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   Chapter 142 Confession Of Love

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"You are just jealous." Lucian added in a harsh tone.

It was the first time for Amelia to see that Lucian spoke ill of Jonny, but Jonny wasn't angry at all. He looked at her and said, "Amelia I wanted to come to see you as soon as possible, but he didn't let me come because he was afraid that I would steal his thunder."

Just a few words, Jonny took his revenge.

"When did you two become so funny?" Amelia was amused by their conversation. She couldn't help smiling.

"Lucian looked gentle usually, but he is really shy inside." Jonny took the opportunity to ridicule Lucian.

Lucian knew that Jonny said that to make Amelia happy. He didn't interrupt Jonny, with a warm smile on his face.

Amelia smiled but didn't say anything. She looked at Lucian with love and asked, "When did you learn this skill?"

He didn't even know how to wash the dishes, but he was good at cutting the fruit.

It seemed that she was flattering Lucian. Looking at Jonny proudly, Lucian said, "Look at me. Do you want to reward me with a kiss?"

He turned his face and waited for her to kiss him.

Jonny couldn't stand it anymore and said, "Lucian, how could you show me this?"

"How... Mr. Jonny, please don't worry. I would not act like him. " Amelia said seriously.

She almost called Jonny by name, but when she thought that she had promised Jonny that she would not call him Jonny in front of Lucian, she corrected her words in time.

She almost blurted it out several times, but when she called him Mr. Lucian, Lucian immediately had an objection.

"Why can't I kiss my wife? You call me Mr. Lucian because I'm your husband. Just call him Mr. Jonny An. Don't call him Mr. Jonny. " Lucian became very jealous and overbearing, completely forcing Amelia to change the address.

"Amelia, you can call me Jonny later." Jonny shrugged his shoulders.

"Jonny is too intimate. His name is Jonny An," Lucian corrected her immediately.

"Don't you think it's impolite to call him that?" Amelia asked in a low voice.

"Be yourself, Amelia." Jonny cheered her up.

"Okay, Jonny." Amelia always regarded Jonny as her lifesaver and took her away from the pain of losing her mother. However, Lucian gave her a chance to bring her love back to life. One was grateful friend, and the other was her dearest lover. They were so important to her.

Hearing she called him, Jonny still warm. He happily agreed and said, "I'm your brother from now on. If Lucian dares to bully you, just tell me and I'll handle it seriously."

"Since Jonny became the CEO of the An Group, he has been stick to his word." Amelia couldn't help but laugh. She looked at Lucian and said proudly, "If he dares to mess with me, I'll make him pay back double."

"It's also a kind of happiness to be teased by you." Lucian made a few words, which sounded very sweet.

Jonny made an unbearable expression. When he saw that they

"Lucian, what's wrong?"

On hearing this, Lucian came to his sense in an instant. He found that Amelia was looking at him with worry, so he regained his smile immediately. "Nothing."

"Lily made some soup for you. Have some. Then go and have a good sleep." He didn't sleep well these days and he was a little thin.

"Lily, take care of Mrs. Amelia. I have to go back to the company." After finishing the soup, Lucian told Lily.

Amelia didn't know exactly what had happened. But she thought of that Lucian had been taking care of herself in the hospital and a lot of work must have been piled up, so she said considerately, "Lucian, I'm almost recovered. You can go do your business."

Hearing what Amelia said, Lucian was deeply touched. He kissed on Amelia's forehead and said in a low voice, "I'll be back as soon as I finish my work."

By the side of Amelia, Lily's face was flushed with embarrassment. After he left, she raised her head and smiled at Amelia. "Mrs. Amelia, you are the only person who Mr. Lucian really cares."

"Yes?" Amelia was stunned for a while and then came to his sense. Happiness filled her face.

After coming out of the SJ Garden, Lucian drove directly to the Zhan mansion.

On the phone, Darren told him that Nicholas was seriously ill and asked him to go back to the Zhan mansion as soon as possible. In order not to cause the panic in Amelia's heart, Lucian had hidden his worries well.

When the car arrived at the Zhan mansion, he went straight to the bedroom where Nicholas was lying and heard him murmured "Fiona" again and again, hard to breathe.

If he was right, Fiona was Lucian's mother.

"Dad, are you okay?" With that, Lucian walked over to the bedside, held onto Nicholas's hand tightly, and then looked at the doctor working for him, asking, "How is he now?"

"Mr. Lucian, Mr. Nicholas got a high blood pressure because of a mental stimulation." The doctor replied.

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