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   Chapter 134 Shelly's In A Coma Again

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Shelly was still in a coma. So the rumor that she committed suicide because of love must be spread by Edmund. He was trying to destroy his reputation, which would have bad influence on the reputation of the Zhan Group.

"But I don't want to see them!" Shelly said willfully, grabbing Lucian's white shirt and pointing at Emma and Jonny.

"Mom, I've hired a nursing worker to take care of her. Now that she doesn't want to accept your kindness, you don't have to stay here and look for trouble." Jonny said to Emma feeling guilty. Then he turned to look at Lucian and said, "Lucian, come out with me."

Shelly's face turned pale. She grabbed hold of Lucian's clothes and wouldn't let him go. "Lucian, I feel a sharp pain in the back of my head. Please stay here with me." After saying that, she shed tears in an innocent and skilled acting.

"I have something to deal with. I'll come back to see you after the work." Lucian said in a deep voice without any emotions.

Shelly's face changed dramatically. Because of the lack of security, she broke down and cried, "I don't care! I'm hurt because of you! You must be with me!"

"Shelly, if you want to make trouble, just do it. It's you who is embarrassed!" Jonny came over and took Shelly's hand, trying to get rid of her grip on Lucian's coat.

Shelly took the opportunity and pretended to fall. She turned over from the bed when Jonny was holding her hand. She fell off the bed with her head on the ground, which shocked everyone present.

"Shelly!" Emma rushed over and hugged Shelly's head. She said anxiously, "Jonny, call the doctor!"

Shelly didn't expect that her head would be knocked again. All she wanted to do was to pretend. As a result, after she was hit, she lost consciousness and fainted.

Lucian took Shelly to the bed. The scene in front of him make him more worried.

Shelly's head was badly hurt and she was in a coma.

At that time, Lucian couldn't get away. He stayed in the hospital the whole night. Jonny returned to the An Group because of business. And Emma brought food to him on time.

In a villa in the south of the city.

"Amelia, it's time to eat." Courtney seldom cooked. After she found that Amelia was in a low mood, she took the task of cooking. After she finished cooking, she went to the French windows and pulled Amelia.

Courtney grinned knowing she was in a bad mood.

Amelia stared at Courtney when she smelt the smell of the food. It seemed that Courtney seldom cooked by herself.

"Didn't I make an apology? I have disappeared for so many days... " Standing in front of the dinner table, Courtney scratched the back of her head awkwardly.

Amelia moved her eyes to the dishes on the table and asked incredibly, "You didn't poison them, did you?" The other dishes were all burnt black, and there was only a little water in a bowl of tomato and egg soup, which looked weird.

"You know I'm not a good cook. I used to have Kent as my cook. I only need some ready-

Lucian didn't leave for a whole day, Emma felt sorry for him.

Lucian looked out of the window. The light was shining on the green tree.

It was a long day. Before he left, he reminded Emma and then put on his coat and walked out of the hospital.

When he walked out of the in-patient department, he was surrounded by a crowd of reporters. He probably didn't expect that there would be reporters waiting for him in such a late night, and there were a large group of people.

The flashlight kept flashing, and Lucian subconsciously reached out his hand to avoid it. Frowning, he took out his mobile phone and called his assistant, Eric, to let him come to the hospital as soon as possible.

"Mr. Lucian, it's said that Miss Shelly committed suicide because of your neglect. Is that true?"

"Mr. Lucian, since you look so tired, you must be taking care of Miss Shelly all the time, right?"

"Mr. Lucian, do you know about the personnel transfer in the An Group?"

"Mr. Lucian, I heard that you still love your ex-wife, Amelia, is that true?"

"……" A series of questions flooded towards Lucian.

The usual coldness returned to Lucian's face. With his sexy thin lips slightly open, he said coldly, "It's not appropriate to respond to personal matters."

"How is Miss Shelly now?" A reporter asked eagerly.

"Miss Shelly is safe and sound. Thank you for your concern." His face was cold, and there was a natural sense of arrogance in him. He made people want to approach him, but they were afraid of him because of his strong aura.

At the same time, Eric drove in his car and brought four bodyguards to take Lucian from the center of the media away.

Lucian and Eric were used to this kind of scene, but they didn't expect that these reporters were so dedicated that they waited until late at night.

"Mr. Lucian, the reporters have been dismissed and they promised not to write any reports about you tomorrow." Eric reported respectfully after getting on the car.

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