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   Chapter 149 Hurtful Words

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When Yolanda saw the intimacy between the two, she was stunned for a while. She felt that it was useless to argue with them. What's more, Vernon had warned her several times secretly with harsh eyes. Even though she was dissatisfied, she had to hide the fact from her mother.

"Lucian and Amelia love each other. Now they have a baby. Their lives are complete." Raising the glass of wine, Vernon suddenly spoke happily.

Amelia picked up the glass of juice in front of her and smiled, "Thank you, Dad. I'll live happily with Lucian. You can rest assured."

"That's good." With a kind smile, Vernon raised his glass and said to Lucian, "Lucian, thank you for making my daughter happy."

Lucian raised his glass, smiled and said, "Dad, I should thank Amelia. My life is special because of her. I cherish the fate with her and think that she is the woman whom I will spend the rest of my life with."

In fact, Lucian didn't want to say these words on the table, after all, it would make people think that it was just the scene, and he hoped to be live with Amelia calmly. However, this family treated Amelia as a joke, which made him feel angry. If they liked lying, he would choose the most hurtful words to provoke their malicious thought.

Hearing Lucian's words, Sophia echoed, "Amelia is so lucky to marry Lucian, an excellent husband."

Yolanda was envious of Amelia. When she heard her mother praise Amelia, she couldn't bear it anymore. She picked up the child from Jasper's hand and said with a sour face, "My baby would be luckier when she grow up as a beautiful girl."

The atmosphere during the meal was extremely depressing, but Amelia tried her best to avoid those sounds that could affect her mood. She was full after the meal.

After the banquet was over, the guests were all gone. Vernon walked up to Amelia and said with an embarrassed look, "Amelia, ask Lucian how is the investment fund I told him last time? I am in urgent need of that money, so that he can help me to arrange it."

After Lucian went into the bathroom, Vernon suddenly came up to her and said this that confused her. She didn't understand what her father meant.

"Dad, you know that I always stay out of Lucian's work." Amelia told Vernon clearly.

She was telling the truth, but Vernon thought she was avoiding him on purpose. His face changed instantly and criticized, "I don't expect you to do anything. I just want you to remind Lucian. How about your reply?"

Amelia found that Vernon was almost harsh when he said this. Stunned for a while, she turned pale and said reluctantly, "I'll talk to Lucian later."

"Just do it as soon as possible. I beg you, please. This is of great importance. You have to help me mention it to Lucian." Vernon begged. Her face softened a little.

After Vernon just finished, Lucian came over. Amelia said goodbye to him in a low voice.

"Amelia, you are too


When she heard that Lily was about to call Lucian, Amelia quickly wiped her tears and stopped Lily, "Don't tell Lucian, I'm fine."

She tried to stand up, but she felt her feet numb because she had sat for too long. When she got up, she groaned in pain.

She always wore a smile, but today she cried bitterly. Lily was a little confused. Although she promised not to tell Lucian, Lily was still worried. After all, Amelia was pregnant. If anything happened to her, Lily couldn't take the responsibility.

With great care and worry, she helped Amelia lie down on the bed and then called Lucian secretly.

Lucian rushed back to the SJ Garden as soon as he got the call. When he arrived, he saw that Amelia was sleeping soundly with a face as pale as snow. It was painful to look at her like that.

She didn't wake up until it was dark. Seeing that Lucian was sitting by the bed, she immediately sat up and asked, "Why are you back?"

Lucian held her and put a pillow on her back. He gently smoothed the bangs on her forehead and looked at her with concern. "Amelia, if you have any problem in the future, remember to tell me immediately, or I'll be worried."

"I'm fine." She answered in a low voice. Although she was absent-minded, after crying, she seemed to have a vent to her blocked emotions in her heart.

"Mr. Lucian, the doctor is here." Lily knocked on the bedroom's door and said in a low voice.

Amelia looked at the door and then at Lucian. She asked curiously, "Who is ill?"

When he saw the puzzled look on her face, he felt sorry for her and thought she was very cute. He said gently, "Let the doctor check you up. I will be relieved."

"All right." Although Amelia was a little reluctant, she agreed with him when she knew that Lucian was just saying this out of kindness.

After the examination, the doctor reminded Amelia what she should pay attention to and remembered to keep a happy mood.

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