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   Chapter 167 A Baby

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"Stay away from Mrs. Amelia!" Seeing the man's creepy look, Lily stood in front of Amelia and said with anger and alertness.

"Wow! This girl is so pretty. Do you have a boyfriend?" The man with a tall and strong figure thought he had lost his good image in front of Amelia and Lily, so he just showed the most natural side.

In the face of his vulgar words and disgusting faces, Lily couldn't help saying: "Mr. Lucian is coming soon. If you don't tell the good from the bad, you will suffer!"

Amelia felt so painful that her forehead was sweating. Grasping her clothes tightly, she tried to reduce the pain.

But the pain was beyond her endurance. She kept panting and said to Lily desperately, "Lily, help me call an ambulance..."

Her voice was weak, but it took a lot of effort.

"Mrs. Amelia, please hold on. I am calling right now!" Lily found that Amelia was in great pain with a pale face, so she hurriedly dialed the emergency number.

The taxi driver slipped away when the fat man didn't notice. After the vulgar man heard that Lily had made an emergency call, he thought it was a big deal and he could go back to report it. So he laughed and said, "Since you don't appreciate it, I'll go now..."

There was a sense of complacency in the vulgar man's voice. After the smile like a ruffian, he drove away.

"You son of a bitch! I was thinking about Mr. Lucian could teach him a lesson when he came, but he just ran away irresponsibly!" Then she added, "I'm sorry, Mrs. Amelia. If I call the emergency as soon as I go out of the SJ Garden, you won't suffer the pain."

Amelia's lips were dry with pain. She wanted to say something, but it was difficult to say it because of the pain.

"Amelia, are you okay?" By the time Lucian arrived, Amelia had been in coma.

Outside the emergency room, Lucian paced back and forth anxiously, upset.

About two hours later, the door of the emergency room opened. When the doctor came out, Lucian walked up to him and asked impatiently, "Doctor, is my wife all right?"

"There is an early sign of miscarriage of the patient. After treatment, the baby is saved, but the patient is still very weak, needs to be hospitalized for a period of time."

"Okay." Although Amelia was out of danger, Lucian's heart grew heavier.

Getting to know the story from Lily, Lucian believed that someone did it on purpose, so he decided to ask Eric to investigate it. If the thing was about the same as he guessed, he would never be softhearted this time.

When Amelia woke up, Lucian was in the ward. She looked around and the white wall was filled with the smell of disinfectant. She knew where she was.

"Lucian..." Amelia, who had just woken up, said in a very weak voice. Although she had exerted all her strength, her voice was still very low.

Lucian listened carefully and answered her in an extremely soft voice, "I'm here." Lucian said. He clasped Amelia's hands. Tears welled up in his eyes because of his excitement.

"Is the baby all right?" Amelia remembered that her belly was dull and painful before s

gave you? Mom and dad hope that Mark can always be happy. "

Living in the SJ Garden, Fannie got up early every morning to prepare the breakfast for Amelia. After a week, the baby had a hard time at night. Because she insisted on breast feeding, to take care of the baby, Amelia didn't sleep well every night.

Lucian was careful, but he couldn't do anything to the baby. He worried about Amelia and didn't want to hurt the baby. Just when she was desperate, Fannie stopped his crying at midnight in the same way she used before.

Time flied and the first month of the baby was coming. Amelia had planned to have a family dinner to celebrate it, but Nicholas refused. He said that Mark was the eldest grandson of the family, so it was necessary to hold a full moon banquet. On that day, all the people from various fields in A city presented their congratulations. A big scene made Amelia a little frightened. Luckily, she was holding the baby in her arms and Lucian was around. In this case, she was not flustered.

Amelia used to think of Fannie as a shrewish woman, but ever since Fannie had become gentle and soft, Amelia had changed her impression on Fannie. Now Fannie was capable of handling toasts from business men with ease. Thanks to Fannie's good capacity for liquor and able to take care of their guests, she was able to do better.

After the baby was one month old, Fannie moved back to the Zhan mansion. She said that she wanted to leave some space for the couple to live.

Amelia couldn't persuade her to stay. In addition, Lucian thought that Nicholas didn't have anyone to talk with at the Zhan mansion, so if Fannie went back home, she would accompany Nicholas.

"Mom, thank you so much in these days. A few days later, I will take Mark to visit you and dad." After seeing her off at the gate, Amelia said gratefully.

"Amelia, you have contributed a lot to the Zhan family. We should have a happy family. Please take good care of my grandson and visit us when you are free." Said Fannie with a kind look on her face.

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