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   Chapter 120 Speak For Amelia

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The thought of going back to the SJ Garden made Amelia nervous and excited.

And she was sitting in Lucian's car. The feeling seemed to have returned to the old days when both of them went to work and went to work together.

"Why are you sitting there so nervous? You will feel more comfortable leaning against the seat." Lucian couldn't help reminding her because she was pregnant and sat straight.

"Okay," Amelia replied in a low voice and leaned against the seat. She was getting more and more nervous.

After they arrived at the SJ Garden, Lucian got out of the car first without saying anything. When he helped Amelia get out of the car, he took a careful look at her hand and found that the back of her hand was black and blue and even a little swollen.

After seeing it, Lucian felt a pain in his heart and was very angry.

"Is the entrance guard cancelled?" Seeing that Lucian went straight into the villa, Amelia asked curiously.

"Yes." Lucian didn't say anything but nodded.

After Shelly lived in the house, Lucian cancelled it. It was not because of her privileges, but because he didn't want to be bothered by the entrance guard every two or three days.

Lucian and Amelia entered the villa one after the other. They heard a quarrel before they arrived at the living room.

"You are wicked and merciless at such a young age. No wonder you can't get Lucian's heart!"

"You bastard! If you were not Lucian's friend, I wouldn't let you in! Get out of here! "

Shelly and Carlotta were having a heated fight and they didn't notice that Lucian and Amelia had come to the living room.

"Welcome back, Mrs. Amelia!" Lily was the first to notice them and said with excitement.

Amelia was deeply moved by seeing Lily.

She held Lily's hand and nodded with a smile, "thank you for cooking chicken soup for me. It's very delicious."

"As long as you like it, I can make it for you every day!" Lily was so happy that she kept calling her as 'Mrs. Amelia', without noticing the angry on Shelly's face.

"Lily, are you out of your mind? Amelia has divorced Lucian. I am the wife of Lucian!" Shelly reminded her.

Taking a cold glance at the exasperated Shelly, Lily answered sullenly, "Do you think you can suppress people with a loud voice? You think you are the Mrs. Shelly. But I have never treated you as Mrs. Shelly. There is only one Mrs. Amelia in my heart!"

As soon as Lily finished her words, She gripped Amelia's hands much tighter.

"What?" With a cry of pain, Amelia put her hand hurt by Shelly back from Lily while her other hand was still in Lily's.

"Are you okay, Mrs. Amelia?" Seeing that Amelia frowned, Lily looked at her worriedly.

After that, Lucian followed up. He took hold of Amelia's hand and ordered Lily, "go get the medicine cabinet."

"Lucian, you..."

"What? You did all these for me! " Although Carlotta was very angry, she was glad. "I should thank you for your t

rlotta tried to find some topic to talk about with Lucian.

After a short pause, Lucian nodded with a smile.

He had met Carlotta more than twice. Every time they met, they talked about something about Amelia.

Sitting in the back seat, Amelia listened to the conversation between them and couldn't help but take a look at Lucian, although she had only seen one outline of him, which was strong and noble.

Amelia couldn't take her eyes off Lucian for a long time. At the same time, she felt a little sad, but at the same time, she felt so lonely.

After Lucian parked the car at Amelia's rental house, she wanted to ask why they didn't go to the milk tea shop, but then she realized that it was Lucian who drove them back. Her voice was choked with doubt, but she didn't ask.

"Your hand is injured. Don't go to work temporarily." Lucian said in an extremely gentle tone.

Amelia was deeply touched by his words.

"Yes, you're right. Amelia, if you insist, I'll take you to the store." Carlotta echoed.

How could Amelia ask Carlotta to help her to the shop? She looked at her hand and saw that it was applied with ointment. Customers would be affected if they saw it.

It was obvious that Courtney would not come back to celebrate her father's birthday, so she decided to close her shop for the whole day.

"Thank you for sending me back." Amelia said politely.

"Have a good rest. I will come back to see you after I finish my work." Lucian said in a concerned tone with no expression on his face.

Amelia was about to say something more, but was interrupted by Carlotta. "Amelia, in my opinion, you should get back with Lucian as soon as possible because you love each other very much. Let me believe in true love once."

"Miss. Carlotta, please take care of Amelia." Lucian begged Carlotta before he left.

Carlotta patted her chest and promised, "Don't worry. If anyone dares to bully Amelia, I will take the responsibility."

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