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   Chapter 135 I Want A Divorce

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After a whole day's work, Lucian was a little exhausted. These trifles were more bothering than the complicated work.

He closed his eyes and kept silent.

"Mr. Lucian, shall I send you back to the SJ Garden now?" Eric asked tentatively.

"Go to a hotel nearby." The villa was a place without Amelia. Even if he went back, he still felt very lonely.

He wanted to go to the villa in the south of the city and see Amelia at this moment, but he controlled himself when he thought of what happened at the moment.

Living in a villa in the south of the city, Amelia felt as if she had lost contact with the outside world. If it weren't for that Courtney turned on the TV in the morning and watched news about the current situation, this life would have been a bit remote and boring.

"Amelia, come and have a look!" Biting on the corns in her mouth, Courtney cried out excitedly.

Amelia was cooking sparerib soup. When she heard the call from Courtney, she turned off the gas stove and walked to the living room, asking curiously, "What's wrong?"

Courtney watched TV all the time. After she heard Amelia, she pointed at the report on TV and said, "The owner of the An Group has really changed. Jonny has taken over the company."

Amelia trembled with fear. She stared at the screen in disbelief. On the screen, Jonny, dressed in a black suit, was smiling at the reporters and answering them one by one.

"Amelia, you are really capable. Both men are very talented. If not with Lucian, it will be good for you and Jonny to be together forever!" She crouched down and watched the screen with obsession.

Amelia ignored what she had said. There was only a puzzled voice in her mind. Why did Jonny do that? Didn't he have any interest in the An Group?

"Hey, what are you doing? It's a good thing, and there is a better thing waiting for you!" Courtney turned off the TV and rubbed Amelia's shoulder against her shoulder. She was still in a daze. Then she burst into laughter and said, "I can't help but feel so thrilled at the thought of the old saying that the lovers finally get married... "

Amelia had no idea why Courtney was so angry. She rolled her eyes at her and said, "You just want to be back with Kent. As for your arrogance! "

She just thought that Courtney felt that happiness was from her and Kent, but she didn't expect that Courtney was talking about her and Lucian.

At half past two in the afternoon, Lucian received a call from the hospital that Shelly had woken up.

He was planning to go to the hospital right now, so after hanging up the phone, he drove to the hospital.

Lucian didn't expect that Nicholas and Fannie would come to the hospital, and his face became serious the moment he walked into the ward.

"Hi, Lucian." Emma moved aside and smiled kindly.

Nicholas was sitting on the wheelchair and looked as gentle and natural

your wife every day. So please don't leave me, okay?"

She had suffered a lot to have the thing in her hand. If it fell into the hands of others, she would feel as if she were dead.

Therefore, Shelly couldn't accept the fact that Lucian divorce her.

"Shelly, since you made this adventure decision, you should have thought about the situation today." Lucian told her expressionlessly.

Of course, Shelly knew what he meant. She looked at him but said nothing.

"Lucian, Shelly is still in the hospital bed. Aren't you being too harsh on her?" She couldn't help defending her.

The reason why she said these words was not that she wanted to help Shelly vent her anger, but that she didn't want Amelia and Lucian to get back together. After all, Amelia was not as easy to use as Shelly. What's more, she was still trying to get control of the Zhan Group.

Because Fannie felt that Lucian was not her biological son. If he treated her badly in the future, she would have the support of the Zhan Group.

"Mom, if you always interfere with my business, I'm afraid that we will be farther and farther away from each other." Lucian looked at Fannie and said.

With a pale face, she stared at him in disbelief. "Am I wrong to care about her?"

"If you really want the best for me, you should respect my will." He was in his thirties and had the ability to think independently and make decisions on his own affairs.

"Well, you become a full fledged man now!" "If you insist on divorcing Shelly, you can't acknowledge me as your mother anymore!" Fannie said angrily Fannie thought threatening Lucian would influence his decision, but unexpectedly, Lucian's attitude was firm.

"If you really think so, I'm helpless." He had always been grateful for the grace of Fannie for raising him, but he couldn't take care of Amelia, his beloved woman, and she had a little life there waiting for him to take care of.

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