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   Chapter 132 You Could Not Be More Emotional

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Hearing the coldness in her tone, Courtney thought that Amelia was angry with her for leaving without saying goodbye, so she coaxed again and again on the phone, "Honey, it's all my fault this time. But I have conscience and I'm going to come back early to be with you."

Perhaps it was because of the fact that she had a lot of worries that she was a little depressed. "I don't need anyone to accompany me," she said sullenly.

Amelia was never a childish person. Although sometimes she would say mean things, she seldom said emotional things. Therefore, when hearing her ungrateful words, Courtney was furious. She roared at the other end of the phone, "Amelia, why are you so annoying? Where are you now? I will come to you immediately to make an apology! "

Hearing that Courtney was coming, Amelia got a glimmer of hope in her heart. She asked in a consulting tone, "Courtney, can you take me away after you come here?"

"Okay, tell me the address." Courtney replied bluntly.

After telling her the address, Amelia seemed not to be so upset. She stood in front of the French window and waited quietly for Courtney.

Courtney finally arrived, but Amelia didn't expect that Lucian and Cynthia were in the same car, and the latter was in Lucian's car.

"You are not?" She wanted to ask why Courtney didn't come to pick her up? She wondered why Courtney would come here with Lucian. But when she glanced at him, she wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought.

"Amelia, Lucian asked me to come and live with you." Courtney was very enthusiastic. She took Amelia's hand and walked into the villa. She was shocked after she looked around and said, "Half of the property is bigger than my entire house. Mr. Lucian, how rich are you?"

Lucian laughed without saying anything. He looked at Amelia's face from time to time. He could see the displeasure in her eyes.

While Courtney was paying attention to the decoration, Amelia asked Lucian with a cold voice, "I heard that Miss Shelly is in hospital?"

The tone of her question made him frown. His eyes and heart were cutting at the same time. He tightened his thin lips and did not answer her question.

Amelia thought he was speechless because of the guilt. She took advantage of the opportunity to ask, "Courtney has returned, and I must leave here!"

Not knowing why, there seemed to be a fire in her heart, which had been accumulated for too long, and could not be suppressed. She could only vent it all.

The resolution in her tone and the fire in her eyes gathered because she had endured for too long.

Lucian looked at her for a while before he agreed. "If you are not used to living here, I can agree to change your place of residence, but this week later." Lucian thought that he would have solved all the things and sent Amelia to his home reasonably by that time. There was no need for her to keep a distance from him.

He understood her anger and grievance.

What Lucian implied was that she had to stay here for a week anyway.

peat my mistake?" Tears streamed down her face, as if she had made a mistake.

Courtney took out a piece of tissue and wiped the tears off her face. She comforted her, "Lucian told us that we could leave here after a week. Then we can leave."

Amelia knew that nothing could change his mind, so she just bit her lips and didn't say anything more.

After Lucian walked out of the villa, he was alone in the car.

He recalled the words he had just said to Amelia, a mixture of feelings surged in his heart. He didn't want to talk to her with a cold tone, because what he had said to her would make his heart sadder than hers.

He received a call from the hospital, telling him that he needed to go there as soon as possible after Shelly woke up.

It was a mess inside the An Group. Edmund and Jonny were fighting against each other for the control of the An Group. As for Lucian, he would just wait for the right time to weaken Edmund's power and put an end to his marriage with Shelly.

In the biggest hospital in A city, Shelly was sitting on the hospital bed, looking out of the window with dull eyes. After hearing the recent situation of the An Group, she was very sad.

It was she who suggested that the Zhan Group fell into the crisis. If Lucian agreed to marry her, the An Group could also help the Zhan Group through the crisis. However, in this way, Lucian didn't fall in love with her and even hate her more.

"Shelly, I have made some porridge for you. You just woke up. You need to eat something." Emma walked to her daughter and coaxed her with a gentle voice.

Shelly cast a hateful look at her and questioned, "Your son must have received a lot of support for his action, right?"

As soon as she woke up, the first thing she did was to make a phone call to Edmund. Though the first person she wanted to see after she opened her eyes was Lucian, yet, he wouldn't tell her the truth. The person she trusted most in her heart was still Edmund. After all, he would take up her suggestion.

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