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   Chapter 155 They Quarreled Again

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"You met yesterday?" Lucian was more surprised and asked, "Did she do anything to you? Did she say anything you didn't like? "

Seeing Lucian's nervous face, Amelia knew that he was traumatized by her kidnap last time.

"She said nothing." Amelia shook her head and said, "if you don't want to go inside, let's go back to visit dad."

"Okay, let's go back to the Zhan mansion." Amelia knew that Lucian was always for her good, and she didn't want to make him worry too much about her, so she changed her mind.

When she returned to the Zhan mansion, Nicholas was practicing Chinese Calligraphy in the study. Hearing the knock on the door, he raised his head and looked at Lucian. His face lit up at the sight of him. "Aren't you busy today? You came so early. "

"I'm not busy these days. I went to take wedding pictures with Amelia." Walking to the desk, Lucian looked at the words written by Nicholas and praised, "Dad's Calligraphy is powerful. I can't cultivate it as well as you."

Getting recognized by his son, Nicholas was so happy. He put away his brush and ink, pointed at the Calligraphy on the table and said, "An ideal marriage divinely arranged, these words are the gifts for you and Amelia."

"Thank you." With excitement written all over his face, Lucian took the painting and appreciated it for a while. Then he said happily, "If Amelia knew it was a gift from you, she would be thrilled."

Nicholas reminded her with a kind face, "Amelia is easy to get along with. Although I seldom talk with her, I can see that she is the kind of girl who is easy aggrieved. You should treat her well in the future."

"I know." Lucian answered.

Amelia made the dinner herself. At the dinner table, Nicholas burst into laughter and kept complimenting her cooking.

After dinner, Nicholas and Lucian were chatting in the living room and watching TV, with a warm atmosphere.

"Lucian, I just heard that you went to take wedding photos with Amelia today. When will you hold your wedding ceremony?" Asked Nicholas suddenly.

"Dad, Amelia and I plan to make it as simple as we can. We will only invite our parents to dinner." Lucian replied calmly.

At the mention of their parents, Amelia thought of Vernon. Since their fight last time, they had rarely contacted each other. Nobody knew whether Vernon would like to attend the party or not.

"Isn't it too hasty?" Nicholas frowned as he felt it was impolite. He looked at Amelia embarrassedly and asked, "Amelia, what do you think?"

Amelia was a little distracted. If Lucian hadn't pat on the back of her hand gently, she would still have felt annoyed.

"Dad, I think the same as Lucian." Amelia replied with smile.

Seeing her sweet smile, Nicholas couldn't help smiling with relief. He nodded and said, "Well, then I'll take this opportunity to meet your parents."

What Nicholas said shocked Amelia. She took a deep b

unsatisfied with our family?"

"Don't talk nonsense while eating." Nicholas reminded Fannie in a low voice, afraid that she would make trouble for them.

With a frown, Lucian raised his glass and proposed a toast with a smile, "A toast to all of you. I'd like to tell you that Amelia and I will have a happy life in the future. I hope you can rest assured."

Lucian interrupted Fannie's words in time, which was obviously provocative.

She made this kind of mistake often, and it was lucky that Lucian interrupted her in time. Otherwise, her hard-earned good impression would be ruined.

In order to get the shares of the Zhan Group, Fannie could bear any grievance.

During the meal, the parents of the two sides didn't have much communication except some pleasantries. After dinner, Nicholas asked Vernon to go to the Zhan mansion to play chess.

Perhaps since they were of the same hobby, Vernon agreed readily.

Amelia stood at the door waiting for them. When Vernon walked past her, he said to her, "You're humiliating me today."

Amelia's face changed and her heart ached.

She didn't know what she did wrong to make Vernon say such angry words.

Lucian stopped the car at the side of Amelia. Seeing that she didn't look well, he asked worriedly, "What happened?" Then he took a look at Vernon who had already got on the car and seemed to understand something.

"Shall we go back to the SJ Garden?" She held on to Lucian's hand and asked eagerly.

Since Vernon was still in a fit of anger, she didn't want to make trouble for him.

"Okay, I'll arrange it." Vernon and Sophia were going to the Zhan mansion to have a look, so Lucian had to inform Darren about this.

"Let's go home." After getting everything ready, Lucian held the hand of Amelia and walked to the side of the car.

After returning to the SJ Garden, Amelia said to Lucian wearily, "I'm a little sleepy, Lucian. I'm going to sleep."

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