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   Chapter 129 Are You Imprisoning Me

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"I don't care what Jonny thought. I know he did all these for me, but I don't want to see them fight to each other." Emma wiped her tears while speaking.

Lucian pressed his thin lips and understood the pain of Emma. After a long time, he said, "If you can realize your mistake, Jonny won't do such bad things."

"Lucian, please persuade Jonny." And then Emma requested. Noticing that Lucian's eyes were bloodshot, she added, "You can go back to have a rest. I'll take care of Shelly."

Lucian was really exhausted. He felt relieved to have Emma take care of Shelly. "Thank you, auntie."

After coming out of the hospital, Lucian called his subordinate and generally inquired about the condition of Amelia. He went back to the SJ Garden without any worries after making sure that he was safe the whole night.

'Is it lethargic during pregnancy?' When Amelia woke up, it was already eight o'clock in the morning. Without an alarm clock, she woke up naturally.

The gauze curtain in front of the window was blown, and the bright white light shone into the room outside the window. She sat up from the big and soft bed, rubbed her long black hair and lifted the quilt. She stepped on the wood floor with bare feet. As usual, she opened the curtain and looked out of the window.

Last night, the night was so deep that nothing could be seen at all. What they only knew was that along the way, the two sides of the road were surrounded by trees. While the car was driving on the road, it gave them a mysterious and deep feeling to sit in the sea.

The moment she opened the curtain, Amelia was attracted by the fresh scenery outside the window.

At first sight, the vision was open. There were many clouds in the sky. Downstairs were full of alive green plants, and all kinds of little flowers. Some bony trees climbed on the wall like tigers. The wall was cold, and under the light of the sky, it was glowing with white jade like color.

The forest with lush green covers the top of the sky. That dark green color gave people a mysterious and peaceful atmosphere. At this moment, Amelia felt that she was in peace, and even her breath was bestowed with a kind of spiritual energy.

Standing in front of the window to appreciate the perfect view, she was about to go back to the bathroom to wash up.

The living goods in the bathroom were very complete. Amelia specially checked on it and found that every toiletries were prepared in two pieces. It was obvious that it was one for men and the other for women.

Those washings obviously wrote men and women on them The hand of Amelia's toothbrush trembled, and her heart trembled with anxiety. She wondered what on earth Lucian wanted to do.

But she was only confused for a short time, because she decided to leave after washing up.

Although beryl was so moved by the baby room, she and Jacob could never go back to their former position. She accepted the father's love for her child.

Usually she would get up at half past six. After she cleaned up, she would start to make breakfast at seven and have breakfast at half past seven. It was obvious that it was beyond the meal time this morning. She felt hungry after washing.

Last night, she heard from Lucian that ther

position in the board of directors.

He had spent almost all of his savings on the war between him and his father. He didn't want to win, but to wake up Edmund, hoping that he could take care of his family, especially for Emma.

If it was his way to make profit from his wife and children, what was the meaning of An Group's prosperity?

After the phone call with Jonny, Lucian called Eric and told him what happened. Then he stood up and went to the villa where Amelia lived.

There were all kinds of food materials in the refrigerator, and they were prepared according to her taste.

Amelia cooked some chicken soup for herself. The chicken soup was well equipped with a variety of nutritious materials with excellent taste.

Even she herself was very satisfied with her cooking. No wonder Lucian, a picky man, spoke highly of her.

Amelia felt bored, so she picked up her phone and dialed Courtney's number. She couldn't help but feel puzzled when she remembered that Lucian told her that Courtney was not in A City last night.

It was Courtney. Her voice sounded lethargic, as if she was still sleeping.

"I heard from Lucian that you are not in A City. Where have you been?" Besides, it was weird that Courtney told her that she needed to close the shop for a week, but she always said that she was in the shop.

"It's a long story. I'll tell you when I come back." Courtney said in a long voice and it sounded tired.

"When will you come back then?" Amelia was so far away from the city, so she didn't want to make Courtney worried, so she didn't tell Courtney that she was now confined in a villa far away from the city by Lucian.

"After a week." Courtney returned yawning and seemed a little sober. She began to care about her, "how are you recently?"

Hearing that she was worried, Amelia couldn't help but ask, "You just said after a week?"

Lucian promised her that he wouldn't let her go until a week later too.

"It takes time for me to come back and go back, so I'll enjoy myself!" Courtney yawned again and again and closed the phone in a hurry. "I'm not talking with you now. I'll bring you a gift when I come back."

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