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   Chapter 141 She Is On The Verge Of Miscarriage

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After the doctor gave a check to Amelia, Lucian returned to her ward and waited on the bedside. He was very worried when he recalled what the doctor had told him.

Lucian was so distressed that he put Amelia's hand to his lips and kissed it. A mixed feeling surged in his heart.

When he took Amelia to the hospital, he heard the doctor say that the baby was lack of oxygen because of bumping and that there was a sign of miscarriage. He was out of his mind at that moment.

Fortunately, Amelia had a strong will and avoided the risk.

After the examination, Amelia woke up completely. According to the doctor's advice, Lucian almost couldn't let Amelia move and requested if she needed anything.

Glancing at the ward with white walls around, Amelia finally fixed her eyes on Lucian. She asked in a very weak and cautious voice, "Is the baby in my belly okay?"

She remembered that she had a dull pain in her stomach and something slowly lost from her body, so the first thing she did after she woke up was to ask the baby in her stomach.

Lucian held her hand and kissed it, comforting, "Don't worry. Your baby is fine. You should have a good rest."

When he saw that she was so anxious, Lucian's heart ached. He felt very guilty and let Amelia suffer so much pain.

"At least the baby is here..." Amelia's hand moved to her belly gently and smiled in relief.

"Have some sleep. I'll be here with you." Lucian held her hands and said gently.

Looking at Lucian's tired face, Amelia felt sorry for him and said, "Have a rest."

He usually didn't have eye bags. Now he had a heavy eye bags and didn't sleep well, which made her heart ache.

Without letting go of her hand, Lucian smiled at her and said, "I'm relieved to see you."

If anything happened to Amelia this time, he would never forgive himself. Fortunately, she and the baby were fine. However, looking at the bruises on her body, he was still too painful to breathe.

In the afternoon, Courtney and Kent came to the hospital to visit Amelia.

"Lucian, Kent and I will help you. You can go back and have a rest." Courtney understood.

Kent lowered his head, fearing that he would hear Lucian's reproachful words.

"It doesn't matter. I won't feel relieved until I see her." Looking at Amelia who was lying on the bed, Lucian said casually.

Courtney sighed in her heart. She went to the bedside, took hold of Amelia's hand and said with concern, "You always look weak and fragile. You survived such a big disaster. You deserve it, Amelia!"

"Amelia will wake up after a while. Try to lighten her mood." Lucian was worried that Courtney would be too straightforward and blurt out something that made Amelia worried.

"Didn't the doctor say that the baby is all right?" Courtney asked nervously.

Lucian frowned and told the truth, "The doctor said that Amelia have signs of miscarriage and that she needs to stay in hospital for observation for a week." And she needed to lie in bed, unable to move.

So during this time, Lucian plann

er body

Amelia was so nervous that she couldn't stop blinking. And Lucian, on the other hand, was carefully wiping Amelia's body with a calm face. This reminded Amelia of a movie she watched before. The heroine of the movie was sick and couldn't get up. The heroine cooked soup for her every day and fed her. The heroine never left the movie, either staying by her bed or cleaning her body.

Watching what was happening in front of her, Amelia was deeply touched. Tears welled up in her eyes.

"Why are you crying?" Lucian noticed the tears from the corners of Amelia's eyes and asked worriedly, "Did I hurt you?" There were bruises all over her body which was kicked by Shelly just now. For fear of touching her, Lucian wiped softly.

Amelia shook her head and answered in low voice, "no... I feel so happy. "

After the accident, the unhappy feelings were gone and she was more reluctant to leave Lucian.

"You little fool, do you think my promise to take care of you is a child's play?" Lucian wiped away the tears from her eyes and left a gentle kiss on her lips.

"Don't cry when you are pregnant. Why do you make me cry?" These words really hit on Amelia. She wiped away her tears again.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It's my fault." He apologized repeatedly and wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes. His action was light and his eyes were filled with tenderness.

Amelia couldn't help laughing and said deliberately, "Are you going to let it go if you are sorry?"

Amelia thought Lucian would be hard to do, but he stood up and kissed her on the forehead.

Amelia felt that she was fooled by him, her face burning.

"Ahem!" A cough came from the door.

After that, Lucian moved his lips away from Amelia's forehead. Looking at Jonny who was smiling wickedly at the door, he said, "you came at an inappropriate time."

Jonny pretended to cover his eyes with embarrassment and said in an exaggerated way, "I don't know if there's any problem with my eyes after seeing the scene just now."

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