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   Chapter 152 You Are So Hopeless

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"Now, Lucian is in charge of the Zhan Group. I don't think I can change anything." Nicholas also knew that Fannie's request was not unreasonable at all, but her attitude towards Amelia was getting worse and worse. If she changed her aggressive personality, perhaps Lucian would agree without hesitation.

Her face changed dramatically. She lowered her voice and threatened, "You and I are a couple. If you don't want to help me anymore, I will have to expose what you have done years ago."

"You are going to be a grandmother. Is it interesting to bring up those ridiculous things? Besides, you are not just humiliating me. " At this moment, anger appeared in Nicholas's eyes.

"Even you, can make that kind of decision. Not to mention me? When I don't live up to my name in the Zhan family, do you think about my dignity? "

Nicholas was so angry that he trembled. After being silent for a while, he said, "You should change your attitude towards Amelia. Show you are a mother-in-law. Amelia is kind-hearted and doesn't argue with you. If it were another woman, she would have yelled at you very early with the love and care from Lucian."

"Ha ha, Nicholas, since you are so partial to that girl, do you want to rob the cradle again?" "It's a pity that she's your daughter-in-law. What's more, you can't move your legs. Remember you are aged!."

"You are so unreasonable!" Roared Nicholas with fury. He raised his walking stick and struck it on Fannie's head.


With a scream, Amelia, who was cooking in the kitchen, heard it and quickly put down the things in her hands and walked to the living room. When she saw Fannie lying on the ground, she was frightened to pale. It happened all of a sudden, making her unable to stand firmly.

Darren arrived and immediately called an ambulance.

Nicholas was so scared that he was trembling all over. His eyes became straight and his lips were moving. He stammered, "I... I didn't mean to... " It never occurred to him that he would lose control of his strength in anger.

Amelia felt that she couldn't be panic. She stood on her feet, walked to Nicholas's side and consoled him, "Dad, I know you didn't do it on purpose. Don't worry. Mom will be fine."

Then she took out her phone and called Lucian.

In the people's Hospital of A city.

In the long corridor of the hospital, Amelia was standing in front of the emergency center with a serious look, with a big belly.

Lucian sat on the chair in the corridor of the hospital, looking worried.

At first, when Lucian didn't let her come over, it was inconvenient for her to stay in hospital. However, since it was inconvenient for Nicholas to move, and he stayed at home, he must be very anxious. So she wanted to come over and see what was going on, and pacify the mood of Lucian.

An hour later, doctors and nurses pushed the unconscious Fannie out of the emergency room and transferred her to the intensive care unit.

The doctor told Lucian about the condition of Fannie, and Amelia stayed in the ward t

it? If you have, please pour Shelly a bowl and let her taste the food you cook. " Fannie said with a smile. She didn't seem to understand what she was talking about, so Amelia didn't think there was any other meanings in her words. She ladled a bowl of soup for Shelly, who was sitting on the bedside.

The action of Amelia totally enraged her. She pushed away the bowl that Amelia handed to her and the plate fell to the ground. She angrily pointed at Amelia's nose and scolded, "Do you think everyone can be bought by you? I will never do that! Never! "

After giving vent to her anger, Shelly turned around and left without even saying goodbye to Fannie.

"Well... Shelly, come back! " She found that Shelly had no intention of coming back. She complained, "What a mean girl!"

"Mom, don't blame Shelly. Here, drink it all." Amelia didn't expect to meet Shelly in the hospital. What's more, Fannie acted like a different person after waking up. Fannie had a better attitude towards Amelia, but became indifferent to the always protected Shelly.

"Amelia, I'm sure you know that I'm just the aunt of Lucian." After she finished drinking the chicken soup, Fannie suddenly held Amelia's hand and said in a softer tone, "I always feel uneasy when I am just his aunt. These years, I have a very insecure feeling about him. I always think that Lucian is a grown-up. If he didn't listen to me, I would have interfered too much with his affairs. As a result, today's situation between us is very difficult."

She had never been alone with Fannie, and what was more, she had been so aggressive several times before. Even though she spoke in a peaceful tone, Amelia was still restless.

But after listening to her words, she could more or less understand what she said and did.

"Mom, don't worry. Lucian is a dutiful son. He won't do anything reckless." Amelia had been with Lucian for almost one year, and she was sure of that.

He proved to be a responsible man as she relied on him with her lifelong happiness.

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