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   Chapter 130 My Heart Is Softened

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Before Amelia could say anything else, Courtney had already hung up.

"This Courtney..." Amelia was confused. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. She stood up and asked carefully, "who is it?"

"It's me." The mellow and familiar voice came through the door to Amelia's ear.

When Amelia heard the familiar voice, her hand on the doorknob trembled. She wanted to open it, but a burst of panic rose in her heart.

She was eager to see him now, not because she missed him, but because she wanted to leave.

After struggling in her mind, Amelia opened the door and came in. His handsome face was filled with familiar coldness.

"Have you eaten?" Lucian asked as he stood in front of her. He didn't notice the displeasure on her face.

Amelia stood in front of the door and didn't move. Lucian was arranged outside the room.

"Let me out!" She begged after a long silence.

Seeing the request in her eyes, Lucian's heart ached and his eyes narrowed.

"Amelia, listen to me this time, okay?" He had stayed up all night, his eyes bloodshot and his face exhausted.

Amelia looked at him, noticing that his face was not good, and her eyes were intertwined with her own blood.

"Are you sick?" He looked energetic in usual. But today, he looked tired, with bloodshot in his eyes, his jaw and brown stubble on it. Amelia was in a bad mood just now, but now she was full of worry.

Noticing the worried look on her face and thinking of her intention to leave here, Lucian couldn't help but play a self-injury trick. "Yes, I was busy with work these days. I caught a cold accidentally. Besides, I didn't sleep well last night."

After finishing his words, he touched his forehead thoughtfully, looking very haggard.

"Then why don't you go to see a doctor?" Amelia's heart was fastened. She leaned over to Lucian's side and said, "Have a rest. I saw a medicine box in the room last night. I want to see if there is any cold medicine."

But just as Amelia was about to leave, she let Lucian in easily.

At the moment Lucian entered the door, he gave a sly smile.

When Amelia was taking the first-aid kit, Lucian pretended to cough severely.

Hearing the sound of coughing, Amelia became more nervous. She held the medical kit and walked towards Lucian. While opening the box, she asked, "Have you taken some medicines recently? If not, we should go to the hospital."

Unconsciously, there was a deep frown on Amelia's face.

Seeing that she was worried about him, Lucian felt a little comforted. He didn't want to make her anxious, so he held her busy hands and said, "I just didn't sleep well last night. It doesn't matter."

He didn't even have a good sleep. When he got home in the morning, he fell asleep in bed for less than three hours.

"I have found the cold medications. I'll get you a glass of water." She said stubbornly.

Lucian gave a smile of happiness and held her into his arms.

At this moment, Amelia was so shocked that sh

oment was to keep close to him...

He smiled as if he had just made a good dream. His handsome face was full of admiration and charm.

When Lucian woke up, it was already at dusk. He was covered with a thin blanket.

The light wasn't turned on in the room, so the dark color made Lucian look around in a daze. He didn't feel at ease until he found that the light from the kitchen was on.

Lucian was standing quietly at the door of the kitchen and watching Amelia who was busy in the kitchen. He felt they just came back the time when they were not divorced.

He didn't mean to frighten her. However, he was shocked when Amelia turned around.

"When did you wake up?" She thought he would not wake up for the time being, so she went to the kitchen to cook dinner. When she turned around, she saw he was looking at her quietly, which panicked her.

Lucian scratched the back of his head, feeling a little sorry. Seeing that she was holding the dish in her hand, he reached for it and asked, "Is the food ready? I'm hungry. "

He spoke so naturally, sounding like an old married couple who had lived together for more than ten years.

Amelia's face turned red. She handed the dish to him, smiled and said, "there's a soup left. You can eat first if you're hungry."

"I'll wait for you." She had said that eating alone was bad for her. Lucian was used to taking care of himself and taking care of everything, so he didn't notice it at all. However, when he broke up with Amelia, he was afraid of eating alone and he deeply realized that the pain of eating alone without knowing it.

A dish of meat and a bowl of soup was more than enough for them.

"Go ahead." Amelia filled a bowl of rice for Lucian and asked him with smile.

Looking at Amelia who was wearing a floral apron, Lucian smiled and felt very happy.

Amelia noticed his smile and couldn't help but ask curiously, "what are you smirking about?" But she became happy when she saw his smile.

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