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   Chapter 138 Each One Has A Story

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Amelia was quite familiar with the surroundings of the villa. She brought Jonny into the hall and made him a cup of tea. All her movements were like the hostess here.

Jonny just looked at it quietly. He could not help but feel that every move of Amelia was full of different feelings.

"Congratulations, Jonny." Amelia sat opposite to Jonny and said politely.

Jonny took a sip of tea and looked at Amelia. Then he mocked himself, "Congratulations!" He understood that Amelia couldn't understand why he and his father had to fight for each other's life and death.

"It's good news. Congratulations!" Amelia smiled shyly, with sincerity in her clear eyes.

"Then I'll take your blessing." Jonny smiled lightly, but he couldn't hide the bitterness on his lips.

Noticing the loneliness on his face, Amelia asked with concern, "So will you continue to be a designer?"

Since taking over the An Group, he had been dealing with a lot of things. It would be a little difficult for him to balance his hobby.

"You know me well." A big smile appeared on Jonny's face. He was happy that she knew what he liked.

Amelia blushed and smiled awkwardly, "Because you are a fashion designer."

"Rest assured. You're the only one in Lucian's heart." Teased Jonny jealously.

At the mention of Lucian, Amelia frowned and became annoyed.

"What's wrong? You look pale." Jonny noticed the change of her expression and looked at her with concern.

Maybe she could ask Jonny for help? Amelia was excited.

"Jonny, I have been here for a whole week." Amelia pouted and said. Her face was full of grievance.

"Isn't it happy to stay here?" Jonny pretended to be confused.

"I'm not happy. I just want to get out of here." She couldn't just tell him directly to leave the place related to Lucian.

"As long as there are reasons, I guess you want to hide from Lucian?" "I heard that Lucian and Shelly were going through the divorce procedure. If you two love each other, you can be back together," he added

Amelia was stunned and asked with uncertainty, "Even you think this is what we should do?"

"Yes?" Jonny didn't want to make Amelia think that he was the person who put in good word for Lucian. If so, it would make Amelia less trust in him.

"Miss Shelly is your biological sister. No matter what conflicts between brother and sister, you are family. Do you think it's appropriate to do so?" Amelia didn't hope anyone to understand the dilemma in her mind, but she wanted to see the problem from a reasonable point of view.

"Because we are family, I don't want her to be unhappy." Jonny answered gently.

"Unhappy?" Amelia dazed for a second. She understood what Jonny meant. "So, as her husband, it's Lucian's fault."

She shouldn't have attributed the whole thing to Lucian. She felt so angry and confused.

"Amelia, In fact

r sun, who saved her from the painful love and saved her from the mockery of Sophia and Yolanda. He could protect her as a wall.

"You didn't lose him. You deserve him." Jonny comforted her patiently and reminded her, "If you miss Lucian, you will regret all your life."

Jonny wanted to tell a secret to her, but he didn't want to see Amelia suffer so much. If her mind wanders, the result would be the opposite.

Looking at the affirmation in Jonny's eyes, Amelia became speechless with astonishment.

After Jonny left, Amelia sat alone in the living room for a long time until dinner time. When Courtney came downstairs and found that Amelia was stunned, she immediately comforted, "Don't worry. If there is no better solution, just keep the present."

Courtney suddenly became serious. Amelia looked down at Courtney and said, "My mother taught me to be a person who always keeps her promise since I was young. I promised to Shelly that I would not disturb her and Lucian's life."

Shelly was now a thorn in her heart and there was no reason to persuade her. On the contrary, she felt painful when she mentioned it.

"Why are you so stubborn? Even Jonny said that it was a trick played by Shelly. But what you are doing now is not too much, but you just take back your own happiness!" Courtney didn't think it was a big deal for Amelia and Lucian to remarry. They loved each other, but they had to break up because of all kinds of reasons. Now they had the chance to make it up with each other. She would be a fool if she didn't grasp it.

Amelia touched her forehead and interrupted her, "Are you hungry? I'm going to cook. "

"Kent has brought us some delicious food. We'll have them later." Courtney said happily.

Finally there was a happy thing for Courtney, Amelia felt happy for Courtney. She ridiculed, "Will someone forget her best after having a boyfriend like before?"

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