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   Chapter 145 . Stay At The Zhan Mansion For One Night

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It was, to be more or less, a thorn in Courtney's heart. Once mentioned, she would still feel a dull pain in her heart. However, Kent had tried hard to stitch up the wound in her heart. As the wound was about to heal, it was torn up again because of Melissa's appearance.

Melissa was full of anger and dissatisfaction. When she saw that Courtney pointed at her nose and there were others around, she couldn't swallow her anger. Melissa saw that there was a glass plate with candies on it on the bar counter, picked it up and directly threw it at Courtney.

Although Courtney dodged the bullet subconsciously, she was still hurt.



Kent and Amelia held Courtney with their hands out of instinct and heard her moan of pain from her throat.

When Melissa heard the smashing sound of the fruit glass and saw the hurt expression of Courtney, she thought she would feel better, but when she met with Kent's resentful eyes, she froze and felt regretful for her impulsive behavior.

"I... Sorry... I... I didn't mean to... " Melissa was so scared that her eyes were wide open and her lips kept trembling because of guilt and fear.

"Take Courtney to the hospital now!" Amelia's face was pale with fear, and she didn't bother to respond to Melissa.

The onlookers around them began to disperse. Some of them pointed at Melissa, who fell to the ground, with their scornful fingers.

On the way to the hospital, Courtney, enduring the pain, looked at Kent who was tormented by regret, "Kent, tell me. I am the only woman you love most in your life!"

Though she said it in a tone of oppression, Amelia still felt it was heart breaking when she heard it from Courtney.

In fact, both of them had never met with a rival in love. At that time, Courtney always thought that Kent would not be attracted by any other woman except her. So she always wore a confident smile on her face.

"I'm sorry, Courtney. I'll tell you everything when you're okay." With a concerned look, Kent held Courtney's hand.

Looking at this, Amelia was so sad that her teeth trembled.

The doctor said that Courtney needed to stay in the hospital for a week because of a bruise on his shoulder after checking.

In the evening, Lucian arrived at the hospital. After he paid a visit to Courtney, he drove Amelia home.

"You didn't make it clear on the phone. I was so scared that my body was weak, and Eric drove me to the hospital." Lucian said with fear as he squatted in front of Amelia and applied medicine to her wounds.

Usually, Lucian was used to fierce fighting in the business world. He always kept a poker face. But when he heard that something happened to Amelia, he became panic.

"Don't worry. I can take care of myself." Amelia comforted him with a smile while she was still worried about Courtney.

Seeing the worry on her face, he comforted her, "Don't worry. Kent will take care of her. Courtney will be fine."

"Ah, why do I feel that

s to show his satisfaction. He was even more satisfied with the daughter-in-law in front of him.

Looking at the gentleness and thoughtfulness in Amelia's words, Lucian was quite proud.

It was antique style in the Zhan mansion, including the bed, which was covered with a layer of scarlet paint. The make-up mirror was exactly the same as the one in ancient dramas. On a wooden big bed, there was a pair of pillows, which were neatly arranged on the head of the bed. There were candlesticks on the round table and two candles on the candlesticks. Everything seemed to be the wedding room of ancient people.

With her mouth slightly open, Amelia took a look at Lucian and laughed, "It seems to be our wedding night."

"I think so." Lucian said as he looked solemn and charming.

Amelia reminded him nervously, "I'm pregnant now. You can't do anything to me."

Seeing that she was nervous, Lucian suddenly got excited. He approached her with a handsome face and teased, "Don't worry. I'll be careful."

Such an ambiguous flirtation made her breath become weak and she could hear clearly the frequency of her heart beating.

"Lucian, don't do that!" Amelia pushed him away nervously.

Seeing the flustered look on her face, Lucian couldn't bear to continue joking with her. He reached out his arms and held her waist, which was as slender as before. He said in a tender voice, "I'm the father of the child. I'm your husband. How could I hurt you and the child?"

This sentence was so ineffable that the body of Amelia shivered. She glared at him and warned, "You'd better be careful when you sleep at night. Otherwise, you can sleep on the sofa."

"What? Mrs. Amelia is frightening." With a twitch of his mouth, Lucian gave an evil smile. But his evilness was intriguing.

Amelia had got used to his being disrespectful in front of her, so she just smiled lightly.

In fact, when she told that Lucian couldn't sleep well at night, she was indeed a little shy.

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