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   Chapter 161 An Eye To Eye Battle With Sophia

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"Not yet. I have to inform you of it first, and then follow your parents' requirements." Said Fannie with a smile.

They still got a chance to be with each other.

With her big belly, Amelia stood up at once and begged Fannie and Nicholas, "Dad, mom, you don't need to do anything as Mo family requested you to do. I and Lucian have already discussed it over and said that the wedding ceremony should be simpler, so there is no need for us to be polite."

"How can you say that? You married Lucian and we should give you the Mo family clan cash gift. Moreover, you have made a new member for Zhan family. You should take the credit." Fannie said, grinning from ear to ear.

Nicholas nodded with a gentle smile on his face all the time.

"Mom, I have to talk to my dad about this. Please don't say yes. I'm begging you." Amelia begged again.

Seeing that Amelia insisted, Nicholas gave in. "Fannie, now that we have no choice, we should respect her decision," he added.

"Well, if you need anything, just tell me." There was a meaningful look in Fannie's eyes.

Amelia didn't notice the expression on Fannie's face, but was moved by their kind words.

Because she planned to go back to the Mo family, Amelia did not stay in the Zhan family to have dinner. When Darren was sending her back to the SJ Garden, she asked Darren to send her to Mo family.

Darren just thought that she would go back to her mother's home, so he didn't worry about her at all. He sent her to the door of the Mo family, and then went back to the Zhan mansion as Amelia said.

As soon as she entered the living room, the well-dressed Sophia came downstairs. Seeing that Amelia was enthusiastically walking to her, like an old butterfly, on high heels, and ran to her. She greeted enthusiastically, "Hey Amelia, why didn't you inform us in advance when you were home? We have prepared some delicious food to eat at home."

Amelia stood in the living room expressionlessly. She didn't get delighted because of the good words said by Sophia but thought that Sophia was actually a hypocritical man.

"What's wrong?" Sophia noticed that there was something wrong with Amelia, so he stopped smiling but still remained confused. He guessed that it might be because the request she made to the Zhan family clan was known by Amelia?

"There has never been a family relationship between us. You don't have to use it." The more Amelia thought about it, the more sarcastic she felt. There was no emotion on his face.

Sophia was in her life, which used to be a nightmare. The nightmare had gone, but there was still a lingering fear in her heart.

The smile on the face of Sophia faded away, and the look in her eyes returned to the usual indifference. She grunted, "I thought you were here because of something, and Mrs. Amelia came here to blame me."

However, Sophia didn't think he was wrong, but showed a look of disdain.

"For my father's sake, I don't want to argue with you, but I have to remind you to stop your sinister ideas of Zhan family. I'm not

Lucian was out of love. Although they didn't get married at the beginning, after getting along with each other and getting to know each other, she was determined to live with him for the rest of her life.

So, Lucian was not her money spinner, but a wife's respect to her husband.

"Nourishment? How dare you say that! " Vernon was a little angry. She waved her hand and said, "Go back. It's okay if you don't show up. I'm so upset!"

With an expression of disgust on Vernon's face, Vernon turned his head to the side of the wall, unwilling to take one more look at Amelia.

"Father, I will help you to get the money you owe, but I hope you and mother Yolanda can stop getting involved in the family business of Zhan family. Otherwise, I am not a good daughter." Before Amelia left, she told Vernon.

After Amelia left, Sophia ran upstairs, asking excitedly, "Tell me, what did that wild girl said to you."

Vernon sat up from the bed, wiped his face with a towel and grumbled, "You're so smart. I even don't get your face dirty!"

"I'm just trying to make a good show! Tell me, what did she say? " Sophia saw the smile on Vernon's face and felt that the plan was probably realized.

"Well, even though Amelia is not my biological daughter, I don't want to lie to her like this." Vernon couldn't help blaming himself when he thought of his previous and second bad attitude towards Amelia.

Sophia forcefully pushed Vernon and said in a shrill voice, "Then you can bear to see your own daughter suffer!"

"You have the nerve to say that. If Jasper and Yolanda continue to pursue their happiness, how can our company run?" Vernon said with a bit of anger.

"All right, all right. Jasper has learned his lesson. He will play his best to overcome the difficulties!" Sophia was intent on protecting her daughter, and she just listened to what Vernon said in anger.

Taking advantage of the fact that Amelia was not her biological daughter, all the contributions she had made to the Mo family were taken for granted.

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