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   Chapter 125 Forgive Her

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His eyes were as dark as an obsidian. No one could tell how mysterious his eyes were when they were extinguished. Fury was written all over his face at once. He said in a cold voice with his thin lips, "Edmund is intended to make trouble for me. I'll play well with him this time!" Lucian couldn't stand the despicable means that Edmund had used.

In the business world, Edmund could do anything he wanted, but Lucian couldn't bear him to hurt his beloved woman.

Edmund? Jonny's father. Why did he do that? Amelia was worried.

"He wasn't targeting you, he was trying to suppress me in this way." Lucian's face darkened, and the anger on his face only increased.

The business world was complicated to Amelia. He looked angry. So, she comforted him, "Don't be angry. Maybe he just wants to give his daughter the happiness and safety of a father."

Amelia suddenly realized that she shouldn't mention it, because after saying this, Lucian glanced at her with a cold eye.

She looked embarrassed and lowered her head nervously.

"He, Edmund, has never been a good father. He was thinking about how to defeat his enemies all day long. To reach his goal, he even sacrificed his daughter's lifelong happiness." Disdain was written all over Lucian's face. He had always been holding grudges against Edmund's rude conditions when the Zhan Group fell into crisis.

"So, Miss Shelly is also a victim." Amelia said with sympathy, trying to ease the dissatisfaction in Lucian's heart.

"Don't always take the evil people as good people. This time, you also learned a lesson. As for Shelly, you'd better keep a little vigilant." Lucian couldn't help but remind her although he didn't want to ruin the beauty in Amelia's heart.

But in Amelia's eyes, if she hadn't been so close to Lucian, she wouldn't have irritated Shelly. Therefore, it was her fault.

"Grandma, Miss Amelia and Mr. Lucian are in the room." At this time, there came the voice of Mond, who was smiling happily from outside.

Amelia looked at Lucian in astonishment. She felt nervous.

On the contrary, Lucian looked calm. He said calmly, Let's go. We have to face it."

The kindness in her eyes had become an accomplice to hurt herself. For a moment, she really didn't know how to face it.

The landlady, who was walking towards them, knelt down all of a sudden with the help of her grandson. She didn't give a chance for Amelia to take in the news. Tears coursed down her cheeks. She said, "I'm sorry, Amelia. You trusted me very much. And Mr. Lucian helped me a lot. I'm really sorry..."

Amelia couldn't stand it when the woman at the door knelt down. She also squatted down and helped her up. "Mrs. Chen, please stand up."

Mrs. Chen put her skinny hands on Amelia's hands. She frowned tightly and her eyes became dim because of age. She felt guilty and her eyes were filled wit

to find some memory of her husband's life when he was alive, because he liked playing mahjong very much there when he was alive.

The aged backyard was bought by her husband when he was alive. The landlady had thought of selling it when she was in debt, but only finding their common memories in their youth. She relished it and did not sell it out, clenching her teeth.

Amelia felt deeply touched. She believed her intuition. When she first met the landlady, she thought she was a kind old woman, who often encouraged and comforted her, but she wasn't able to stand up straight because of gambling debts, and she didn't hear her groan.

She accepted all the loneliness and difficulties with her love for her husband without complaint.

All love and kindness of the world can overcome all hardship.

"It's within my ability." Lucian smiled lightly. He didn't tell Amelia because he was deeply moved by the woman's love for her husband.

He never considered himself as the Savior. He just thought that his help was able to get others out of the predicament. That was all worth it.

"You did a great job!" She was quite impressed.

Being praised by the one he loved was something worth celebrating. With obvious joy on his face, he took the opportunity to ask for her opinion. "I have an empty house in the south of the city. Do you move there temporarily?"

He couldn't find a good way to tell her the truth so he just said it bluntly. After all, he knew Amelia well.

"Do you want to be my sugar daddy?" She replied unpleasantly with a cold face.

Lucian's face froze. He explained, "It's not safe to live in the courtyard. And if you continue to live here, Mrs. Chen will feel guilty every day."

It was obvious that Amelia noticed the change of his expression, and there seemed to be anger in his deep eyes, but his tone was still gentle and soft, as if he deliberately tolerated her.

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