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   Chapter 122 Don't Be Afraid. I'm Here With You

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"Help!" Amelia screamed out of instinct, with a sense of despair in her voice and tears rolled down her cheeks.

By that time, Lucian's car had arrived at the house. When he saw that the door of the house crumpled, an ominous foreboding struck him. He rushed into the house quickly and heard Amelia crying for help. His heart sank at the sound of Amelia's sad cry. He rushed into the room as fast as he could and grasped the man climbing on Amelia by the shoulder. Then he slammed him at the door.

The sound of the door was accompanied by the pain of the man with a beard, and Lucian didn't want to let the man go. He was so furious that his body was covered with rage. At the moment, he just wanted to find an outlet, so after beating and kicking the man, he tied him up with ropes, and then called Eric.

Amelia was so shocked that she curled up into a ball, and the tears from her eyes were like the raindrops falling on the grit, dragging Lucian's heart.

Lucian tidied up her messy clothes and carried her out of the room.

She looked pale and her hair was in a mess. Her eyes were as dull as the eyes of a dead fish.

"Don't be afraid. I'm here with you. Everything is fine It's okay... "

At this moment, Amelia felt the warmth from her ear and the heartbeat of Lucian. She looked at the handsome face and felt aggrieved and moved. The smile and tears mixed together.

Lucian felt guilty about his carelessness. He should have taken care of Amelia.

He had planned to take Amelia back to the SJ Garden when he finished his work. He didn't expect this to happen.

On the other hand, Shelly had already returned to the An mansion. Although Lucian had the intention to take her home for a night, she knew that Amelia would be mad at him. After all, they were not a couple now.

He took her to the most deluxe hotel in A City and booked a deluxe suite.

She was full of fear and didn't stop him. Just after washing, she asked, "Can you help me call Mrs. Chen?"

"You can have a rest now. I will handle the rest." Lucian felt this was too strange and he had to handle it in a reasonable way.

Amelia was not only kind-hearted, but also soft hearted. If the truth was more terrible than she imagined, she must be sad.

Perhaps she was tired of crying, Amelia fell asleep soon.

After making sure that she had fallen asleep, Lucian called Eric to have a general understanding of the situation. Then he stood in front of the bed with a serious look on his face.

With the faint light shining on Amelia's face, Lucian carefully observed her delicate features. His slender fingers couldn't help gently touching her face. Her skin was still so tender, but seemed a lot thinner...

It had been almost three months since he last looked at her so closely and unscrupulously.

When he learned that she was pregnant, he was very happy, but he was also panic. He thought that she was so br

act so indifferent, and bury the grievance in your heart. If Lucian didn't go there in time last night, the consequences would be simply unimaginable!"

Courtney still shuddered at the thought.

Amelia had never thought she was calm anytime. What happened scared the hell out of her last night.

If it were not for the baby in her womb, she would do her best to fight against it.

"Courtney, you stay here with Amelia. I have something to deal with." Seeing that Courtney came, Lucian felt relieved.

Hearing that Lucian was leaving, Amelia was a little disappointed, but she still looked cold and calm.

"Courtney, shall we check out?" This hotel was so luxurious that it must be expensive. Since she was all right now, it was unnecessary for her to stay here to burn money.

"Lucian is paying for the hotel. Why do you care? Besides, we can't go back to the yard." Courtney sighed.

Amelia was confused. She turned to look at Courtney and asked, "Why can't we go back? How is Mrs. Chen? "

The man with a thick beard had kicked open the door of the house when he tried to rape her last night. She wondered whether Mrs. Chen would be frightened when she saw it.

Thinking that all the troubles were brought by her, Amelia felt deeply guilty.

"Did she... She's good! " Courtney changed her tone. In order not to break Amelia's heart, she cut to the chase. "Oh, my parents asked you to visit us if you have time. They said they would cook something delicious for you!"

Amelia smiled and said, "Thank you so much! They still remember me!"

"You are my best friend. They will never forget you!" Courtney said with arrogance.

Amelia was still worried about the landlady, so she asked again, "Is Mrs. Chen really okay?"

Last night, her room was in a mess. Before she could clean it up, Lucian took her to a hotel.

The landlady was old and couldn't stand it anymore. Amelia would be a sinner if Mrs. Chen died.

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