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   Chapter 123 take Mrs. Amelia home

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"My silly girl. Don't you think this is a little weird?" Lucian advised Courtney not to tell Amelia the truth for the time being, because he was afraid that if she knew the truth, Amelia would be stimulated. But on second thought, Courtney didn't want her to make blind and disorderly conjectures just because she was worried about the landlady. So she chose to tell the truth, "This thing must have something to do with Mrs. Chen. So don't feel guilty!"

"Is it related to Mrs. Chen?" Amelia couldn't believe what she had heard. With her eyes wide open, she couldn't believe what she just heard. How could it have anything to do with the landlady...

"Was there no one at home?" Courtney didn't have the heart to remind her, and she said indignantly, "If it hadn't been for this, I would have thought that she was a kind woman, just like you!"

Amelia fell into silence. She felt like a fish bone stuck in her throat. She held her hand and denied it over and over again that landlady wouldn't do that...

It was ten o'clock in the noon. Jonny came to see Amelia and found that she was in a bad mood. Courtney winked at him and roughly told him what had happened.

As soon as he got the information, Jonny pulled the well-designed sofa chair to the bedside of Amelia. With a warm smile on his face, he said, "I heard that Lucian saved the beauty last night. Do you think you have a good taste?"

He tried to make fun of her to distract her attention.

"Jonny..." Amelia didn't notice that Jonny came in at all. After her blank eyes recovered their focus, she saw Jonny and greeted him in a hoarse voice.

After she shouted, she bit her lower lip and her eyes were full of anxiety. Jonny kept silent for a while and smiled at her. "Amelia, there are different people in the world, so you don't have to be upset."

"But Mrs. Chen was very kind to me. Even if she had done it, I wouldn't hate her..." She tried to avoid that unacceptable fact, so that she could only remember the touched existence in her heart.

"That's it. Don't frown." Said Jonny gently, putting his thumb on Amelia's forehead.

By the time Lucian entered the door, he happened to see this scene that as an outsider it looked intimate.

"Lucian, you're here." Said Jonny with a smile, standing up too.

After seeing the smile on Amelia's face, Lucian became jealous. He thought to himself, 'Is it only Jonny who can make you laugh?'?

Amelia sensed the displeasure on Lucian's face, and then got out of bed. Mr. Jonny, Mr. Lucian let me get you a glass of water. "

She tried to defuse the embarrassment.

"Mr. Lucian?" Jonny was a little shocked. Seeing that Lucian's face darkened, he tried to break the tension. "Mr. Lucian and Mrs. Amelia, since you are both in peace, I'll go back first. There is a fierce battle in the An Group waiting for me to deal with!"

Holding the glass, Amelia suddenly turned around and stopped Jonny, "Do... Mr. Jonny, are you really planning to compete for the position of CEO of the An Group like the report said? "

Jonny puckere

called and told him that Courtney hadn't come back. He was worried about Amelia.

"Of course! I'm looking forward to seeing her every day!" Lily said excitedly.

"Go, I'll take you to see her!" Leaving the work at hand, Lucian took the car key and went out.

It was too late for her to react quickly. Before she could express her excitement, Lucian had gone downstairs.

"Why not sit in the front seat?" Lucian was waiting outside the car. As soon as he saw Lily, she sat in the back seat.

"The passenger seat is for Mrs. Amelia only. I'll sit in the back." Lily stuck out her tongue playfully.

Lucian gave her a knowing smile. As they got into the car, he couldn't help but praise, "Lily, you are a thoughtful girl."

Lily laughed happily and said, "I'm not a good girl. I'm just that you and Mrs. Amelia treat me very well. You don't put on airs like a rich man."

"You should thank Mrs. Amelia for this, because I have never hired servants before." He had been used to coming and going all by himself. The reason why he suggested to hire Lily was that he thought there was no one there. And it would make Amelia feel bored if she continued to stay there alone.

"I should thank you. If it weren't for you who married Mrs. Amelia, you wouldn't hire me!" She replied in a sweet voice.

When they arrived at the hotel, Lucian enjoined Lily on the car.

Noticing that Lucian didn't intend to get off the car, Lily asked with curiosity, "Why don't you go upstairs to see Mrs. Amelia?"

"No, thanks. I will pick her up tomorrow morning and you have a chat with her tonight." Amelia avoided him deliberately. He knew the reason. If he didn't show up, she would be calm.

"Okay. Mr. Lucian, be careful when you go back." Lily waved to the man in the car with a child like smile on her face.

Lucian nodded and then drove back.

Fortunately, the room was very large. Amelia spent the whole day in it and did not feel bored. She watched TV and read books.

When she was about to call Courtney, the doorbell rang.

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