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   Chapter 150 I Want A Daughter

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Lucian would remember every single notice that the doctor had mentioned to him. Especially when he was in a good mood, he took a deep look at Amelia.

Amelia could feel the deep feeling in his eyes, and it turned into love, making her feel warm.

After the doctor left, Lucian asked Lily to bring the soup to the bedroom and he fed the soup to Amelia.

Although Amelia didn't tell him why she was sad in the afternoon, he had guessed it.

Vernon had called him to ask about the project funds, but he refused indifferently. Vernon was dissatisfied, but Lucian didn't expect that he would vent his anger on Amelia, which was unbearable for Lucian.

"Lucian, did Lily tell you?" Lucian fed the soup to Amelia patiently and gently.

Although Amelia felt a little disappointed to hear what Vernon had said to her, she was not so grieved at all because of Lucian's warm words.

Lucian fetched a basin of hot water and wiped her face with a warm towel. After that, he looked at her with a doting face and said, "Fortunately, she told me that. Otherwise, do you plan to feel sad alone?"

Amelia smelled the light fragrance from his body and felt his warm breath. Hot breaths rushed over her heart, with tears in her eyes. She was so moved that her tears were falling down.

"All right, all right. I don't mean to blame you. I just feel hurt. I think that you are always taking the responsibility for everything. I am just a nobody in your eyes." Noticing the tears in her eyes, Lucian softened his tone.

Seeing Lucian' anxiety, Amelia chuckled, "Lucian, you treated your employees like very seriously. Why are you so good-tempered in front of me?"

Seeing her cry and smile for a while, Lucian was so nervous that he sweated. He couldn't help rolling his eyes at her and said, "Because you are my wife."

This sentence made Amelia silent for a long time.

Seeing her stunned, Lucian thought there was something wrong with his words, so that she misunderstood his meaning, and immediately said, "I mean, you're my wife. Who else can I be nervous about?"

He used to be a man of few words. But now, he seemed to have controlled his temper and became nagging when he talked with Amelia.

Amelia smiled but said nothing. His heart was filled with happiness and sweetness.

She promised to Lucian that she would stay at home for two days. So she followed what he said and stayed at the SJ Garden while he was working. During the time when Lucian was at work, the two girls were playing mahjong, watching TV, gossiping about the stars or playing poker.

She was a bad mahjong player and lost many times in a row. Even though she admitted that she had a card, she could not think straight. Her face was full of stickers which were punishment for losing the game.

"What are you playing? I heard you two laughing as soon as I entered." They had a good time, so the two ladies forgot the time.

When Lily heard his voice, she was scared and ju

e." The smile reappeared on Sasha's face. Although she expressed her wishes, she had mixed feelings inside.

She loved Lucian, so she couldn't send her blessings calmly. Instead, she was even more jealous of Amelia.

To be Lucian's wife was what she always strove for. If the Zhan Group hadn't bumped into, she wouldn't have left the company and couldn't have just seen Lucian marry Shelly.

However, the only thing she could do was to fawn upon the destiny.

Not aware that Sasha had left the Zhan Group, Amelia said to her politely, "There's a lot of work in the sales department. You must be very busy, aren't you?"

Since Amelia asked, she took the opportunity to tell what she was thinking.

"Thank you for your concern, Amelia. But I'm no longer working in the Zhan Group. Even if I want to go back now, Lucian won't give me the chance." With a miserable look on her face, Sasha sighed. Then she begged, "Amelia, it's obvious to all that I have done well in the Zhan Group. I want to go back to the company. Could you please put in a good word for me in front of Lucian?"

Amelia frowned. Sasha's request made her uncomfortable. She didn't know how to respond.

"Amelia, don't worry. I won't put you in a difficult position. I'm just worried about Lucian. He won't let me make any progress." Begged Sasha, who tried to hold back her tears.

Amelia was flustered. She comforted, "Ms. Sasha, don't worry. The recruitment of employees in the Zhan Group has always been very strict. The personnel department will recruit suitable talents according to the assessment of talents. So with your outstanding performance, you will definitely pass the assessment."

Her answer was smart and reasonable.

Sasha was surprised. She suddenly realized that Amelia became wise. She thought that Amelia would be as soft hearted as before and say yes to whatever she asked. But she didn't expect that she was turned down by this way. And it was even so reasonable.

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