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   Chapter 165 Unbelievable News

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Looking at Vernon, who was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh, Amelia felt a sharp pain in her heart. Those words, like sharp knives, pierced her heart ruthlessly before she knew it.

It had never occurred to her that she was not the daughter of Vernon. Although her hatred of Vernon was so deep to her bones in the past and she hoped that their relationship had never existed... But she didn't expect that one day, Vernon sneered at her and said that she wasn't his daughter...

Like a thunder from a sunny day, Amelia stood still, heartbroken and even hard to hold her breath.

She covered her chest, feeling panic and sad for no reason.

Courtney walked up to her, held her arm and comforted her, "Amelia, your father must be out of his mind because of anger. He said those craps. Don't worry. Let's go back first."

Even Courtney was shocked by what Vernon just said. To calm her down, she had to control herself.

"Am I out of my mind?" But Vernon didn't think so. He smiled and said, "Then think about it. Since you could remember, did I treat you like a father?"

His words rendered her speechless.

He was right. As a father, he was a loser. In her memory, he never picked her up from school like other father, never attending the parent's meeting, even if she did well in school, and never heard a word of encouragement and praise from him...

"For the sake of Amelia, I respect you and call you uncle Vernon. But now that you said that, I really don't have any good impression on you. Since you have treated us badly, I'm the outsider who will see it. It's okay that you don't have shame. Just take it as your disrespectful right!" Courtney held the hand of Amelia tightly and fought back with anger.

"What... Get out of here! " Sophia was roaring with rage as her was pulling the back side of Amelia's head.

Due to what Vernon had said, Amelia was paralyzed with fear. As a result, she was poked on the back by Sophia and almost fell down. Luckily, Courtney reacted quickly to hold her.

The action of Sophia broke the righteous indignation of Courtney. She stood in front of Amelia and pushed Sophia as she was still a little angry, "Bitch, you used to bully Amelia just because she was young and had no one to rely on. But now? Amelia married Lucian. Do you think you can bully her easily? "

Courtney had long despised the whole family bullying Amelia. If it weren't for the kinship between Amelia and Vernon, Courtney would have vented her resentment for Amelia.

Courtney had once practiced Taekwondo in the University, so her arm strength was amazingly strong. She often bragged in front of Amelia that if Kent dared to do anything to her in the future, she would knock him down in a few seconds.

Therefore, Courtney pushed Sophia as she was still haunted by

good. You are smarter than me when I was a student! I bought you braised pork ribs and a pink princess dress today. I will give it to my dearest daughter! "

"Thank you, mom. I am so happy to be your daughter!"

"I feel the same. To be your mom is the happiest thing in the world..."

The warm voice suddenly disappeared with the white smoke around. The figure suddenly disappeared. Amelia reached out to grab it, but she saw nothing.

"No! No! Please don't!" Amelia opened her eyes suddenly and saw a familiar face looking at her anxiously. She asked, "Lucian, where's my mother?"

"Amelia, don't be afraid. I'm here." Lucian held her hands and said in a hoarse voice.

"Lucian, I just saw my mother. She was talking to me? She said that being my mom is the happiest thing in the world... But after saying this, she was gone... " Amelia looked at him pitifully.

The truth that he tried to hide from her, unexpectedly, made her injured. If he had known it, he would not trust Vernon.

In order to make Vernon shut up, Lucian used two project investment fund to cover his mouth. But he didn't expect that Vernon would go back on his word because of dissatisfaction.

"Honey, listen to me and have a good rest. The doctor said that you are in bad mood..." However, Lucian still didn't want to tell the truth. He didn't want to take the baby as an excuse to lock her emotions. If he did so, she would suffer more grievances for the baby. If she was extremely sad and angry, it would hurt her more. So he softened his voice again and coaxed her softly, "If you want to vent your anger, you can do it in front of me. Give me all your bad feelings. It will make you feel better. "

Although she was unwilling to face that cruel fact, once she calmed down, she had to believe that everything was true.

She dreamed of Iris because she had a strong will.

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