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   Chapter 131 Ex-wife Becomes A Third Party

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"I think this is the warmth of home." Lucian tasted the food and said.

"The food cooked by Lily is also very delicious." Amelia thought he was judging the taste of the dishes, but actually he was just thinking about the present scene.

He carefully selected color of apron that was suitable for her, because he sincerely hoped that they could live here for a long time.

He bought the villa a few years ago. At that time, he just felt that the air around was fresh and peaceful. It was a good place to live. But now it was different. He found the significance of living in this villa. He hoped that he could live in this villa in the future, where Amelia was talking and laughing with the unborn baby.

"Aren't you hungry? What were you thinking? " Amelia habitually picked up some food for him and put it in the bowl before she regretted biting her tongue.

At this moment, Lucian finally came back to his senses. He was still deeply concerned about Amelia.

"Thank you..." She was deeply moved, but she also restrained her emotions.

He called her honey in his mind for once, and soon he would be able to restore the ownership of the title.

The dinner time seemed to pass quickly. At first, Lucian was going to wash the dishes, but Amelia was reluctant to accept it. but after hearing him boast about the superb skill, she agreed. She wanted to see a good show.

Leaning against the kitchen door, she watched the scene in high spirits, as if she was a landlady who supervise a housemaid doing housework.

By the corner of his eye, Lucian sensed the existence of her and started his work in order. He wanted to make Amelia happy. At last, he deliberately dropped the bowl because his hand was wet.

Amelia broke out into a sweat when she saw Lucian's smile.

"Have you seen it? This is field washing. I have been promoted from professional level to excellent skills!" Lucian said exaggeratedly.

Amelia was about to recognize his skill of washing dishes, but she rolled her eyes at him after hearing his boast.

"That's not enough," said Lucian, as he saved himself from the embarrassment, "In my opinion, I can make a living by my faces, but I please my beloved woman by washing dishes. Don't you think that I'm too affectionate?"

He had come close to her, and the distance between them suddenly closed.

Amelia got panic and stepped back to keep a distance from Lucian.

Noticing that she panicked and tried to avoid him, there was a trace of loss in Lucian's eyes. "Amelia, I'm leaving now. Take care of yourself these days." When things are done, he can take her back to his side.

"Okay." Amelia had a complicated feeling, but she still smiled politely and alienated.

After seeing Lucian off, Amelia felt the room empty. She felt rather depressed, while her heart was filled with tenderness that Lucian even gave to her a moment ago,.

Although she hadn't reached an agreement with Lucian, Amelia still stayed in the villa arranged by him obediently. Although she stayed in the room all day long, the sce

ep from her heart.

Her courage and anger to commit suicide for love was enough to prove how deep her love was.

Anxiety was written all over her face. It was just a piece of news report, in which it would only reveal some serious matters to the public. In addition, it would not disclose the whole thing in detail.

After thinking it over, she had to call Jonny. After all, Shelly was his sister, so she thought he would know more about it.

As soon as Jonny picked up the phone, the person on the other end of the line answered the phone, without giving her any chance to speak. "Amelia, the news is false. Shelly's brain just suffered a small injury. It's not so-called suicide. Someone deliberately made things up, trying to take advantage of the opportunity to damage Lucian's reputation and also destroy the Zhan Group."

Jonny dissolved her doubts, but she was still a little worried. "How is Miss Shelly now? Lucian... Did Mr. Lucian visit her? "

All her concern was ridiculous.

She had never thought of getting involved in the relationship between Lucian and Shelly, but it seemed that there were always some complex connections between them.

"Don't worry. My mother is taking care of Shelly in the hospital. She will be discharged in a few days." Jonny simply answered her.

"Jonny, are you busy?" She seemed to hear the hurry in his tone.

"An important meeting is being held right now. If there's nothing more to say, then I'm hanging up. I'll call you when I'm done with my work." Jonny said honestly.

"Well, I just ask about Miss Shelly. Nothing else." She felt sorry to bother Jonny.

When she learned about Shelly's condition from Jonny, she was not as worried as she used to be. But now she still felt guilty to Shelly.

In the afternoon, Courtney called her. She said happily that she had come back from a holiday, but Amelia didn't talk with her about her journey as usual. She just asked casually, "Didn't you say that you would come back after a week? Why did you come back early?"

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