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   Chapter 137 Where Is Happiness

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In fact, Courtney didn't have the heart to say that it was Amelia who had signed the divorce agreement and sent Lucian to deal with a lot of tough problems.

"In fact, I know it in my heart. But I don't want him and me to be looked down upon by others." What Lucian said was right. She had a load on her mind. If that load did not disappear on her mind for a long time, she could not live peacefully with him.

"Is it because of Shelly?" Courtney knew what kind of person Amelia was. She always thought for others and always felt wronged for others.

"There is nothing wrong to love someone. No matter what Shelly has done, Lucian should not let her down." Then Amelia went upstairs.

"Your love is so great. If so, I have to worship Buddha everyday to atone for my sins." Courtney sighed resignedly.

Amelia didn't understand what she meant. She asked her what she meant by that sentence after she went upstairs.

Hearing that, Courtney stretched her eyebrows, opened her eyes wide and pouted, "Do you remember Melissa?"

"Yes, I do." Of course she remembered it. After all, she had an episode in the love life of Courtney and Kent.

What's more, she remembered that Melissa was pregnant and Kent was forced to marry her.

At the thought of this, Amelia wondered why Kent chose to be with Courtney but let go of Melissa's baby.

"Don't look at me in horror. I'm not that vicious." Noticing the change of Amelia's eyes, Courtney immediately explained, "In order to force Kent to break up with me, Melissa pretended to be pregnant, but she didn't expect that Kent would find it out."

"So what does it have to do with Lucian?" When she mentioned his name, her heart twitched.

"The reason why I can make it up with Kent was because of Lucian!" Courtney said in a grateful tone. She smiled and said, "I'm not the kind of woman who will go back to the old times. I rejected by Kent when he tried to make it up to me. He asked Lucian to tell me the truth, so I gave him a chance to make it up."

"So you went on your honeymoon with Kent, without telling me." She was still indignant that Courtney had kept her in the dark.

With a sly smile, Courtney explained to Amelia, "Lucian recommended a travel. He told me that there was still some misunderstandings between Kent and me. During the trip, we can have a frank talk to each other to enhance our relationship. It seems that this method works. Now, I'm in a good relationship with him again."

Courtney happily narrated the details of her and Kent, but she didn't notice the sadness on Amelia's face.

She and Lucian still had feelings for each other, but they might not go back to the old days of being intimate.

In a tea restaurant of quiet environment, Jonny and Lucian sat on the sofa, face to face. With a joyful smile on his face, Jonny let out a long sigh of relief and said, "Things have finally been completed according to the plan. Next, we can have a good sleep." Then

ly on the side of Lucian now. If I want to leave here, you won't help me." Amelia pretended to be aggrieved.

"The reason why I'm on the side of Lucian is that I want you to be together again!" Courtney explained patiently.

How could Amelia not know it? She just wanted to find a way to leave here. "It's okay to live here, but I have to live as a normal person every day. I'm going shopping, will you go?"

Courtney's favorite thing was shopping and Amelia tried to coax her in this way.

"Shopping?" Sure enough, Courtney's eyes were obviously shining. She grabbed Amelia's arm excitedly, "Then let's go to the door and say hey to the guard."

"Okay." Amelia nodded.

There were always some coincidences in the world. Just as they reached the gate, they saw a limo stopped. They thought it was Lucian, but it turned out to be Jonny.

"Oh my God! He's so handsome!" Courtney had seen Jonny before. He was dressed in sportswear and looked as warm as the sun. Now when he took off his sunglasses, he looked extremely cold as if nobody should approach.

Wearing a well-cut suit and with an distinguished temperament, he walked towards Amelia.

"Hey, long time no see, Amelia." With a warm smile as usual, Jonny greeted gently.

"Hey, you think I'm invisible?" Courtney, who was anthomaniac, said in an unconvinced tone. She was dissatisfied with the fact that there was only Amelia in Jonny's eyes.

Jonny suddenly burst into laughter and greeted with a serious look, "Miss Courtney, long time no see."

"Wow, look at you. You are not the same person anymore!" After that, Courtney clicked her tongue. She pointed at the back of Amelia and said to Jonny, "I have to call my boyfriend back. Take your time."

Courtney knew that Jonny came here to talk with Amelia, so she left quietly.

Amelia opened her mouth and wanted to say something. But when she saw Jonny, she controlled herself.

She finally came up with an idea, but Jonny ruined it.

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