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   Chapter 121 Almost Ashamed By Others

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Amelia blushed with embarrassment. She could vaguely feel that before Lucian left, his warm eyes fell on her. But when she looked up again, Lucian was already gone.

It was already in the afternoon. The sun was not so blazing, warming her up.

"Amelia, in fact, you don't have to push Lucian away. He really loves you." Although Carlotta did not understand why they were separated, from the actions that Lucian had done for Amelia, he really loved her.

"Carlotta, come in and have a seat!" Amelia didn't want to continue the topic about Lucian, so she was kind of impolite to skip it.

"You rest at home and wait for the wound to heal before going to work." Carlotta no longer continued the previous topic, but exhorted her with worry.

Amelia felt warm in her heart, especially when Carlotta went to find Shelly for revenge. The care from Carlotta was more like a family member.

Amelia agreed. She had intended to invite Carlotta into the house, but Carlotta had to prepare for a meeting in the afternoon.

Maybe it was because of the weather changes, or because of her pregnancy, Amelia fell asleep soon after she got home. When she woke up, it was already evening. She went to the living room and found that the house was totally dark except for the dim light in the yard.

It was eight o'clock in the evening. She had slept for so long.

Hadn't she seen Mrs. Chen? Had she gone to dance in the square nearby?

When she was wondering, her cell phone rang. She turned on the light and the room became bright again.

It was Jonny who called her. She just remembered that it was very urgent in the afternoon and she called him. She even forgot to tell him that she was safe after that.

"Lucian has already told me. Is the wound serious?" She didn't expect that Jonny would mention it right away.

She was stunned and replied: "not serious."

"Shelly did very bad this time. I must teach her a lesson!" Asked Jonny, who was always calm.

Amelia's heart was tightened and said quickly, "if you really want the best for me, just pretend not to know about it." She called him not because she wanted Jonny to teach Shelly a lesson, but because as a brother, he could protect his sister.

"Once you are softhearted, you will always suffer from losses." Jonny signed and then asked, "How's your appetite? Do you have anything you want to eat? I can bring some to you when I come to see you. "

"I have a good appetite. Don't worry, Jonny. I will buy whatever I want to eat. I won't hurt my stomach and our baby." She answered with a smile and finally skipped over the topic.

"That's good. Soon you won't have to live such a miserable life." Jonny continued.

Amelia was puzzled, but she didn't pay more attention to it. She just smiled and said, "I don't think I have been wronged, but I feel happy."

Mrs. Chen treated her like her own granddaughter. She lived in a good and quiet

f him.

After a while of contempt, Amelia said coldly, "you did a bad thing, but I still cover it up for you. Unfortunately, I'm not a fool!"

The light was turned off. The man wearing a poker face pinched her chin so hard that Amelia got choked on her throat. She wanted to say something, but in vain.

"Then I will let you know the consequence of you playing tricks on yourself!" The man showed a vicious expression again. He grasped her throat with one hand and pushed her on the waist with the other hand.

Amelia had meant to resist, but considering the baby in her belly, she couldn't let his brutality hurt the baby.

The only thing she could hope for now was to let Lucian come as soon as possible...

After getting the call from Amelia, Lucian quickly drove to her home.

When he was about to reach the destination, a sign for road rescue appeared in front of them. Irritated, he had to change a route.

In order to soothe Amelia, he called her and to made sure that she was safe.

He dialed the number but no one answered.

He got crazy and sped up to the full speed.

Hearing the ringing of the mobile phone, Amelia was about to take it, but the man rushed to her.

"Lie in bed quietly. No one can save you tonight!" The man turned off Amelia's phone with a creepy look.

Amelia was so nervous that her heart hurt. If she didn't care about the baby in her belly, she would definitely fight with the disgusting man desperately.

The man threw her phone aside and approached Amelia with a disgusting smile.

"Stay there!" Amelia trembled with fear and got sweat on her back.

"How can I say no to a food that has already been put in my mouth?" The man banged on her. Amelia was so scared that she turned over. The next second, he pulled her into his arms. Exhausted, he gasped, "You're a slippery fish! I can kill you!"

As soon as he finished his words, the man offended Amelia with his every move.

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