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   Chapter 148 Who Is the Baby's Father

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"Mrs. Amelia is so happy. He kept holding her waist, eyes full of affection. Oh my God, I'm so single..."

"Mrs. Amelia is pregnant!"

"It seems that she has been pregnant for four or five months. But she is so thin. It seems that she is suffering from malnutrition..."

It seemed that whenever she attended some banquets with Lucian, there would be a lot of talking. But Amelia had been used to it. She smiled at them all the time. Plus, she was supported and powerful, so she could bear any odd look.

"Lucian, Amelia. Welcome." Jasper greeted them enthusiastically with a big smile on his face.

At the same time, Yolanda walked over in high heels. She had probably heard the discussions of other guests. She glanced sideways at the bulging belly of Amelia and suddenly asked, "Amelia, are you pregnant?"

Amelia touched her belly and nodded with smile.

"Amelia. Lucian, Congratulations!" Jasper then came up with a big smile.

"Thank you." Lucian replied calmly.

"It seems that you have been pregnant for five months." With a complicated look in her eyes, Yolanda asked in a weird tone.

But Amelia didn't think too much and nodded.

"Five months? And... " Yolanda sneered. She wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. She looked at Lucian and said unpleasantly, "I remember that you were with Jonny at that time."

Her words made the embarrassment scene freeze.

Amelia's face was frosty. Suddenly, Lucian's look changed dramatically and his eyes were as cold as ice, terrifying.

"Yolanda, don't talk nonsense!" As soon as she spoke, Jasper stopped her and smiled at them, "Amelia, Lucian, she's just a little stupid. Don't get her wrong."

Yolanda didn't restrain her anger, but tried her best to speak for herself, "Haven't you seen the reports then? It's hard not to doubt! "

"Yolanda, if it weren't for your daughter's one month birthday party today, I wouldn't have come here!" Amelia said to her coldly.

She felt sick at the thought of her smiling face when she apologized to Amelia last time.

"Come on. I'm just telling you the truth, and your face is as red as a tomato. People who don't know you might think that you have a guilty conscience." Yolanda jeered coldly.

"Mrs. Yolanda, please mind your words. It's our family affair and you are an outsider. You have no right to say it." With his arm around the shoulder of Amelia, Lucian handed the gift in her hand to Jasper and said abruptly, "For the sake of the baby, we decided to attend the banquet. In the future, as it is concerned with your family, I and Amelia will try to avoid it."

"It's... Apologize to Lucian, now! " Jasper's face turned pale out of fear. He remembered that there was a project which was worrying about money right now. He couldn't help worrying about the business of his company if he offended Lucian.

"The Zhan Group is nothing b

at she didn't expect that they would come back again. She continued to sneer, "My baby doesn't know how to talk now, so she could only accept whatever gifts from guests."

In fact, Yolanda was complaining about the present given by Amelia.

Amelia didn't respond. Sitting opposite to Vernon, she saw his father putting on a serious look as if he was in a dilemma.

Perhaps he also understood that Yolanda's words were a little excessive, but as a stepfather, he should not say too much, or else Yolanda would feel that he was intentionally partial to Amelia.

But over the years, her own daughter had always been bullied, and even if Yolanda had gone too far, her own father had never spoken for justice, so most of the time, she was wondering if she was the biological daughter of Vernon.

"Come on, everyone is here. Let's start." Jasper sat beside Yolanda, took the child from her and greeted her with a smile.

Amelia just took a casual glance at them, and reminded him when she saw the gesture of his holding a baby, "Remember to protect the baby's head." After all, it was a newborn baby. The head of the baby was not held stable, which made Amelia very nervous.

"Okay." Jasper gave her a smile and did as she said. He was so unskilled that his face was convulsing.

"Hey, you are quite experienced. You are really worthy of being a mother to be." Yolanda said in a voice dripping with sarcasm. She took a quick glance at Amelia, as if she wanted to see her response.

However, Amelia didn't care about that at all. When she saw the dishes on the table, she smiled at Lucian and said, "Your baby is hungry, so am I."

It was rare for her to act like a spoiled child in front of others. So, Lucian thoughtfully put some food into her bowl and said, "You can't starve the baby, so you have to eat the food obediently."

Their conversation was plain, but it gave the listener a sense of sweetness.

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