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   Chapter 163 No Regrets

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Amelia was too frightened to come to her senses. In the morning, she told Lucian that she was not going out and she bumped into him here. Her lie was exposed.

She had promised in front of Lucian that she wouldn't hide it, but she made the same mistake again. She felt ashamed to see Lucian.

"Lucian, aren't you in the company?" Amelia found that her voice was trembling, perhaps because of the guilty conscience after telling a lie.

With a composed look, Lucian reached out and held her in his arms. "I have something to deal with here. It's done. Let's go back."

"What?" It occurred to Amelia that she was here to give the money to Vernon. If she left, it would be a waste of her time. But she couldn't speak it out because of the presence of Lucian.

As soon as they walked down the stone steps at the door, Sophia hurried over to them and spoke in a sobbing voice, "Lucian, no matter what, you're Mo family's son-in-law. You can't be so ruthless!"

Afterwards, Vernon walked out of the house too. His face turned dark with anger when he saw Amelia.

Amelia didn't know what happened as she heard Sophia crying and shouting. She looked at Lucian in confusion, but saw that Lucian looked very cold, especially when his leg was tightly held by Sophia. The anger in his eyes grew deeper and deeper, and his eyebrows twisted more tightly.

"Pull her away!" Lucian gave an order to Eric behind him coldly.

After hearing the order, Eric immediately pulled the hold of Sophia aside and warned coldly, "our CEO has done his utmost to you. If you continue to mess around, we have to call the police!"

It was the first time for Amelia to see Eric get angry. He was usually polite.

"Do you want to kill people with your wealth and power?" Sophia stood up again and yelled hysterically, regardless of her messy hair.

Sophia was good at yelling. Amelia still remembered what Vernon said when Iris just passed away. She threw the bowl in her hand to Vernon as he was pissed off. Vernon was bruised.

"Lucian, what's going on?" Amelia had no choice but to ask Lucian.

Lucian's eyes became deeper, and his face looked a little sullen. But when he answered Amelia, his tone was soft, and there was still a faint smile on his lips. "Go to the car first."

Money for Vernon was still in her bag, but when she saw the deep look in Lucian's eyes, she seemed to have lost the ability to speak, being stunned for a long time.

"Amelia, you are so ungrateful. Now you are coming together with Lucian to bully us!" The facial expression of Sophia was extremely ferocious, and he vented his anger on Amelia.

"Eric, take Mrs. Amelia back to the car." Lucian ordered coldly.

Eric then came over and made a gesture of the way, "Mrs. Amelia, let's wait for our CEO in the car."

Amelia didn't know what was going on, but except for the angry expression of Sophia, Vernon was also angry, which exp

fort she said would be useless.

Lucian was standing at the door of the bedroom. He wanted to open the door with the spare key after Amelia calmed down.

Amelia put her bag on the table and lay on the sofa. She touched her belly and burst into tears somehow.

She didn't know if she would be as sad as she was now when she said that without a father like Vernon, she would be very resentful to him.

Perhaps it was because of the blood relationship that she could not forget the family affection after what she had suffered.

One hour had passed. On the other side, Lucian couldn't stay in the living room any longer. He got out of the car and used the spare key to open the door. He found that Amelia was sitting on the sofa with tears on her face.

He hurried over and hugged her. "I'll protect you and never let anyone bully you," he said, feeling sorry for her

This is not a sweet word, but a voice from the bottom of my heart.

Taking advantage of Amelia's soft heart, Vernon wanted to get benefits from her. If the illegal profit was not found out, she would definitely help them through the so-called difficulties without knowing it.

"Lucian, my father has owed 200000 dollars now. If he is called to an appeal, he will surely be in jail!" She was still worried and wanted to get a solution from Lucian.

"Amelia, don't say that. If a person does something wrong, he won't regret it. Instead, he tries to play tricks to cover up his crime. Do you think he deserves to be forgiven?" Lucian hoped that Amelia could understand that not everything could be perceptual.

Amelia knew that Vernon was stubborn. But as his daughter, she couldn't just stand by.

"I don't know what to do either. It would be better if I didn't know, but now I know. I feel restless." Amelia was in a mess. She shared her feelings.

Lucian held her and comforted her, "You are pregnant now. The doctor said you can't be emotional."

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