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   Chapter 147 You Should Call Me Honey

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Amelia was quite moved for a while when she heard about it from Courtney last time, but she didn't expect that it now became a way to threaten her.

Amelia surrendered and pleaded, "Two to four o'clock. But a waitress is enough. She will work with me on shifts."

To put it bluntly, she just to save the salary.

"We'll make an agreement in case you change your mind." In fact, Lucian was extremely reluctant to let Amelia do her job. However, he did what she wanted to do to make her happy. He was worried that she would go wild with work and upset him.

"You're indeed a businessman. It's a good bargain." Amelia shook her head.

In fact, she understood why Lucian cared about her, so she happily signed the agreement.

As a pregnant woman, Amelia finally fulfilled her wish and went to work in a milk tea shop. During her pregnancy, she felt relaxed because what Lily cooked was very satisfying for her, so she ate a lot. Moreover, through Lily's words, Lucian had specially hired a nutritious tutor to train Lily for her, so now Lily not only learned to cook tonic food for pregnant women, but also learnt to cook postpartum meal.

Amelia was deeply moved by what he had done for her. So she worked in the milk tea shop on time and she went off the duty at 6:00 pm.

Lucian would pick her up in person. Life was simple and happy.

Since Courtney reconciled with Kent, she bought back to the milk tea shop she owned before. She said that the love which came to life again so she must get the shop back.

That milk tea shop was opened with the money that was hard-earned by Kent and Courtney. At that time, Courtney insisted on being with Kent. Courtney's father off her economic expenses, so they were forced to open that milk tea shop with money borrowed.

"I haven't visited Courtney after she was discharged from the hospital." Sitting in the front passenger seat, Amelia mumbled worriedly.

"Rest assured. Courtney has recovered very well. She said she would come to see you when she had time." Lucian smiled back at her.

Thinking of the brutal side of Melissa, Amelia frowned and said, "I heard from Courtney that Melissa was pretending to be pregnant last time. Then she should feel guilty to Kent. Why does she still bother him?"

"That's why there's unreasonable woman in the world." Lucian answered with understatement.

"Mr. Lucian, don't make it so deep. Make it simple." Amelia believed that Lucian must know the reason why she did that.

"Melissa is not pretending to be pregnant, but in a fake way." Lucian made her confused.

Amelia blinked her eyes and didn't understand what he was talking about. Then, she asked again, "I don't think I can understand you!"

"Melissa is indeed pregnant, but it's not Kent's."

"It's not Kent's? Did he mean that Kent had taken the blame? Then how did kent find out? " Amelia threw a series of questions to Lucian.

Turning his head, Lucian gave

alled me last night. He said that Yolanda would celebrate her baby's one month birthday in MC Hotel this weekend and asked me to go with you."

"Go ahead. I'll accompany you." Although Lucian didn't want Amelia to face Yolanda and Sophia, he wouldn't give them any chance to bully Amelia as he was with her.

"Thank you, honey." She was so excited that she stretched out her hands and wrapped them around Lucian's neck.

In the face of Lucian, who was always calm, showed unusual happy expression. As a couple, they were called funny couple by Courtney.

On the weekend morning, Amelia got up and packed up the gifts for Yolanda's baby. She picked out a piece of maternity dress of plain color from the wardrobe and looked at herself in front of the mirror for a long time.

"What's wrong?" After washing himself, Lucian saw Amelia standing in front of the mirror with a preoccupied look.

"My belly is getting bigger and bigger. No matter what I wear can't cover the fact that I am pregnant." She pouted and felt very aggrieved as a child.

"Are you worried that Yolanda and Sophia noticed that you are pregnant?" Lucian understood what Amelia was worried about.

"Even my father doesn't know that I'm pregnant. When they get to know it, they must be shocked." She couldn't tell what she was upset about, but she soon turned to a smile and said, "It's a surprise for my father. He will be happy since he has become a grandfather."

"That's right, my silly wife. Always think better of everything." When he saw her smile, Lucian felt relieved and then held her in his arms, kissing her.

As Lucian's car was a limited edition, it attracted many guests' attention when it arrived at MC hotel.

Lucian helped Amelia out of the car. The way he acted like a gentleman caused ladies to scream, which made Jasper, who was greeting the guests, have a complicated feeling. After seeing the belly of Amelia, his eyes were as deep as the mist.

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