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   Chapter 139 I Will Make Your Life Worse Than Death

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"Oh, when will you not say this thing?" Murmured Courtney, embarrassed. She rubbed Amelia's shoulder and added, "That was when we started a relationship, I was so jealous of him that I wanted to be with him every minute and every second. Now I'm his wife, and of course I want to be with you all the time."

Hearing the quick witted answer of Courtney, Amelia could not help laughing, "Such a happy event is really in high spirit. I believe what you said."

Since Courtney reconciled with Kent, Courtney was energetic all day. Whenever she was free, she would call Kent, and it took at least an hour.

"You just said that Kent brought some food for us?" Amelia was suspicious.

Courtney thought that she was hungry. She stood up and murmured, "He is supposed to be here. I'll go out and have a look."

Since Kent could come in and out, she would surely go out if she seized the opportunity.

She followed Courtney to the gate. At that time, Kent came out of his car with a bag of food in his hand.

"Why are you so late?" Courtney asked with discontent, and the brutal girlfriend immediately went up to her.

"I'm kind of stuck in a traffic jam. You must be starving." Kent cared about Courtney like there was no one else in the room.

"It doesn't matter if I am hungry, but I should not make my godson hungry. Come on in!" Courtney said briskly.

It was then that Kent noticed Amelia who was standing behind Courtney. He smiled awkwardly and said, "Sorry, Amelia. It's rush hour now. So I was stuck in a traffic jam on the way."

It seemed that Courtney had tamed Kent very well, just like before.

With a bright smile on her face, Amelia teased, "Why are you so afraid of her? Did you do anything wrong?"

After taking the ginger tea pot from Kent's hand and hearing what Amelia said, Courtney glared at Amelia and said, "Well, I was worried that you and the baby might be hungry, but you scold me on the contrary."

They had been used to bickering with each other. So when they finished, they just smiled and went away.

"Courtney, go and bring the food upstairs. I have to be alone with Kent for a while." Amelia tried to find an opportunity to slip out.

Courtney thought it was because Amelia hadn't seen Kent for a long time. She wanted to say something more so didn't pay attention to it. She just came in with the food.

"Kent, can you do me a favor?" Seeing that he was driving, Amelia thought it was much more convenient to leave here.

Kent patted his chest and said with a righteous look on his face, "We are the best friends. If you have any problem, just tell me. I will help you."

The generosity of this man really moved Amelia. She pointed at the guards at the door and said pitifully, "I want to buy some personal goods and I'm going back to Mo family by the way. Can you take me back?"

With a dark look on Kent's face, he hesitated and asked, "Should we tell Cou

Why do you have to go after me?" Amelia didn't expect that Shelly could be so violent. She almost lost consciousness because of her foot.

Shelly's eyes were filled with viciousness. She said with stronger strength, "Do you think I'm stupid? You just came out of the villa in the south of the city. What did it mean? "

As soon as Edmund was forced to resign from the position of president of the An Group by Jonny, Lucian immediately proposed to her for a divorce. He was so determined that he didn't even care about the brother-and-sister relationship.

Amelia knew that Shelly would misunderstand her. She forced a bitter smile out of guilt.

For the angry Shelly, no matter what she said would be of no avail.

"Lucian thought he could keep a woman in his love house, but someone just wanted to go for a drive. It's God's will to help me get rid of you, the bitch!" Shelly said angrily.

Amelia didn't give up struggling. She had to fight back when she thought of the baby.

When she failed to untie the rope on her hands, she started to move by legs. However, she had to bite her lower lip to endure the pain because one of her feet was trampled so hard by Shelly.

"Don't waste your energy. You will die today." Shelly specifically found a wild place to let Amelia die.

"Do you think you will be fine after I die?" Amelia didn't expect that Shelly would be so cruel.

Although she was willful, dressed up as a pink and sweet little princess, her expression and makeup in front of her revealed her viciousness.

"I have nothing now. I don't care about it at all!" Shelly shrugged her shoulders and said.

Amelia could not help but feel the pain as she said, "We are both women. It's not wrong for us to love someone. But if he doesn't have love for us, why should we wrong ourselves?"

"It's a hard nut to crack. What you just said has no effect on me?" Shelly looked at Amelia with disdain and remained unmoved.

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