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   Chapter 124 The Opposite Attitude

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Thinking it was Courtney, Amelia opened the door and saw a girl in purple standing outside, "Lily?" Amelia covered her mouth with surprise.

"Mrs. Amelia, are you sleeping?" Lily was a little embarrassed, but her heart was filled with joy.

"No, No. come on in." Amelia said to her and let her in.

"Mrs. Amelia, Mr. Lucian asked me to come here and have a chat with you." She knew that there was still an embarrassing relationship between the two of them, and she wanted to do something for Lucian.

Amelia's hand trembled when she was about to pour water for her. She was moved by his words and felt helpless.

"Mrs. Amelia, it's my pleasure. I can help myself." Noticing that the wound on the back of her hand hadn't healed yet, Lily walked over to her and took the water glass she handed.

Amelia was delighted to see Lily, as if she had seen her family.

"Lily, call me Amelia from now on." Amelia smiled at her. The care and love in her eyes were just like how a sister should be.

Certainly Lily knew what she meant. She pouted and said stubbornly, "I don't care. You are young mistress. You are the one Mr. Lucian loves most!"

She deliberately emphasized the last sentence, in order to close the distance between Lucian and Amelia.

"Lily, are you really coming to chat with me?" She didn't stop talking about Lucian. Now Amelia doubted that Lily was on the side of Lucian.

Lily stuck out her tongue mischievously and said, "Mrs. Amelia, last time you said you would go out for a few days, but what happened..."

Lily pretended to take it to heart that Amelia had left without a word.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to lie to you. I just..."

"Well, Mrs. Amelia, I won't be mad at you. What's more, you did all this for the sake of Lucian and his company. I think you are a great woman!" Lily gave a thumb up to Amelia in admiration.

She didn't expect that Lily would understand her and believed that she divorced with Lucian just because she was afraid of being implicated.

"I don't mean to say anything bad about Miss Shelly. I just think it's all her own wishful thinking. Mr. Lucian has never paid much attention to her." Lily muttered and her face was full of dissatisfaction.

"Did he do this to Miss Shelly?" However, Amelia was not pleased at all. On the contrary, she felt that Lucian was a little inappropriate.

Lily nodded with a smile, "Well done! Mr. Lucian has a clear cut stand on what to love and what to hate!"

Amelia was speechless.

As a woman, Amelia could more or less feel the pain in Shelly's heart.

Shelly loved Lucian so much and always wanted to marry him. However, when her wish was fulfilled, he became cold and indifferent.

No wonder when she lived in Jonny's villa, Shelly would beg her bitterly to ask her how to win Lucian's heart

"Mrs. Amelia, what's wrong?" After a long silence, Lily was shocked and pushed her by hand.

After she came to herself, Amelia smiled, "I'm fine."

As if relieved, Lily pu

th my grandmother. She has been overwhelmed by the gambling debt, and my parents don't care about her. She is also suffering from it..." Mond Li wanted to kneel down when he pleaded for her.

Lucian held him and comforted him, "It has nothing to do with you. I will handle it. Don't worry."

Amelia had already moved to her room. She opened the suitcase and put her clothes inside one by one.

She found that she didn't live here for a long time, but she had more and more stuff.

"Put it here first. If you want to take it away, I'll ask Frank to come and pack it." Lucian reached out and held her busy hand. Love could be seen in the gentle eyes. "I know you're kind-hearted. The reason why you feel sad is just that you regard the landlady as your family. So am I. I also want to do you good."

"I know, just a little sad." She nodded, sobbing all the way.

"Don't be so emotional. You are pregnant now." Lucian comforted her.

Amelia stopped crying. She wiped her tears and pleaded, "Can you let it go?"

As far as she knew, Lucian wouldn't give up easily. He would investigate and even resort to legal proceedings.

"I've already paid for the debt she owed, but she has to apologize to you. After all, she nearly hurt you in this matter!" Lucian was still depressed and felt uncomfortable.

"Where is that wretched man?" Thinking of the man with beard and a ferocious face, Amelia shivered and felt nervous.

"Of course I will eat him alive!" Lucian said angrily.

Amelia thought he was very childish when he said that. She held back her laughter and echoed, "That bastard really needs to be taught a lesson!"

"Don't worry. He would be in jail no less than half a year. Before he entered, he was taught a lesson by my people." Lucian answered coldly.

He suddenly became serious, which made Amelia stop smiling immediately.

"What about the man behind the curtain?" Amelia wondered who was so cruel and wicked that she was framed by such a despicable method.

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