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   Chapter 166 I Feel Uncomfortable

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On the one hand, she didn't want to deny it. On the other hand, she didn't accept it.

However, when Sophia and Yolanda appeared in the Mo family, she was treated worse than the maids hired by the Mo family, and was mocked by Sophia and Yolanda every day. No wonder Vernon had kept silence after she was aggrieved.

At that time, she naively believed that Vernon was so in love with Sophia that he abandoned his original wife and married a woman outside. He spoiled Yolanda because he wanted to make Sophia feel better. After all, it was difficult for being a stepfather.

But now, the truth slapped her really hard. It seemed that everyone in the world knew that, but she still flattered herself as if she thought highly of Mo's family affection. To show her sympathy, she even forgave about what Vernon said and did to Iris.

"Am I so silly? I didn't detect it at all... " Amelia said in a sad tone. She looked lonely.

Lucian pulled her into his arms and kissed her ear gently. "You still have me," he said softly

Amelia bit her lips and didn't say anything for a long time. Tears kept falling.

Lucian's words were not only comforting, but also a strong sense of security, which was what she needed most at present.

She wrapped her arms around his waist and held him tightly, as if a heavy hug could drive those bad things far away.

Since she knew that she was adopted by her mother, Amelia had been in a bad mental state. Although she ate and slept every day, other than that, she sat silently.

She didn't seem to hear what Lucian said.

Courtney had been feeling guilty since Amelia fainted under the stimulation, especially when she was faced with Lucian. She was so guilty that she didn't even look up at him. She thought that if she hadn't spoken for Amelia on that day, the situation wouldn't have been so bad today.

Lucian didn't blame her for being well intentioned. He also knew that if Vernon wanted to make a scene of Amelia, he would hurt her, no matter what.

"Lucian, it's not a good idea to remain silent. And you have heard what the doctor said. If the baby is in danger, Amelia will feel more upset..." Standing outside the door and looking at Amelia who was sitting in front of the French window, Courtney's heart ached.

At the thought of what the doctor had told him, he was burning with anxiety. Lucian strode into the bedroom and carried Amelia, who was sitting in front of the French window, to the bed.

"Lucian, don't be so excited. You'll frighten Amelia." Courtney was afraid that if Lucian acted too worried, he would frighten Amelia, so she reminded him worriedly.

Lucian's breathing became a little heavy, as if he was trying hard to restrain his anger. He opened his thin lips and asked in an almost helpless tone, "Are you punishing me or yourself, or our unborn baby?"

It seemed that she didn't hear what Lucian had said at all.


thout caring about her condition.

Amelia took out her phone and called Lily.

Then she realized that Lily couldn't drive at all. Lucian was in the company and just when she was about to call him, her window was knocked. A rough man shouted at her, "Get out of the car!"

At the sight of the man's ferocious expression and disgusted look on his face, Amelia couldn't help but give in to the pain in her belly. After getting off the car, she said angrily, "You can't drive well. Are you reasonable?"

"Miss, let's have a talk. Are you all right?" The taxi driver thought of her coming at this moment. But his hypocritical care for her made Amelia speechless.

She threw the fare to the taxi driver and said coldly, "Then you have to talk to him. I will not hold you accountable!"

Looking at the taxi driver's coward face, Amelia said gently. She thought the driver was an irresponsible person and didn't want to make trouble for himself anymore, especially after seeing the fat man's ugly face.

"Excuse me, miss. You are the witness. You can't leave now. Otherwise, who can I go to talk to?" The taxi driver pulled Amelia and looked at her with a pleading face.

The man who caused the accident didn't look sorry. Instead, he stood aside and watched others fight.

Amelia felt a dull pain in her belly. She put her hand on it and suddenly said in a weak voice, "You deal with it by yourself. I don't feel well."

At this moment, Lily came and shouted anxiously, "Mrs. Amelia, are you okay?"

Amelia shook her head and said, "I need to go to the hospital and you check if there is a car nearby."

"I have called Mr. Lucian. He should be here soon." Said Lily, who reached out her hand to hold Amelia. Her face was tightened with anxiety.

Amelia gritted her teeth and found a place to sit, waiting for Lucian.

"Sweetie, can you hang on? Or you can take my car. " The bulky man stood in front of Amelia and said.

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