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   Chapter 159 Where Is The Trust Between Husband And Wife

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Usually, when Lucian came back home, he always wore a smile on his face. But today, he looked very cold. The expression on his face was the first time Amelia saw him, which made Amelia a little uncomfortable.

"Amelia, I think the least respect between a couple is trust." After taking Amelia to sit down, Lucian looked at her with his deep eyes. "You know there is CCTV in the Zhan mansion. Why did you lie?"

It turned out that Lucian was not happy about it...

"Sorry, I didn't tell you about it in advance, because I didn't want to cause you misunderstanding..." It was all her fault. So, Amelia apologized to Lucian.

When he saw the sad look on her face, Lucian couldn't help but feel sorry for her. But when he thought that she deliberately concealed it, he couldn't help feeling uncomfortable.

"You don't want me to get you wrong, so you should tell me the truth, right?" Lucian really didn't know what Amelia was thinking.

He wouldn't make blind and disorderly conjectures, but he was displeased because she intended to conceal the truth from him.

"I'm sorry, Jonny called me last night. He said his mother was sick and asked me to go to see her. I was afraid that you might misunderstand, so I didn't tell you..." She didn't intend to hide it from Lucian, so she just told him the truth.

"Why doesn't she go to the hospital when Jonny's mother is sick but let you to see her? Don't you feel inconvenient with your pregnant belly? Have you forgotten what Shelly did to you last time? " Lucian threw a series of questions to Amelia. The more he said, the angrier he became.

Amelia was frightened to sit on the sofa with her face pale and her whole body numb. Although Lucian was very close to her, after hearing his words, she suddenly felt that the distance between them was very far.

She knew that Lucian was very angry because he cared about her, but she was still upset by his angry words.

Noticing that Amelia didn't look good, Lucian held him back and stroked her back. He explained in a soft voice, "I didn't doubt you. I was just worried about you." After all, many people in the city had an ulterior motive to Amelia.

Amelia seemed to be shocked by his words. She lay on Lucian's shoulder and didn't say anything for a long time. Tears welled up in her eyes. "I know I was wrong, I won't do that again."

Her voice sounded aggrieved, but her heart was not as sad as it was just now.

"I apologized for my bad attitude." Lucian said sincerely.

"Then let's forgive each other." Amelia smiled through tears. Amelia raised her head and kissed on Lucian's cheek.

After the misunderstandings between them were cleared up, the love between them was back as usual.

Because it was hot in summer, Amelia didn't want to go out, so she stayed in the SJ Garden to avoid summer heat.

At the end of the month, Courtney came to SJ Garden to see her with joy in her face.

"Do you remember last time when we were going to invite you to our wedding?" In addition to delicious food, the topics between them are Kent of Cour

s going to call Lucian and asked if he would come back for dinner. To her surprise, a woman's voice sounded from the other end of the line and she sounded very familiar.

"Amelia, I'm Sasha. Can't you recognize my voice?" Sasha said with a smile on the phone.

Murmured Amelia. She was surprised to hear that, but soon regained her composure and said politely, "Ms. Sasha, I'm here for Lucian."

It was Lucian's phone. How could it be in Sasha's? She couldn't help letting her mind wander, but a very firm voice told her that she believed in Lucian.

"Lucian is busy now. He can't answer the phone." Sasha said with a gloating smile.

Amelia frowned and said coldly, "Okay, I'll call him later."

"Hey, Amelia, don't hang up. I have something to say to you." Sasha's sudden coquettish voice irritated Amelia.

But Amelia insisted to be polite, "please go ahead, Miss Sasha."

"Amelia, it sounds that you are jealous, doesn't it? In fact, you don't need to be jealous. I am an employee of the Zhan Group now. It's forgivable for me to answer the phone for my boss. Besides, we are so familiar with each other before. Don't you think it's too unreasonable for you to be angry like this? " Sasha's tone was very soft on the phone, but it made Amelia feel very uncomfortable.

When she worked at the Zhan Group, Sasha had been rude to her without telling Lucian, so she had no good impression of Amelia.

"Miss Sasha, please don't worry. I'm not mad. Bye." Amelia was about to hang up.

"Are you angry?" Sasha suddenly smiled and continued, "Last time, I begged Amelia to speak for me in front of Lucian, but you rejected my offer resolutely. I had to rely on my own ability to enter the human resources department for an interview. I didn't expect that I passed it, so I am a qualified staff of the Zhan Group and I have resumed my original post." Sarcasm was written all over Sasha's face.

"Congratulations, Miss Sasha." Amelia knew that Sasha was angry with her refusal to put in a good word for her in front of Lucian.

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