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   Chapter 140 Extreme Torture

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Amelia pressed her lips and felt sore all over her body and even her feet were numb with pain.

It was already half past seven, but the sky was still serene. Shelly took out a bottle of water and drank it all up. "Do you want some?" she asked arrogantly.

Amelia looked away and said coldly, "Miss An, this is not a TV drama. Stop where it should stop."

Shelly was emotionless. She didn't control her anger. Instead, she was playing tricks. She opened the bottle, held up the bottle high, aimed at Amelia's face and slowly poured it out.

Amelia dodged unconsciously. Her face turned left and right because of cold water.

The current was increasingly fast flowing, and Amelia, who had nowhere to hide, felt suffocated and wanted to break away from the rope, kicking it with her legs desperately.

"Hahaha..." Looking at everything in front of her, Shelly laughed to relieve her anger and arrogance. She mocked, "Amelia, do you know what you look like now? If you report this ugly scene to the police, your bunny image will be ruined at once. I don't think Lucian will like you, right? "

"Miss An, I respect you with all my respect, just because I promised you not to have any association with Lucian. But now, you are using such a mean way. Don't you feel ashamed?" Amelia was not a soft hearted person. She knew that tolerance was tolerable. If Shelly was indifferent to her tolerance, then she would not have to be weak all the time.

The mockery on Shelly's face was gone and the coldness was back on her face again. She stared at Amelia and said, "Look, is this your true self?"

"I do feel guilty, but this moment, I don't have any left!" Amelia answered coldly.

Shelly was irritated. She crouched down, reached out her hand and fondled Amelia's face. She said coldly, "It's this face that makes Lucian obsessed with. If I scratched this face, would he still like it?"

Amelia stared at Shelly warily and found that she had taken out the dagger. The back of the dagger was dazzling in the shaking of Shelly.

It never occurred to Amelia that one day the terrifying scene she had seen in the TV series would happen to her.

Shelly had completely lost her mind. She could not continue to provoke Shelly, and she would have to try to distract her.

The biggest contradiction between them was Lucian, so she needed to talk about Lucian, which would be good for Shelly.

"Don't you want to know what's your position in Lucian's heart?" Amelia didn't know what to say, so she tried to talk nonsense.

But it did work. Shelly stopped her action of making the knife. She looked at her face and asked with interest, "What's my position in Lucian's heart?"

She found that when Shelly mentioned Lucian, the anger and cruelty on her face disappeared.

Amelia blinked and answered carefully, "He said if you behaved well, your marriage

ce was full of unparalleled charming temperament, and his deep and affectionate eyes were firmly fixed on her.

She stood in front of him, blushing, and lowered her head because of shyness. The next moment, he came forward, and the tall figure completely covered her figure. A hug warmed her whole body.

"Lucian... Lucian..." She murmured, which sounded like her dream, more and more gentle.

"Amelia, Amelia..." Lucian called her name with great care.

When he found her, her hands and feet were tied, her face was stamped and her lower body was stained with blood. At that moment, Lucian almost collapsed.

He had come across all kinds of storms in his life, but he did not break down at that moment.

When he sent her to the hospital, waiting for the result outside the emergency room, he thumped his chest and was so remorseful that he almost hit his head against the wall. He felt that his lack of protection caused a so serious injury to Amelia.

As soon as he knew that Amelia came out of the villa, he drove to look for her. He asked almost all of his friends to search for her in the whole A City.

Amelia didn't wake up until the next night. When she opened her eyes, she found the white walls and strong smell of disinfectant. She knew she was still alive.

She looked around and noticed that Lucian was lying on the bed, holding her hand tightly.

Amelia's finger moved slightly and woke him up.

"Amelia..." He whispered in a mellow voice with his blurred eyes.

She felt sweet and warm in her heart.

"Are you okay? Any pain? " He stood up, with a worried look on her face, and asked in a nervous tone.

Amelia's lips were dry. He gave a wry smile and said, "I'm fine."

"Don't move. I'll call the doctor first." Seeing that Amelia had woken up, Lucian was very excited.

Amelia only felt sore all over her body and heavy eyelids, and soon she fell asleep again.

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