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   Chapter 151 Stay With Me

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In the middle summer night, the moonlight gently sprinkled on the white wall of the SJ Garden, surrounded by a layer of dreamlike hazy light. With the fragrance of flowers in the backyard, Amelia sat at the desk and began to examine the income and profit of the milk tea shop this month in her mind.

She was asleep in front of the desk when Lucian came back from a business dinner.

At the moment he entered the bedroom, Lucian first saw that she was lying on the desk. His eyes tightened. He strode forward and threw down the pen in her hand. Amelia looked a little heavy but in fact thin, and then he carried her to the bed.

Even though he had been busy all day long and made him a little tired, the fatigue was gone after he saw Amelia.

Although she had been pregnant for six months, her skin was still smooth, and she had a little baby fat. Compare to her pale and bloodless face, her face finally got ruddy after food treatment. She also gained some weight, but she didn't get fat at all. Instead, she had a baby face, which made her look more lovely.

Lucian looked at her in silence for quite a while. He reached out his hand and gently kissed her on the lips as usual. Then, he got up and went to the desk. Seeing that she was still doing the most complicated calculation, he felt speechless.

He sighed in her heart, 'When you were a student, did you go to sleep in math classes?'?

Lucian sorted out the accounts that Amelia didn't figure out. Looking at her delicate handwriting, Lucian couldn't help but think of the one who buried deeply in his memory. The cold moon shone through the French window with a bright white luster, and the cold temperature, at this moment, was not a chill in summer night. Instead, he felt depressed.

The next morning, Amelia found herself lying on her bed. She was surprised to see Lucian when she turned over, but soon she got it.

Lucian was still sleeping. In order not to disturb him, she lifted the silk quilt and got out of bed.

"Don't get up now. Sleep with me for a while." Lucian stretched his long arm and held her in it, even with his eyes closed.

Because her belly was getting bigger and bigger, there was still a distance between them even if she was in his arms. Besides, Lucian kept a distance deliberately since he was afraid of hurting the baby.

"I slept early last night, so I had enough sleep." She found herself more and more drowsy, and she had a good appetite recently, which showed that she had gained weight.

"Then open your eyes and appreciate your husband's perfect face." With his eyes closed, Lucian touched the face of Amelia and said gently.

Lucian was right. His facial features were delicate, and indeed had the ability to make people not feel bored to appreciate them. However, she deliberately pretended not to agree and tried to break away from his embrace. Due to her pregnancy, her movements were somewhat clumsy.

"You don't

"Great! I've been thinking about the dishes cooked by Amelia. But I'm too embarrassed to say anything." Nicholas told the truth, with a touch of gratification in his smile.

Standing in the living room, then Fannie was sitting on the sofa in a rage. When she heard Nicholas praise Amelia for her cooking, she stared at her severely.

Nicholas deliberately ignored the envy in her eyes. After Amelia went to the kitchen, he warned Fannie calmly, "Amelia is pregnant with Lucian's baby now. You should watch your mouth when you speak."

"Watch my mouth? You're right. I'm going to ask you about this matter. Earlier, the Zhan Group was in crisis. At that time, she chose to divorce Lucian. After that, she stayed with Jonny. Now, only two of them lived together. Are you sure that it's Lucian's baby? " She glanced at the direction of the kitchen to make sure that Amelia didn't hear what she said.

"Nonsense!" Nicholas shouted angrily. Then he said in a cold tone, "It is a temporary measure to divorce with Lucian. You know better than me. It's okay if you don't know how to be grateful, but you still slander her. As an elder, do you think it's appropriate?"

Nicholas had always hoped that Fannie could wake up and not be influenced by those prejudice.

"You will know whether I lied or not after the baby is born. Women nowadays are very realistic. Don't blame me for saying something like that again." It was hard for her to accept Amelia. With disgust written all over her face.

Nicholas would rather get angry with himself than listened to Fannie's nonsense.

"Nicholas, I've worked stayed in the Zhan family for many years. Now that Lucian has grown up, our company is getting better and better. My requirement is not very high. Give me five percent of the shares, so that I can have something to rely on. " Noticing that Nicholas didn't say anything, she thought her words might work on Nicholas and gained more benefits from him.

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