregnant? " Amelia tilted her head to observe Courtney's belly and found that her stomach was flat. She asked eagerly, "How long has it been? What did the doctor say? It's good for you to have calcium as a supplement during pregnancy. Do you have anything to eat? "

Amelia kept repeating the name, and Courtney rolled her eyes and couldn't stand it anymore. "People say that pregnant woman would become silly but you become talkative."

Before she could finish her words, Courtney said it painfully, but Amelia could understand it. After all, Amelia was a mother now. If Courtney got pregnant in the future, she could ask Amelia about it.

"So you're not pregnant? On the other hand, pregnancy is a happy thing. A baby is growing up in your womb, and now it is happening by your side. It is really a beautiful thing." She began to talk to herself with happiness on her face, which was like a mother for the first time.

Courtney didn't interrupt her. When Amelia finished her words, Courtney couldn't help but feel very happy and said, "Well, I intend to marry with Kent this weekend, so we invite you to be our bridesmaid."

They had promised to be the bridesmaids of each other's wedding before. Although Courtney and Kent had set the wedding

ng position. It should be like this."

As there were a lot of guests in the dining hall, Lucian didn't pay much attention to it. He just said "thank you" to her politely and changed the position of holding Mark.

"The child is handsome, but looks like Amelia more." Sasha said with a smile, looking at the baby in Lucian's arms.

Lucian couldn't help smiling and echoed, "A son usually looks more like his mother, and this means blessing and fortune."

"Here is the thing... Can I hug him? " Sasha smiled awkwardly. She didn't have the courage to tell him the truth. After all, she couldn't say it casually, even if there were rumors on the Internet.

Lucian cared about Amelia so much that he didn't allow others to slander her. If she said that, that would be asking for trouble. What's more, it would be hard for Lucian to get closer to her.

"Come here. Auntie Sasha would like to hug you." Lucian stood up and intended to pass the little boy to Sasha.

"Mr. Lucian, it's time for Mrs. Amelia to feed the baby.," Lily looked at Sasha, her eyes alight with caution.

Although she didn't know much about Sasha, she had been staring at Lucian since she came to him. The lust in her eyes was so evident that it could be seen at the first glance. That's why Lily had been so agitated to interrupt.

"Okay. Let aunt Lily help you find your mother." He stood up and was about to hand the baby to Lily.

"Mr. Lucian, Mrs. Amelia is in the lounge. You can carry him there." She wouldn't be that stupid. Lily wouldn't give Sasha a chance to approach Lucian.

"Okay." Lucian didn't feel anything strange but went backstage with Mark in his arms.

Sasha intended to stop Lucian, but she was too angry to say anything.

"Ms. Sasha, Mr. Lucian loves Mrs. Amelia so much. Please don't think about it." After saying that, Lily turned around and left.

Although Sasha didn't make any comments, Lily's warning did work.

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