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   Chapter 153 The Change In Fannie's Attitude

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"I hope Lucian will behave as you said." The smile on her face was forced. She seemed worried.

"Mom, Dad missed you so much. He felt guilty and shut himself in his study. He didn't eat much." Amelia still remembered her main purpose of coming to the hospital today.

If Fannie didn't forgive Nicholas, it would be hard for them to get along with each other. Although what Amelia said didn't work, it was better than not to mention about it.

"Why didn't he control his temper when he hit me?" she continued

Amelia showed embarrassment on her face. She didn't know how to comfort people, and it was about the affairs between the elders. However, as a daughter-in-law of the Zhan family, she had to be a good one.

"Mom, don't be too mad at Dad. He didn't mean it. I think he has learned his lesson this time, and he won't do that again." Amelia consoled Fannie in a low voice.

"Next time?" "If he dares to do that again, I will kill him!" Fannie continued angrily

Her face was as red as fire, and she didn't seem to be kidding. It took a while for Amelia to recover from the shock.

Seeing the fear and astonishment on Amelia's face, Fannie concealed her anger and put on a smile. "Don't worry. As long as he doesn't mess with me, I won't be too hard on him."

At that time, she didn't expect that Nicholas would be so angry. Actually, she didn't expect that Nicholas would be so cruel to hurt her.

And it was all on Amelia's fault. But at the thought of the sentence that Nicholas reminded her, she decided to act humbly and get along with Amelia, so that she could get what she wanted easily.

In the evening, the servant brought dinner to Fannie on time, and Lucian came to pick up Amelia.

"Lucian, you really have a good wife. She is not only good at cooking, but also patient. With a big belly, she didn't feel tired to accompany me for the whole afternoon." As soon as Lucian entered the ward, Fannie said to him in a flaunting tone.

With a slight smile on his face, Lucian didn't respond to Fannie's sudden change of attitude.

Noticing that Lucian remained silent, Amelia felt embarrassed. She nodded at Fannie, "Mom, I'll go back with him."

Wearing a smile, Fannie looked at him kindly. "Lucian, if you don't mind, can you have Amelia spare some time to talk with me this week?"

"Didn't mother always say that pregnant women are not allowed to come to hospital? Amelia came to see you today, because she has been begging me over and over again. I didn't agree to see her at the hospital later. " Lucian turned her down straightforwardly.

Amelia was shocked. She didn't understand why Lucian refused her so decisively.

Fannie looked obviously embarrassed, but she still forced a smile. "It doesn't matter. After I leave the hospital, let's pick up Amelia to the Zhan mansion."

"I hope you your words correspond with your actions." With a sullen face, Lucian answered. Then he pulled Ameli

that Lucian would oppose, but it turned out that he had said yes straightforward.

Amelia was so moved that she could not speak. She pouted and said, "Lucian, if you continue to spoil me like this, I will become a lazy woman."

"Mrs. Amelia, it's not a big deal. Besides, you are not here to a housewife, so you don't have to do it all." In Lucian's opinion, as long as he was free, he could take care of all these things.

"You've taken charge of everything. What am I going to do?" Amelia pouted and asked playfully.

Looking at her, he said seriously, "What you need to do now is to eat well and keep a good mood. Take care of yourself and give birth to a baby for me."

Looking at his serious facial expression, Amelia thought he was going to arrange an important thing for her but he told her that.

"It sounds like a piece of cake to me. But I have to be held responsible. If my baby doesn't look good, someone will get even with me." She pouted while eating.

Lucian found it was funny that she occasionally spoke some words. He felt that Amelia had many advantages he couldn't imagine, and she always gave him a surprise. He felt that it was a lot more colorful than his boring life as he had been a normal person before.

In order to prepare the delicious food for Amelia, he had taken time off to study. Since he knew that she was pregnant, he specially consulted a nutritionist. He remembered all the food that was good for the pregnant woman and the baby.

Perhaps it was because of Lucian personally cooking, Amelia indulged herself in eating. The amount of food for a meal was twice as much as usual, so she could not stand up straight after meal. Touching her bulging belly, she complained, "Baby, your father wants to feed your mother to gain weight. If I become a fat woman, your father will dislike it."

Lucian couldn't help laughing and looked at her affectionately, "Don't worry. No matter how fat you are, I like it."

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