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   Chapter 133 Pretend To Be Poor In Front Of Him

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Edmund thundered at the other end of the line. He said that in addition to Lucian, Jonny had stirred up all the shareholders of the An Group, and forced Edmund to give up his position as the CEO.

For the question that suddenly came from Shelly, Emma's hand trembled. The white rice porridge spilled out along the edge of the bowl, but she quickly restored her calmness. She smiled, "You just wake up, don't think about these troubles."

Shelly pushed the bowl that Emma handed to her away. The light in her eyes was even hotter than the sun in June. "Am I really your daughter? How can you protect your son so much?! "

Shelly could remember that Emma was very indifferent to her. Although she was very nice to her, she could not feel the care of her mother. So she was only close to Jonny when she was a child.

Emma's face turned dark. She apologized, "I'm sorry. I neglected your feelings these years."

"An apology is enough?" Shelly sneered and stared at her with resent. "Have you been expecting this day for a long time? You have to swallow insult and humiliation deliberately so that your son will be the master of the family, then you can be proud and elated?"

Emma was surprised. She didn't expect that at such a young age, she would misunderstand people's feelings.

"Shelly, we are family, not enemies." What Shelly said was like a hot iron, hurting Emma's heart.

"Family?" Shelly snorted and asked with suspicion, "Did you ever hug me?"

"Shelly, I know I owe you too much, but I treat you and Jonny in the same way." Emma explained anxiously. Facing Shelly's suspicion, she was eager to show her heart to her.

"Don't explain, because you are really hypocritical!" Shelly stared at Emma. Her face was expressionless with chilling coldness.

Emma trembled and felt bitter in her heart.

At the same time, the door of the ward was opened. Emma thought it was Jonny, because she called Jonny when Shelly woke up.

"Dad..." Shelly called him with grievance when she saw Edmund.

Emma was surprised, but her expression was still calm and natural.

She didn't call him, but she knew that Shelly had called him.

"Does your head still hurt? Are you feeling any better? " Edmund walked to the bedside, took Shelly's hand and looked at her with concern.

Emma felt warm when she saw this scene. At least, she saw the amiable look on his face, which was in sharp contrast to the fiendish look he usually had on her.

"Can you get out?" Shelly looked coldly at Emma standing beside the bed and asked unhappily.

Emma was stunned and then nodded. She handed the bowl to Edmund and said, "She just woke up and needs to be fed some porridge."

Edmund looked coldly at Emma and took over the bowl. He was a little dissatisfied and said, "Your son has become more capable."

That sentence was full of irony. It deeply hurt Emma's heart.

"It's not just that her son is good


"Shelly, Jonny came here specially to see you." Emma tried to have Shelly to get close to Jonny, who had been separated from her for years.

"I don't need him to see me!" She refused him immediately because of her dissatisfaction.

There was no expression on Jonny's face. He just said lightly, "Since you are angry with me, it means nothing serious. Lucian, let's go."

"Jonny, it's your freedom to come and go. You have no right to ask Lucian away!" Hearing that Jonny was going to call Lucian away, Shelly almost went mad.

"Shelly, don't be angry. Your brother's meeting with Lucian is only about work. He doesn't mean anything else." Emma tried to explain.

The anger in Shelly's heart couldn't be extinguished, especially when she heard Emma put in good words for Jonny. She was full of resentment and said, "If I say a word, you will defend for your son. Is this your so-called equal maternal love?"

Emma was rendered speechless by her series of questions.

Her silence didn't mean to acquiesce in what Shelly said, but because she didn't want to irritate her. After all, she just woke up and the doctor said that she was emotionally unstable and couldn't stimulate her.

"Shelly, you can do whatever you want in front of me. But why are you yelling at my mother?" What Jonny hated most was that others shouted at Emma in front of him. So he didn't care that Shelly just woke up. He was getting angrier.

"Jonny, you are her brother." Emma stopped him.

"Did you and your son bully me on purpose when you saw me get sick?" Shelly frowned and felt wronged. She pouted and shouted, "Lucian, I want to go home. I don't want to stay here."

Shelly believed that if she acted in coquetry or pretended to be pitiful, Lucian would be softhearted.

"I asked the doctor just now. He said you just woke up and need to stay in hospital for a week." Lucian said calmly. He felt a little uncomfortable.

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