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   Chapter 126 A Handsome Man

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"Thank you for your kindness, Mr. Lucian. But I don't need it." He was just her ex-husband. If they got closer to each other, she would be hated by others. What about Shelly? She was just the third party?

With his face sunk, Lucian returned to the coldness that she hadn't seen for a long time. The handsome face was always able to grab the heartstrings of her heart and take away her breath. Perhaps he didn't know that she had been trying to keep a distance from him and ignored his irresistible charm. It was a very hard work for her, just like she wrote down the divorce agreement when she had no choice at that time.

Lucian treated other women who admired him with indifference before he met Amelia. He didn't believe in love at that time, let alone marriage. But after falling in love with her, he changed himself all the time. He was afraid that his cold attitude would hurt her.

After the crisis happened to the Zhan Group, he felt guilty to Amelia. He always thought that he was a failed husband and he couldn't keep their marriage. He was happy to know that she was pregnant and the God had given him a chance to make up for it. Therefore, no matter what happened, he would not let Amelia suffer because of him, let alone the baby.

Lucian didn't want to force her to make a decision so he had to find another way.

Because the landlady was aged, the doctor suggested that she should be hospitalized for a week, so she didn't talk much with her and lived in her yard. She went to the hospital to deliver the meal to her every day on time.

They hadn't seen each other for a week. So Amelia called Courtney and asked her if she was in the store in the daytime and would come back to the Lin family in the evening.

After what happened that night, Amelia thought it was good for Courtney to move back to the Lin family. But it was only a long way and tiring to walk that long every day.

After the landlady was discharged from hospital, Amelia went to the shop in the afternoon that day, which happened to be on the weekend. So that Courtney wouldn't be too busy to pick up everything.

At the door of the store, Amelia found that the door was closed and there was a sign hanging in front of it, which said that the shop was close for a week.

Amelia stunned for a while. Then she took out her cell phone and called Courtney to ask what happened.

The phone was connected, but nobody answered it for a long time. After hanging up, she opened the door of the shop, smelling something stuffy as the door had been closed for too long.

She opened the door of the store and cleaned every place that should be cleaned with a clean water. When everything was done, it was already three o'clock in the afternoon.

Outside the store, the sun was shining brightly. The sunlight was slanting over the bonsai trees. It wasn't hot and the weather was good.

In such a comfortable environment, she could have a rest.

Amelia selected a few light music and started to

the glass from her and said peremptorily, "Let me do this."

Amelia frowned and found that several girls were watching them. She swallowed her anger and said lightly, "This cup is valuable. Don't break it."

She reminded Lucian with worry because he broke the plates and washed the dishes last time.

Of course, he remembered the embarrassing scene, and retorted, "I'm good at dishes washing."

Amelia was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. When she came out of the bar and was about to serve some desserts for those girls, they said awkwardly, "Thank you for letting us enjoy the handsome man for free. We have to go back to school and come back to visit again tomorrow!"

The milk tea shop wasn't big, so Lucian heard what the girls said. After they left, he complained, "So it turns out that I am an Exhibit."

Although he was depressed, a sly smile appeared on his face after he finished his words. The feeling was like saying, "Yes, I'm the most handsome man in the world. You can just open your eyes and enjoy it.".

"What are you thinking about?" Seeing that Amelia remained motionless like being cast a spell to calm her down, Lucian walked up to her and waved his hand in front of her eyes.

Amelia looked at the man and felt embarrassed.

"Nothing important. Thank you for your help just now..." If it weren't for Lucian, she would have been exhausted.

Lucian's face darkened with displeasure. He was not happy that Amelia could be too polite to him.

"I suggest you close the shop early tonight. You'd better not stay up late as a pregnant woman." Lucian ordered with concern.

"There are still more than three hours before getting off work." She stubbornly replied.

Lucian couldn't do anything with her and made a phone call to Eric. Soon, Eric appeared in the shop with packaged food. When he saw Amelia, he smiled and said, "Mrs. Amelia, Mr. Lucian asked me to prepare these food earlier. They are still hot. Please eat them before they cool down."

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