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   Chapter 143 Go Back To The Sweet Days

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"Mental stimulation?" Because it was difficult for Nicholas to move around, Darren knew where he was going.

When the doctor finished the treatment and prescribed the prescription, Nicholas got relieved. Then Lucian went downstairs to ask Darren about what had happened.

"Mr. Lucian, I think it must have something to do with Mrs. Fannie." Darren was so nervous that his hands were trembling. He told Lucian what had happened. "This morning when she got up, Mrs. Fannie went out with a suitcase. Mr. Nicholas coughed in his room and fell to the ground. His forehead was swollen..."

With anger on his face, Lucian questioned, "Such a big thing happened. Why did you tell me so late?"

When Darren heard the anger from Lucian, he got even more panic. He replied in a hurry, "Mr. Nicholas told me not to tell you. He said that Mrs. Amelia had a big trouble and this had already worried you..."

After that, Lucian calmed himself down and ordered, "Make some porridge and send someone to find out where Mrs. Fannie is."

"I have sent my men to inquire about the news of Mrs. Fannie. Please rest assured, Mr. Lucian." Darren replied respectfully.

When Lucian returned upstairs, the attending doctor had just finished infusion for Nicholas and reported his current condition to Lucian before he left.

Lucian stood in front of the bed with mixed feelings.

Since he took over the business of the Zhan Group, he had come back to the house of the family just few times. One was that he was busy dealing with the business, and the other was to avoid being urged to marry by his mother.

"Lucian, why do you come back?" Nicholas opened his eyes and asked in a hoarse voice when he saw Lucian.

"Dad, I asked the servant to cook porridge for you. Would you like some?"

Seeing his son's nervous look, he consoled him, "Don't worry. I'm fine. I'm getting old and if I'm too worried, my blood pressure will be in disorder."

Hearing Nicholas's description of his physical condition, Lucian felt even more nervous. Lucian pressed his lips and fed Nicholas after the porridge served by the servants was cold.

It was the first time that Lucian fed Nicholas, which made Nicholas excited.

"Is Amelia discharged from the hospital?" After eating the porridge, Nicholas asked with concern.

"Yes, she has left hospital." With a nod, Lucian told his father the news of pregnancy, "Dad, Congratulations! You are going to be a grandpa."

It was obvious that Nicholas was stunned for a while and then turned happy. "You mean Amelia is pregnant?"

Lucian nodded with a smile, "So you have to keep a good state of mind, waiting for your grandson to ask you for candy."

Hearing her words, Nicholas got excited immediately. He smiled with relief and said, "Amelia is the hero of our family. If it weren't for her, our family would have lost its fortune. Now she is pregnant, so you should treat her well."

"I know." Lucian nod

s and a smile 'He is so attractive even when he is sleeping!' thought Amelia in her mind.

She secretly kissed him on the forehead, but he didn't notice. She then took pleasure in it and kissed him again. She seemed to be addicted to it and kissed him for several times.

For every time she did this, she felt as if she had eaten a sweet cherry. Shyness crept over her face, she covered her mouth and snickered.

In fact, Lucian had woken up when she kissed him secretly. He just didn't want to break the warm atmosphere because of love, and even greedily wanted more initiative love from her.

When Amelia was about to get out of bed, he intentionally moved his body. She was so shocked that her body got stiff and she dared not move any more.

Lucian held her waist with his arm, leaving her no chance to get up.

Amelia tried to get hold of Lucian's hand, but he was too shameless to get closer.

"Be careful, the baby..." Amelia asked, trying to test if Lucian was pretending to be asleep or not and taking the baby out to press him.

"What's wrong with the baby?" "What's wrong?".

Amelia looked at the nervous Lucian and laughed.

After a short while, Lucian came to his senses. He stretched out his long arms, held Amelia in his arms peremptorily and pinched her nose. "Good. You are really good at tricking me."

"Didn't you say it was a kind of happiness to be teased by me?" She had a good memory.

Lucian loosened his hand from her nose and fondled her face. "Of course. Mrs. Amelia, please do more in the future."

"Oily tongue!" He felt that their conversation was back to normal and interesting.

Amelia got up and went to the bathroom. She asked idiot, "Do I have any toiletries here?"

"What do you think?" Lucian proudly asked her.

"After all, the hostess of this house has been changed!" Amelia pretended to be innocent. After she saw the warning in Lucian's eyes, she smiled and said, "I'll go wash myself."

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