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   Chapter 128 Shelly Was Injured And Hospitalized

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When Lucian returned to the SJ Garden, it was already three o'clock in the morning.

Footsteps came from the stairs as soon as he arrived at the living room.

He turned his head in surprise and saw Shelly went downstairs with her hair disheveled out. Wearing a lace Nightgown, she dangled in front of Lucian.

Feeling a little annoyed, Lucian stopped looking at her and asked coldly, "Why are you here?"

She dressed up like she went to bed, but she had a heavy makeup on her face. With a smile on her dark red lips, she looked too mature and boody.

"This is my home. Shouldn't I be here?" Shelly forced a smile on her face, but her tone sounded a little aggressive.

With a trace of fatigue on his face, Lucian didn't want to waste his breath on talking to her. He simply replied, "Whatever."

Shelly was already filled with anger. However, when she heard his indifferent words, she became even more resentful. Instead, she asked him jealously, "Are you with Amelia?"

"Yes." Lucian answered without hesitation, let alone concealing the truth.

The harsh slap almost broke her heart.

In the past few days, she had been staying at the An family, hoping that Lucian would go to the An family to pick her up. She even had asked Edmund to talk to him at the SJ Garden. But he didn't feel guilty, not to mention picked her up at the An family.

She ran back with low spirits, thinking that she would get some attention from him, but she got nothing but disgust from his expression.

"Lucian, I know you have her in your heart, but you admit it bluntly. You don't want me to be your wife anymore." Her tears fell down. She cried like an injured kitten.

Lucian was annoyed by her crying. He didn't want to talk to her anymore. He turned around and was about to go upstairs.

"Lucian, no matter who you love, I won't divorce you!" She grabbed his arm and clung to it like vines.

Lucian frowned and waved his hand angrily, "Can you stop it?"

"Ah!" Shelly screamed out of pain and fell to the ground. Her back of her head hit a corner of the table.

"Shelly?" At the sight of this, Lucian immediately helped up Shelly who fell on the ground. As he reached out his hand to hold the back of her head, he was stained by a sticky liquid. He unfolded his hand, and the red color ruined his usual sanity.

Hearing the noise in the living room, Lily rushed over. When she saw the scene, she was so scared that her eyes went blank and her body trembled. She was at a loss and muttered, "Mr. Lucian, what should we do..."

"Call an ambulance!" Lucian held the unconscious Shelly up from the ground.

When the bleeding was stopped, an ambulance arrived.

"Mr. Lucian, don't worry. Miss Shelly will be fine." Outside the emergency room, Lucian leaned on the wall. His face was expressionless, his eyes tired and worried.

About two hours later, the door of the emergency room was op

be sad. I'm so sorry for what happened to you."

"I believe you didn't do it on purpose." Emma knew that her daughter was spoiled and unruly. Although Shelly was her daughter, she had never been close to her. On the contrary, Edmund always indulged his daughter, which made her do anything only to satisfy her own feelings.

"Thanks for your understanding, aunt." Lucian knew that Emma was trying to stay away from trouble and he also heard that Edmund treated her badly.

"I was not myself just now." Emma smiled apologetically and then her brows became smooth. "But aunt is so relaxed now that I don't regret saying those words."

She felt that she had taken a brave step forward. Since she married Edmund, she was not as important as a servant in the An family. Edmund had always treated her in a very bad manner. She had always swallowed her anger because of the kids. But today, when she heard that Edmund ignored the existence of her own children for the sake of the identity of the CEO of the An Group, she could not stand it.

Lucian could more or less understand her excitement. He smiled gently and said, "Aunt, Jonny is very filial to you. He did all these for you."

Jonny had been unwilling to take over the company. Before he graduated, Edmund had planned to keep him in the An Group, but he insisted on developing his hobbies, so his relationship with his father had been completely stiff.

"Jonny's father is selfish. He used to think that it's natural for his son to inherit his father's company. But now Edmund knows that Jonny took the An group from him because Jonny is dissatisfied with him. So he panicked. He is afraid that the An group will be owned by Jonny and Jonny will be lost..." Emma knew exactly what was on Edmund's mind when she was with him.

"I have always favored virtuous competition, not tricks behind like him." If it weren't for Edmund, the Zhan Group wouldn't fall into crisis.

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