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   Chapter 127 To Give Her And The Baby A Surprise

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She was so busy that she didn't even have the time to have dinner. When she saw Lucian open the food box, a feeling of warmth coursed through her heart. Perhaps she was really hungry, she didn't refuse and went over. Looking at the delicious food in the box, she couldn't help swallowing.

"I haven't had dinner either. Let's sit down and have dinner together." He just wanted to have a meal with Amelia happily and didn't want her to feel guilty.

After dinner, Lucian and Eric sat at their seats outside the shop. They seemed to be talking about business and Amelia was calculating the net profit of the whole day.

"Why haven't you come back yet?" Amelia raised her head again, only to find that Eric had left while Lucian was quietly watching her.

"Why are you making the calculation by hand?" Just then, Lucian picked up a hand written Notepad. He looked truly handsome.

"Give me back!" Amelia frowned and tried to get it back.

She was bad at math and was not sensitive to numbers. She always felt that she was wrong when she saw these.

"Tut, Tut, Tut. Such a stupid wife I got married to! I'm so worried about the IQ of my unborn son!" Lucian taunted her with a big smile.

Amelia was not angry at all. Instead, she felt sweet in her heart. However, she still looked cold and indifferent.

After drawing the wrong point of Amelia with a pen, Lucian walked into the bar counter and quickly made a form on the computer. He classified the drinks by different types, and then set the sales number and the unit price column on the paper. With the formula, he soon got the result.

Amelia was stunned by this. She admired Lucian extremely.

"You have had a good day today. If everything goes on well, you will become a rich woman." He smiled and complimented her.

A hint of joy appeared on Amelia's face, "This is Courtney's shop. I get my salary. But the more she makes, the better. I'll get enough milk power for my baby."

Maybe she was so happy that she said it without any precaution, but she didn't notice a word that hurt Lucian.

"Amelia, you make me invisible. I'm the father of the child." He frowned and his eyes suddenly turned cold.

Amelia was stunned. She looked away and pretended that she didn't understand what he said. "Well, there's no other guests here. I have to go home now."

Her voice was full of impatience, which dejected Lucian.

But when he thought of the good news Eric just brought to him, he swallowed his bitterness and reminded himself that once he got rid of the shackle of a married man, he could be unscrupulous to express his care for her and his love for his child.

"Let me send you back." He said with determination.

Amelia looked at him. She even had no courage to refuse him.

She couldn't irritate him, because she knew his way of doing things. Therefore, she could never test his patience, nor did she try to challenge his temper.

Lucian offe

hen she thought of their current relationship.

Under the bright light, the room looked even colder and more lonely than the moonlight.

Amelia stood in front of the French window and opened the chiffon. She saw that Lucian got on the car and drove away.

Amelia was in a bad mood. She frowned and scolded herself for being duplicity.

But she felt lucky that she could control her feelings. After all, he had married Shelly. Their intimacy was immoral and broke the line of defense.

Lucian considerately placed an altar under the portrait of Iris. There were some offerings on the altar. She bowed three times, and then idly walked around her room.

In addition to three bedrooms, there was also a baby room, and there were many toys in it...

Amelia was shocked by this scene. She wondered if it was Lucian's idea?

The baby room was divided into two colors, one was light blue and the other pink, which was as magnificent as a castle.

The loneliness she felt a moment ago was all gone. She was moved by Lucian's kindness and missed him.

She didn't expect that Lucian had done so much for her and the baby.

At the thought of her indifferent attitude to him and her rude manner towards him, a burst of regret rose in her heart.

She held the baby's toy in her hand and put it on her abdomen, her face filled with happiness. "Baby, dad bought these for you. Dad loves you very much. You must be obedient."

"Remember to tell me if anything happens." Lucian specially arranged people to guard outside the mansion where Amelia lived.

They were going to have a big fight. He had to make sure Amelia would be safe.

"Mr. Lucian, please rest assured that we will protect Miss Amelia." Four men in black suits were standing at the door in two groups.

It was already midnight. The light in the villa had been off. So, Lucian arranged them here. He didn't want to make Amelia think that he had found someone to monitor her.

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