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   Chapter 162 The Relationship Between The Couple Was Broken Up

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On the way home by taxi, Lucian called Amelia and asked her where she was. When she told him the truth, he said he would pick her up.

Amelia had to get off the car to wait for him.

While waiting for Lucian, Amelia kept thinking about the two hundred thousand that Vernon owed.

Since she had promised to help Vernon, she had to keep her promise.

She couldn't take out 200000 in a short time, but considering the turnover of the milk tea shop in the past two months, she was able to help some.

"Amelia, it's really you." Jonny stopped his car in front of Amelia, interrupting her thought.

"Senior?" Amelia didn't expect that she would run into Jonny here.

"Get in the car. I'll drive you home." Jonny said with a smile.

Amelia waved her hand and smiled, "thank you, senior. I'm waiting for Lucian here. He should be here soon."

"So it is." Jonny finally understood what she meant. He looked at her heavily pregnant belly and said with concern, "you can sit in my car for a while. It's tired to stand like this."

Amelia held her waist with one hand and didn't feel tired at all. "I'm fine, senior. You can go ahead with your business. Lucian will be here soon."

Jonny got out of the car and joked, "Are you afraid that Lucian would be jealous? Then I'll wait until he's here and see how he's going to take you away. "

"No, thanks, Jonny." Amelia was embarrassed. She thought Jonny was too careful.

"We are family now. Don't stand on ceremony!" Jonny insisted. He didn't feel relieved until he saw Lucian drive Amelia away.

All of a sudden, Amelia understood what she meant. She asked with concern, "How's Auntie doing now?"

"Don't call her auntie." Retorted Jonny with a smile on his face.

"Oh Sworn mother... " Amelia hurriedly said.

"She gets better since you visited her last time, but she keeps talking about you." Jonny said honestly.

"I should go to see her." Murmured Amelia. She felt warm at the thought of Emma's concern for her.

"You are pregnant now, so it is inconvenient for you to go anywhere. When you give birth at the end of this year, I will take her to see you and our baby." Jonny looked at the belly of Amelia and said happily.

"No problem. Take good care of her, Jonny, have a good chat with her." Amelia promised with smile.

Lucian parked his car on the side of the road for a long time, but they didn't notice that, Amelia either.

"Amelia?" After getting out of the car, Lucian greeted Amelia first.

Amelia and Jonny raised their heads almost at the same time and looked at Lucian who was walking towards them.

"Lucian, you're here." Amelia almost cheered.

He didn't know why he felt a sense of loss when he saw Amelia smiling happily after meeting with Lucian.

"Jonny, how are you doing recently? Lucian smiled and greeted Jonny.

"Almost done, but I need your advice in the future." Jonny also replied with a smile. He took a look at Amelia and said, "Amelia jus

so much. But a man always can't stand the temptation of beautiful women, especially a man like Lucian. You should be careful, Amelia." Sasha knew that Amelia was a weak woman, so she said those words to try to cheer her up.

"Miss Sasha, if this is your advice to me, I will respect it. But if you are on purpose to anger me, then I'm sorry, I won't be angry, because I know Lucian better than you." The corners of Amelia's lips lifted into a mocking smile. She looked determined when she heard the words "you know Lucian well".

It had never occurred to Sasha that Amelia would fight back. Frustrated, Sasha assumed an air of indifference. "I don't care what you think. But there is one thing in Lucian's heart that I'm worried about. He has been collecting her letters, taking them out every now and then to reminisce about it."

Letters? It occurred to Amelia that Lucian had read the letters many times when she came across him. Would Sasha tell the truth?

Noticing that Sasha was looking at her curiously, she forced a smile and said, "Miss Sasha, I have something to deal with. Please excuse me."

"Take care, Amelia. If you want to know who the girl who wrote the letters is, you can come to visit me at No. 32 of the Hua city or in the Zhan Group." With a gloating look in her eyes, Sasha had a enchanting smile on her face.

Without raising her head to look at Sasha, Amelia just smiled politely before she turned to ask a taxi to leave.

In Hua City No. 32? 'Isn't this the place where I used to walk and take cars?' Amelia wondered.

Sasha had moved to another place, which was very close to the SJ Garden.

Amelia held her bag tightly, trying to calm down after she arranged her thoughts.

As soon as she arrived at Mo family, Amelia found that there was a luxury car parked at the gate, and the car looked familiar.

When she was stunned, Lucian got out of the car and walked to Amelia with a charming smile. "Amelia, why are you here?"

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