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   Chapter 157 An Appointment With Jonny

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Jonny stopped the car all of a sudden. He looked annoyed and said, "That's right. Why didn't I think of this before?" He was doing this to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

Noticing the worried look on Jonny's face, Amelia smiled and said, "Don't worry, senior. Lucian is not that narrow-minded. Besides, you have been friends for many years."

"I hope so." Jonny immediately showed his eyebrows. He couldn't help frowning when he thought of the reason why he came to find Amelia. "My mother is sick, and she kept calling your name last night. I pondered over it again and again, so I have to ask you to go and see her."

"Is Auntie sick?" Amelia was shocked and became serious. She remembered that she met her in the hospital several days ago. "Have she seen the doctor?"

"She's been sick for many years. She's okay if it is good but she'll suffer a lot if it is not." Said Jonny, who was also distressed.

Amelia had a good impression on Emma. Emma was graceful and quiet, always with a decent and gentle smile on her face.

"Since I took over the An Group, my father has been staying at home every day. I thought that the gap between them would be removed, but my father went even worse to my mother. She was even more depressed, which caused severe asthma attack." Said Jonny, annoyed.

Amelia had told Jonny that Edmund treated Emma badly last time. But she didn't expect that Edmund didn't restrain himself at all after Jonny took control of the An Group.

"So in order to let my mother live a quiet life, I picked her up in the villa I bought." Said Jonny helplessly.

Hearing that, Amelia was a little sad, but she didn't know how to comfort Jonny. "She will be in a good mood after she moves in."

"I thought the same way as you did before. But moving into the villa made my mother even more unhappy. In addition, I'm busy with the company's affairs every day, so I don't have much time to talk with her." Jonny frowned. It seemed that the more he said, the more uncomfortable he felt.

"Didn't you hire a servant for her?" At the thought of the time when Lucian was in the Zhan Group, Amelia felt really bored at home alone. Luckily, she could talk with Lily.

"I hired a Auntie who is about my mother's age. I thought my children could have something in common and chat with each other, but it turned out that my mother is quiet and she doesn't have much to talk about. It's useless to hire a Auntie like her." All the methods that Jonny could think of had been used, so he asked Amelia for help.

"What about Miss An? Daughters are always the apple of parents'. When She sees Miss An, she will be very happy. " Amelia tried her best to help Jonny.

Although she was a little nervous when she heard Shelly's name, she didn't dare to mention her.

"If she cared for her mother, I wouldn't have to worry about her so much. I called her, but she didn't answer my phone. I don't know

said, "I can see that you love Lucian very much. He's a good boy and will give you happiness, but Jonny isn't that lucky. He did not meet you first and marry you."

Then Emma let out another sigh.

Amelia was a little depressed but she kept smiling, "Auntie, don't worry. He will have his own happiness."

"Please help me. If there is a girl suitable for Jonny, please introduce her to him." Emma then laughed.

Amelia nodded and replied with humor, "of course."

The two girls chatted more and more excitedly and they laughed all the time. After preparing breakfast, Jonny went to Emma's room and said with grievance, "Mom, how can you be so partial? How can I tease you and make you laugh? When you talk with Amelia, you can't stop laughing."

With the same smile on her face, Emma took hold of Amelia's hand and said gently, "Amelia is so lovely that it's hard for me to be displeased."

Amelia lowered her head with a smile on her face because she was shy for the praise of Emma.

"Since you like Amelia so much, why don't you adopt Amelia as your sworn daughter?" Jonny suggested with a smile.

Emma's eyes widened in surprise at Jonny's temporary decision. But after she thought about Amelia's opinion, she smiled awkwardly and said, "I'm totally willing to do this. I don't know if Amelia would like to do it."

"Yes, I have to get the permission of Amelia." Jonny gave the answer to Amelia at once.

Even though all of a sudden, Amelia had a good impression of Emma. She thought Emma was a gentle and kind mother. If she could be her sworn daughter, she would get her long lost maternal love back.

"Auntie, if you have 100 wishes, I will be 10000." Amelia replied with smile.

"So you two agree with this thing. Congratulations!" Jonny said excitedly.

His humorous words made Emma laugh. She held the hand of Amelia and sighed, "even if Amelia can't be my daughter-in-law, it's good to be my sworn daughter."

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