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   Chapter 158 Lucian Got Jealous

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After Iris's death, she never felt the warmth of mother, but every time she saw Emma, she felt very warm.

Amelia chatted with Emma for a while. After lunch, Amelia escorted her back to the SJ Garden by Jonny. When she came the villa, Lily was having a nap. But before she went upstairs, the phone in the living room rang. She went back to answer it, and it was from Lucian

"Lucian, it's me." She wondered why Lucian didn't call her mobile phone.

"Your phone is powered off. I have called you many times, but you didn't answer. I heard from Lily that you have gone out?" After hearing Lucian's words, Amelia took out her phone and found that it was power off.

"I'm sorry, Lucian I forgot to charge my phone last night. " She replied in chagrin.

"That's not the point. As long as you are fine." Lucian's voice softened, with infinite tenderness.

Amelia knew exactly how anxious Lucian was when she didn't answer his phone even though he called her many times.

"You... Are you off work? " She asked tentatively. It was only three o'clock in the afternoon.

"I'll be back as soon as I finish my work." Lucian suggested that he could get off work early tonight.

"I'll cook the dinner. I'll wait for you at home after the dinner is ready." Amelia said gently.

After talking on the phone for a while, Lucian hung up.

There was a knock on the door of the CEO's office after he hung up.

"Mr. Lucian, Mrs. Amelia took Mr. An's car when she got out. They went to a villa in the suburbs. They..." Eric sensed a sudden change in Lucian's face, and there seemed to be anger in his eyes. When he was reporting, he didn't dare to go on.

"Go on." Lucian said coldly.

Eric was so nervous that he insisted on telling Lucian the whole story. "Mrs. Amelia has been staying in the villa till noon. Then Mr. Jonny drove her back to the SJ Garden."

Lucian's face turned livid with rage. In a cold voice, he said, "I see."

He was about to go back home when he finished his work.

"Oh, boss. Sasha wants to see you," Eric knew that when Lucian was in a bad mood, he refused to see anyone, but since Sasha was right outside, he had to tell him.

"She can come back tomorrow. I need to go home now." Lucian refused coldly.

"Okay." Eric replied in fear.

Sasha was waiting anxiously outside the CEO's office. Seeing Eric come out, she hurriedly walked up to him and asked, "Mr. Eric, what did Lucian say?"

Showing embarrassment on his face, Eric repeated Lucian's words to her.

"Lucian will go back later?" Sasha seemed to have come up with an idea. She said to Eric, "thank you, special assistant Eric. I see."

Eric heaved a sigh of relief and shook his head after Sasha left.

Lucian Zachary just walked out of the Zhan Group, Sasha stopped him. He was shocked first, and then remembered that Eric had just mentioned her. After calming down, he said coldly, "Let's talk about it tomorrow. I'm going back now."

"Lucian, it's

d answered her in a low voice, "nothing. How about you? Why is your phone off today? "

"Well, I..." All of a sudden, it occurred to Amelia that she hadn't told Lucian about her leaving. If she told him later, it might cause some misunderstandings? And Jonny didn't plan to tell Lucian.

"You could not answer my question if you don't want to. I'm just a little worried." Noticing her hesitation, Lucian said.

"I went to visit Courtney today. She had been out of hospital for a long time, so I haven't come to visit her. I happened to be free today, so I went there to have a chat with her." Murmured Amelia, taking Courtney as an excuse.

He didn't know why, but now he felt terrible when he heard Amelia telling lies. He didn't feel anything wrong before, but now he was annoyed by her lies.

"Go and cook. I have something to deal with in the study." In order to ease his emotions, Lucian had to make an excuse.

"Okay." Amelia sensed that Lucian was not in the mood to talk with her, so she went downstairs with a puzzled face.

After dinner was ready, Amelia went upstairs to ask Lucian to have dinner. Then, she found that he was sitting at the desk and looking through the letters in his hands. Like last time, after she found Amelia, he quickly put away the letter.

When Amelia noticed that Lucian was looking at her in astonishment, she said awkwardly, "Lucian, it's time for dinner."

"Okay." As usual, Lucian stood up and took her hand to go downstairs.

She just felt that Lucian behaved strangely today. He didn't talk with her in a humorous way as usual.

"Mrs. Amelia, have you noticed that Mr. Lucian looks bad today?" Lily asked in a low voice as Amelia walked towards the table and tried to clear the table.

Amelia didn't say anything because she had sensed something.

Amelia went to the living room and saw that Lucian was watching the ball game. She made a cup of tea for him and handed it to him. "Lucian, are you unhappy?"

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